Prepositions after "preserve"

preserve in, for, by, from or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases preserve in is used

The primal Mother-Goddess is still preserved in Homer.

But preserve in mind I didn't fully eliminate them overnight.

Fruit peels have been preserved in sugar for hundreds of years.

It is the teaching of all history that liberty can only be preserved in small areas.

Stage IV: Write down or preserve in your mind and heart the understanding so arrived at.

It has been preserved in its original format since its last completion by Guru Gobind Singh in 1705.

A remarkable group of such gun shields produced by Giovanbattista da Ravenna is preserved in the Tower of London.

Studying Lindow Man Lindow Man was preserved in a peat bog in Cheshire, where the acidic, oxygen-free conditions.

Earlier, throughout his time in Java and Sumatra, Raffles had sent home many consignments of creatures preserved in spirit.

Preserve in mind that numerous jobs are not marketed therefore inform your relatives and buddies that you are looking for a job.

In 12% of cases preserve for is used

You shouldn't come to feel ashamed but believe of it as preserving for far better issues.

They were conscious of the fact that these things must be preserved for the future generations.

Let's marvel in the fact that photographs are being preserved for us and future generations to see.

It should be preserved for future generations, not replaced with concrete and a few more supermarkets.

The digital format is far more stable and longer lasting and could be preserved for many years as CD's or DVD's.

They must be responsible enough to ensure that the ladder that has taken them up is preserved for others to use as well.

Such valuable Dhamma needs to be well recorded, maintained and preserved for the benefit of future and present generations.

The RC said the government was taking such serious measures to ensure all valleys were preserved for the betterment of the nation.

I have just asked for this to be checked, and I can confirm to him that jobseeker's allowance is preserved for reservists and is not removed.

Human organs can only be preserved for a limited time outside the body and must be consistently cooled to a temperature of four degrees Celsius.

In 10% of cases preserve by is used

However, history has shown that culture is not a static thing that can be defined, shaped or preserved by any government.

The Knowledge Basket holds Acts that were repealed from 1987 to 2007 (and the shattering statutes, preserved by the PCO).

The war canoe was then on its last trip to Mulinuu, Upolu, where it is now preserved by the government for tourist attraction.

Preservation The researchers say the 15-centimetre wide crustacean was exceptionally well preserved by a combination of processes.

FURTHER UPDATE Some things disappear from the web, but somethings are preserved by interested citizens before scrolling into oblivion with time.

That means that knowledge of events or matters of historic importance was preserved by passing information from person to person, and generation to generation.

The skeletons preserved by the eruption of Vesuvius in ad 79 at Pompeii are beginning to reveal information about childhood development and disease in Roman Italy.

We demonstrate that despite the type-II band alignment at the zinc blende/wurtzite interfaces, a significant binding and a rather strong oscillator strength are preserved by excitonic effects.

In 8% of cases preserve from is used

My homedir was preserved from 11.

Many more there were that through the handyworkes of God were preserved from this violent death o.

The National Palace Museum houses many precious artwork and treasures preserved from the five thousand years of Chinese civilization.

Other customized settings, such as Bookmarks, On-The-Go Playlists, Shuffle, Backlight timer, and so forth are preserved from the last time.

While these are freed from original sin present in their souls, Mary the Mother of the Redeemer, was preserved from the contagion of original sin.

In 4% of cases preserve as is used

It is for the Minister to decide on how the area is developed and preserved as a nationalmonument.

They include things used in everyday life, in business, and things used to make life more comfortable -- all preserved as the original builder left them.

About Astro Vastu ' Astro Vaastu Kendra ' is not only an organization, but a mission, committed to uphold Vedic Values, to preserve as well as develop Vedic Sciences.

First of all, Mt Kinabalu is Borneo's highest mountain, the 20th most prominent mountain in the world, rising 4,095 m (13,435 ft) above sea level and it is preserved as a national park.

Interestingly, the provincial government later decided to renovate and preserve as a heritage the family home of the known Indian film star, Raj Kapoor, at Dhakki Munawwar Shah, near Qissa Khwani.

In 4% of cases preserve on is used

If it eats into the line, it doesn't matter, because the line is preserved on that line layer.

As the theorist moves from one cause to another, it may be found that each must be preserved on the basis that theory can not tolerate their absence.

In 3% of cases preserve with is used

In short, a government has great reason to preserve with care its people and its manufactures.

In 3% of cases preserve at is used

The footprints of mammoth, camel, muskoxen and horses are perfectly preserved at St.

Bonds for which prizes are disbursed are bought back from their holders at their face value and are preserved at the Bangladesh Bank for up to two years.

Formal unity was thus preserved at the cost of alienating liberal and middle-class opinion and perpetuating an unresolved contradiction between principle and practice.

Even the most absolutist protector of human life will have to concede that in an either/or situation, one's own life can be preserved at the cost of the attacker's life.

Although more work is needed to characterize the neural representation in the STG, this suggests that such key features are preserved at this stage in auditory processing.

In 2% of cases preserve to is used

Then shall mercy be preserved to them.

Viennas musical heritage has been preserved to the present day.

Of these he has preserved to us 7,397 or, according to other authorities, 7,295, if one adds to these the fragmentary traditions embodied in the tarjamah, the total is 9,082.

In 2% of cases preserve through is used

Even the environment is better appreciated and preserved through education.

Robert Dick is the principal of the Canadian Scotobiology Research Group, and is also a proponent of Dark Sky Preserves through the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

Without digressing into an expansive review of the comparative literature, liberal democracies were typically preserved through market reforms only with great difficulty and ingenuity.

In 1% of cases preserve under is used

Will Ireland's role in setting its own taxes be preserved under the agreement? Yes.

In 1% of cases preserve till is used

Preserved till now are only a few fragments of the foundation.

In 1% of cases preserve inside is used

The furniture and objects used by Fang Wenxian and his wife and children are still all preserved inside the tower as he left them.

In 1% of cases preserve during is used

The legislation does allow for PPR relief to be preserved during periods spent working elsewhere but the conditions that must be met are complex and contain many traps for the unwary.

In 1% of cases preserve among is used

The heritage of Buddhist must be preserved among the lay people well as the monastic community.

In 1% of cases preserve against is used

The modern world of universities was preserved against the odds.

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