Prepositions after "prepared"

prepared for, by, to, with or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 87% of cases prepared for is used

Just be prepared for the worst.

Getting prepared for the travel.

You should come prepared for it.

Martin feels that his time from the back has made him better prepared for the jump.

Thank goodness I did because it left me prepared for Day Two of the Carbon Festival.

Either the default gets prepared for, or it may be chaotic (but not necessarily so).

This has nothing to do with either of them and everything to do with being prepared for what was about to happen.

It also advised people to come prepared for a long walk from the car park with appropriate footwear and clothing.

We should know our strengths and weaknesses, find our own positioning, and get prepared for the challenges ahead.

The more kids are prepared for kindergarten, the more successful they will be and the easier it will for everyone.

In 3% of cases prepared by is used

Some prepared by speech-writers.

I finally catch him trying out the daal prepared by the chef.

We found this country beatiful prepared by people who loved their country.

You can see this and all prior rumors neatly lined-up in the infographic prepared by the.

They recognized as the ' Death Sentence of East Bengal ' prepared by the central government.

Closed-captioning prepared by PeopleSupport which takes sole responsibility for accuracy of transcription.

Linking the two are the ' rural managers ' prepared by IRMA through its two-years diploma (PRM) in rural management.

The easy way to prepare for a job interview is to be pre prepared by going through important job interview questions.

Stripe Stripe brief prepared by the secondary users to receive consumer spending, without having to manipulate the PayPal.

In 2% of cases prepared to is used

The food was exceptional &; prepared to specifications.

Coming Prepared to Worship, offering the right Worship.

We think it would go well in the city and we'd be quite prepared to back the business.

Getting Prepared to Track Gorillas There are multiple businesses that offer gorilla tracking safaris.

The enemy could come in all four directions and we must-be prepared to ward off our external and internal enemies.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times and be prepared to encounter and handle situations where illicit dealings may take place.

If you are prepared to engage with it, then we can move on, but if this crap dialogue continues then I think we will pass off this opportunity.

Compare that level of regulation with selling to people who are quite prepared to injest plant food on the say so of some bloke on the internet.

That trajectory reached its lowest point yesterday when she showed she was prepared to defend even the denigration of women if it would help her keep power.

In order to avoid unleashing any pent up, medieval aggression, don? t take any pictures with the gladiators, unless you? re prepared to hand over the funds.

In 2% of cases prepared with is used

It can by prepared with as many as a dozen kinds of fish and shellfish.

We were pretty prepared with footwear in large part thanks to our parents group which keeps us equipped.

When it comes to capturing this type of material, many people are actually very prepared with the process.

Serve with 40g (dry weight) couscous prepared with vegetable stock and chopped fresh herbs (such as coriander).

When it comes to capturing this type of streaming video, many people are actually very prepared with the process.

Oregon has their traveling faithful prepared with this ridiculous website that tells their fans what color to wear.

Some cooks called liquid purees coulis, but only those prepared with chicken, game, fish, crustaceans, and some vegetables.

He said he would do it, and from the very first question time went in prepared with questions which undermined this policy.

I had a review with the consultant, we went in prepared with a list of questions and I have to say she dealt with them well.

First in were the ladies, and then soundmen, collectors and friends began to trickle in -- some prepared with bags of records.

In 1% of cases prepared from is used

There are many apples or carrots consumed in place of a prepared from scratch meal.

These blinds are prepared from super fine premium quality woods and so, these blinds are extremely reliable and durable in nature.

The surfaces of these blinds are extremely smooth prepared from fine bamboos and available in many colorful designs to match your furnishing need.

In 1% of cases prepared in is used

Although oysters are normally eaten raw with a touch of lemon juice, you could prepared in many other ways.

This means that only the pursuit of our predestination, only the fulfillment of those works ' prepared in advance ', will answer the whispered accusations of quiet and desperate failure.

In 1% of cases prepared of is used

I'd probably the most prepared of anyone.

I felt that he was by far the most well prepared of the two, and more believable.

Who has already shown all of this and is in the right age range to take such an early privilage, who is the most prepared of all the young studs?? Sam Gagner.

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