Prepositions after "prepare"

prepare for, by, in, with or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases prepare for is used

Just be prepared for the worse.

To help you prepare for Emmerich.

Jay Warren prepares for coin toss.

Preparing for 2012 is a good idea, you are giving yourself enough time to prepare.

ExamTime is an online study environment that helps you revise and prepare for exams.

Preparing for a diving career is a considerable investment of time and commitment.

Be prepared for challenges, whether it's too little milk, how often you have to feed, or producing too much milk.

At one point during treatment he received a very high dose of GMCSF in order to prepare for his stem cell harvest.

Of interest to banknote enthusiasts are two notes that were prepared for issue by the ' State Bank of the Riff '.

In 10% of cases prepare by is used

This brief was prepared by Terry.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This report was prepared by Susan T.

Hopefully you are now better prepared by the advice.

Moreover, if the food you eat is prepared by people with a polluted consciousness (e.

Decisions to be taken by the Council are always prepared by the responsible department.

This report was prepared by the Foundation Center with Native Americans in Philanthropy.

The medium-term fiscal plan prepared by Dr Subramanya says that the budget is not supposed to exceed Rs4,704 crore.

Look at the report prepared by the Berkman Center for Internet &; Society at Harvard University for the FCC in 2010.

Every spot on earth is prepared by divine planning to fit a particular human habitation for a purpose accomplishment.

In 4% of cases prepare in is used

A merit list is prepared in order of marks scored.

Now drink (Nabidh prepared in any utensil) intoxicant.

All we could do was over prepare in research and equipment.

I would prepare in a water tank in my suit 10 hours for every hour I walked in space.

They are also commonly prepared in a tincture, which is a concentrated liquid extract.

I learned about the great meals that can be prepared in them from my boy's scoutmaster.

The article was prepared in anticipation and the crew were posted to encore stated items to synchronize with the article.

This Report is to be prepared in co-operation with the RCMP, provincial and municipal police services and designated agents.

MEJB has an international peer review process Manuscripts should be prepared in conformance with the Style Guide for Authors.

Having prepared in this way, the mediator should feel more able to deal with behaviours that might manifest during the course of the mediation.

In 3% of cases prepare with is used

You can also ask that eggs be prepared with no salt.

Be well prepared with all the information you may require.

You are supposed to be prepared with what you want and know the price.

The electoral registers are revised and prepared with reference to a qualifying date.

Living in a coastal state you should ALWAYS be prepared with basic staples like this.

As with every problem, you need to be prepared with a solution before you set out to tackle it.

He was roused by two medical attendants, come prepared with stimulants to sustain him through the next occasion.

Hi Ronald, We are actually getting pretty close to being prepared with the new classic reseller hosting platform.

A government list prepared with the help of local Awami League leaders put the number of affected families at 900.

The Hindus should assemble in larger number and remain well prepared with their arms and ammunition for a showdown.

In 2% of cases prepare to is used

Americans must be prepared to:.

Lib Dem -ministers are thought to be prepared to back the Labour leader.

Must be prepared to hand over 10pc of their earnings to a religious charity.

The sh**e on RTE wasn't what I wanted and I wasn't prepared to foot the bill for it.

The definition is centred on someone who is prepared to abandon Muslim customs and indeed faith.

The mortgage lender will be able to tell you just how much they may be prepared to financial loan you.

You would however also have to be open to my potential disagreement and be prepared to ask me again in the future.

Be sure that your physician is prepared to the distinct kind of surgical procedures you happen to be talking about.

At Kobe, at Sasebo, and at Pusan, the transports were preparing to set sail in accordance with the movement schedule.

I've read that samsung is preparing to vigorously (and vengefully?) defend itself from apple infringements in the USofA.

In 1% of cases prepare as is used

The Northern Irishman arrived at Kingston Heath early and prepared as well as anyone.

It is most commonly prepared as a dish called xi g? c, in which the fruit are cooked in rice.

The majority activity watches do not have the layout required to match anyone who's prepared as a competent.

Such freedom does not come without its challenges, and we must be prepared as a society to meet those challenges.

This was a favourite dish of his? bananas prepared as a stew and served up with some meat that Ali had cooked with tomatoes.

That candidate may well be you! There are a number of other articles on the Thank you letter and how to prepare as part of the 77 Guerrilla Job Hunting Tips.

It is so easy to prepare as what you need to do is to add all the ingredients into the blender, press STIR, to COOK/SIMMER till the porridge is ready to be served.

I am, however, informed that many of the clauses have been taken not from English Acts, but from Bills prepared as the result of various conventions and conferences on copyright.

In 1% of cases prepare at is used

Easy Diwali Recipes both sweet and snacks which you can prepare at home.

A good espresso must also be prepared at a carefully calibrated temperature.

It is suggested that general ratios may be applicable to most appropriations being prepared at a time.

The craft, called the X-51A Waverider, is currently being prepared at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert.

Platinum Passion is a half-sister to seven winners, including Tusker who was prepared at Cambridge by Murray Baker to win the Gr.

We as Hams should be prepared at all times with a core team having the necessary equipment ready to be on air at any given time and location.

Tens of thousands of men, most of them economically very valuable, must keep watch day and night, prepared at any moment to flash into warfare again.

For a couple of months he's been in ' lock down ', preparing at an Essex farm where top trainer Jimmy Tibbs and his son Mark have licked him into tremendous shape.

International standards now require that a decommissioning plan be prepared at the design stage of all new NPPs, and that it be updated during the facility lifetime.

I've made the choice in the last few years to open up more space in my psyche for the magic of creativity, while still keeping open the space I've prepared at such great cost for the Shadow.

In 1% of cases prepare from is used

A mother tincture is prepared from the substance.

Our team started preparing from the beginning of this term.

Each specimen was cut in half and a thin section was prepared from one half.

The Extract prepared from the fresh root is sometimes almost devoid of bitterness.

Other species re the source of bitter-aloes a drug prepared from the juice of their leaves.

The strings were then prepared from three of these bundles twisted together in the opposite direction.

An artificial hybrid material was prepared from 15 -- 18 nm ceramic nanoparticles and poly (methyl methacrylate) copolymer 20.

More students who lived with their families than those who lived alone or with other people said they regularly ate food prepared from fresh chicken and other fresh meat.

In 1% of cases prepare on is used

So we have to pray and prepare on an individual level.

Mentioned previously prior to, folks prepare on many degrees.

Everything was prepared on time and with extreme attention to details.

A picnic Lunch will be prepared on the river bank, and you will enjoy music of the nature played by wind, birds.

According to estimates from Eagle Eye Publishers, prepared on my behalf, the number of federal contractors grew from an estimated 4.

A unified terminology will now be used and explanatory memoranda should be prepared on all bills the clauses of which require any explanation.

Originally it was my intention to have a memorandum prepared on this highly technical Bill, which would help honorable senators to understand its provisions.

In 1% of cases prepare under is used

This report was prepared under ED grant #H133B980045.

This is the third (five yearly) report prepared under the requirements of the Act.

Several topics in Form one syllabus, prepared under the Bestari Programme, were even abolished to accommodate this implementation (Hasuria, 2003).

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