Prepositions after "preparatory"

preparatory to, for, in, at or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 86% of cases preparatory to is used

One being instructed preparatory to baptism Absolution B.

The criticism was, however, preparatory to a reconstruction.

It is preparatory to administering a mortal wound to England.

This was one who was receiving instruction in the faith preparatory to his baptism.

That activity is preparatory to a second stage?? in which you stop all noise and movement.

He bought a flat, and put out a hundred thousand bricks to dry preparatory to baking them.

He entered the Oakland (California) Training Garrison preparatory to becoming an officer in the Salvation Army.

And next you get riled with the sight of dismembered bikes preparatory to crushing in the backyard of the powerful.

Why are they not engaged with France on the continent? Pitt asked if ministers had any other plans preparatory to war.

Now the Intrepid and the Yankee Clipper undocked and separated, preparatory to Intrepid's descent and landing on the Moon.

In 10% of cases preparatory for is used

This study was preparatory for the quadrivium.

One of the first steps was to unbind her hair preparatory for shaving.

The twelfth and thirteenth years of high school were preparatory for university matriculation.

This too is preparatory for the teaching with regard to the second coming of Jesus which follows in the next paragraph (1 Cor.

The study of logic, grammar and rhetoric was considered preparatory for the quadrivium, which was made up of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.

So, that is the process and part of it is that the planning committee will have to go to NBTE to begin to identify the courses, preparatory for admission.

Despite the defects of the Spanish system of elementary education, Rizal was able to acquire the necessary instruction preparatory for college work in Manila.

People and clergy alike submitted, but without entirely giving up their reverence for Saturday, which subsequently sank into a half-holy day preparatory for Sunday (Moffat, James Clement.

In 2% of cases preparatory in is used

Leamy This is a photo of the boys and girls of the Grade Two Class at Gospel Chapel Preparatory in Jamaica.

In 1% of cases preparatory at is used

Prince Koree Osei has his primary education at Ridge Experimental at Akim Oda and St Johns ' Preparatory at Achimota.

In 1% of cases preparatory of is used

In doing so he uses the texts to show that John's role is preparatory of Jesus.

Scheduled Plan 1) From 2012 to the first half year of 2013, to finish all the infrastructure, equipment commissioning and preparatory of production technology.

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