Prepositions after "prefer"

"prefer to" or "prefer by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases prefer to is used

However, I prefer to go for that stars.

For example: In Egypt, rice is preferred to other grains.

I like the idea of positive thinking, it is certainly to be preferred to the alternative.

Absence of self-confidence: Some people prefer to hand control of their lives over to the ruling class.

The savest bet now is that ' Torres isn't going to score ' yet he is preferred to Moses who looks a much better option.

At the first place I do nt trust the person s, who does not have their own opinion and prefer to being operated on others wish.

Don't worry Empress God will surely give you a good man not the one that will prefer to disgrace himself thinking that he has disgraced you.

Mentalism relies on interaction with an audience, which Bolter prefers to acts that offer well-rehearsed material that only requires people to watch.

In 23% of cases prefer by is used

Coincidentally the station preferred by majority.

Broadleaf plants, in general, are preferred by chickens over grasses.

This investment alternative is mainly preferred by large businesses and corporates.

Imported rice is preferred by Ghanaian urban consumers because of its higher quality.

Treadmills may be more preferred by people, though running outside is a much better work out.

This definition is preferred by the vast majority of our people over the racial definitions of the assimilation era.

It is available at an affordable price, Windows Vista Key, hence is preferred by many small and medium scale companies.

Currently the PPC website advertising formats that are most popular and preferred by entrepreneurs are powered by Google and Yahoo.

Total rice consumption It must be expected that imported rice will be preferred by Ghanaian urban consumers because of its higher quality.

In 11% of cases prefer for is used

He preferred for the image of the band in its prime to remain undisturbed.

They have been preferred for decades as the handbag from the upper classes.

Now, it is one of the brands preferred for fashionable clothing for men and women.

Private cloud should be preferred for its many advantages over traditional data storage solutions: agility, cost and operations.

Celebs and fashionable females alike are generally prefering for getting most of these remarkably popular sneakers using crimson feet.

I would, of course, prefer for the world not to go into extremes of either deflation or inflation because the social costs in either case could be enormous.

I would prefer for a list MP to be one who has had the guts to face the electorate than to lose a good man/woman in exchange for a list-person who no-one knows.

Are now lead by John Key, who New Zealanders seem to prefer for prime minister despite him not having actually done anything that might indicate he'd be really good at the job.

In 10% of cases prefer in is used

Fees are however preferred in advance.

Women are preferred in all corner for the jobs.

And now brass is actually discovering prefer in style jewelry.

He had exactly the kind of physique she had always preferred in a man.

Allah has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives.

What I did find that made me uneasy was that the art I saw lacked an edge that I happen to prefer in art.

Marin is likely to be a depth player, and Oscar, while fabulously-talented, is still young, and may be preferred in some games.

The clock that has been shown on the website includes a fashionable appear that most people would prefer in addition to a simple timepiece.

Thus, the authors concluded that oral antibiotics are preferred in the initial treatment of Lyme arthritis in the absence of concomitant neurologic involvement.

In 6% of cases prefer over is used

Thus they are preferred over other errors.

Direct ways are preferred over indirect ways.

A higher position is preferred over one that is further to the left/right.

Therefore, floods were preferred over other disasters, for the purpose of this study.

I like both platforms but am more heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, which I also prefer over Google's.

However, the Venus Mouse Trap can be upgraded more readily (lower points requirement) so is preferred over Zugzwang's Last Move.

Based on Larkin and Simon's conclusions it is easy to see why, in the complexity of mechanical design, drawings are preferred over text.

In 4% of cases prefer against is used

The new charges preferred against him is bailable by law.

Personalised service would form another reason why the company is considered or preferred against others.

George had been found guilty in the 68-count charge preferred against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

This application has been preferred against the order of injunction in the nature of status quo passed by the lower appellate Court in misc.

The 171-count charge (charge sheet -- FHC /LF/CR/8/2010) preferred against Prince Ukachukwu in the Federal High Court in Lafia contains several references to Snecou.

In 3% of cases prefer with is used

Rabbit / Hare Specific breeds of rabbit are preferred with the majority of fur being produced in Belgium.

On the other hand, I would suggest you place a moment restriction so you can spend then you prefer with your relatives.

In 2% of cases prefer AT is used

Given the Tory record of practically a disaster per week since the election, it is amazing that they remain preferred at over 40%, still worse that 47.

I explained that it was cheaper to switch to verizon, that Verizon had better lte coverage and that I prefer AT &T; but was willing to pay my etf and switch had they not credited me the difference.

In 1% of cases prefer as is used

Personally, I think Adusei and Sumaila will be preferred as the season goes by.

It can be sold at an affordable rate, Window 7 Product Key, for this reason is preferred as a result of a number of smallish and even channel dimensions firms.

In 1% of cases prefer amongst is used

Whether or not you are at household or at function, it is highly preferred amongst buyers.

In 1% of cases prefer along is used

It will all boil down to what kind of lifestyle the buyer prefers along with budget constraints to consider.

In 1% of cases prefer on is used

Sons were preferred on daughters.

In 1% of cases prefer ahead is used

Now, what about Sabella? s plans of finding a combination? Lucio Gonzalves, who was preferred ahead of Ever Banega, was giving Messi the support up the field.

In 1% of cases prefer above is used

But you know what people prefer above all else? Winning.

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