Prepositions after "predict"

"predict by" or "predict in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases predict by is used

The breach of the levees was predicted by a 2004.

The model will be a metered plan, as predicted by.

Some people predict by 2015 90% of humans will be dead.

Zero Point or the Shift of the Ages has been predicted by ancient peoples for thousands of years.

The laws have been in place for some time, and the sky has not fallen in, as predicted by the opposition.

If the myths are to be believed, we are also a third of the way to impending doom as predicted by the Mayans.

This is why so many millions of Israelites recognised Muhammad (saw) as the true prophet predicted by Moses (as).

In depression, a poorer outcome was also predicted by more loneliness and a comorbid anxiety and depressive disorder.

As predicted by the team headed by? chary Kalki Krishna, majority of rains arrived in the period August 15 to August 30.

As predicted by theory, group-based lenders are much less affected by loan default rates when they raise interest rates.

In 16% of cases predict in is used

Such thinking was predicted in Revelation and an abomination.

Next he said how it had all been predicted in the Bible but that Jesus would save us all.

In previous year's you could safely predict in such a situation, we would be the teams to contest the final.

Just as multiple studies predicted in the late 90s and early 00s, as the Arctic warms, the sea ice is becoming seasonal.

But the new India selection panel, headed by Sandeep Patil, has recalled Harbhajan as well as Yuvraj Singh, as predicted in The Independent last week.

Much of the above scenario was predicted in Humanae Vitae, the flash of light that preceded (but did not cause) the earthquake in the Catholic Church.

Although you can't always predict in advance what type of interview an employer will use, time spent preparing answers to situational questions will never be wasted.

All this I and my co-author, Stuart Player, predicted in The Plot Against the NHS, including the spectacular cases of greed and abuse that were bound to accompany marketisation.

As predicted in our 2012 brochure (supply of gold ), volumes of gold from recycling continues to decline as consumers run out of stock to sell to the ' Cash for Gold ' operators.

The following remarks may perhaps throw some light on this remarkable occurrence: (1) It was predicted in the Old Testament that what is here stated would occur in the times of the Messiah.

In 15% of cases predict for is used

But they also say that these are the kinds of events they predict for a warmer world.

It will be very difficult for the market to reach the 2 percent growth we have predicted for the year.

Among the unusual properties predicted for the left-handed materials were a negative index of refraction and a negative Doppler effect.

If so, a major portion of the increased consumption predicted for in 2003 would be NR, which would help to improve the rubber prices further.

For example, Jesus predicted for the end times seem to be on the increase now such as false Christs, wars and rumors of wars, famines, earthquakes.

IT systems used for tracking organisation-wide carbon emissions have also failed to deliver on the growth numbers predicted for the sector pre-recession.

While I know as an adult I am certainly more aware of it, I have been thinking of late about what 20 years ago those in the industry were predicting for the future; the reality, we are living in now.

In 10% of cases predict with is used

They could not be predicted with any certainty.

Cricket Mania allows you to predict with your friends.

Flooding from rivers, particularly in recognized floodplains, can usually be predicted with good accuracy.

Chaotic fluctuations on continental spatial scales and decadal time scales are difficult to predict with confidence.

Many citizens, hurting like hell, do not have the education or expertise needed to predict with confidence such ' end times '.

While you can't predict with certainty whether a coin will land heads or tails, you can predict the statistical results of a large number of coin tosses.

If a model can correctly predict trends from a starting point somewhere in the past, we could expect it to predict with reasonable certainty what might happen in the future.

The global increase of CO2 is a grand biological experiment, with countless complications that make the net effect of this increase very difficult to predict with any appreciable level of detail.

In 5% of cases predict on is used

A close outcome is predicted on December 7th, 2012 and the stakes in this election could not be any higher.

What matters for Silver is that the president wins and that he ends up with a total number of electoral votes somewhere in the ballpark of whatever Silver predicts on the afternoon of Nov.

Firstly, it's wrong to suggest that because humans are involved and you can't predict on a one off basis who will come through the door that you can't use statistics to make more general predictions.

In 4% of cases predict from is used

I'd acutely aware that the met office can not accurately predict from one day to the next, or so it often seems.

In the end, Rodgers easily held the seat for Labour with an increased majority, which he had confidently predicted from the outset of the campaign.

Searle realizes that liquidity can be predicted from the properties of elementary particles, whereas consciousness can not be predicted from the properties of neurons.

According to the Chinese they predict from the conception month opposite to actual birth time, then add nine months to woman's current age one can get this chart from any online store.

In 2% of cases predict at is used

Our demise has been predicted at every federal election in the last 20 years.

In 2% of cases predict to is used

On Friday, the Mississippi River at Natchez is predicted to crest at 62.

For that reason old age may predict to some extent, but no longer defines decline and disability.

In 1% of cases predict about is used

What was crime of the poor astrologer? He had predicted about a possible earthquake.

In 1% of cases predict within is used

So I predict within the next year the opposite trend.

In 1% of cases predict until is used

A wonderful break in our drought! The funny thing is that it wasn't predicted until a few hours before it began to rain.

In 1% of cases predict prior is used

That agreement was predicted prior to debate number three, and the prediction was undeniably accurate.

In 1% of cases predict as is used

If the topic were something highly dynamic and hard to predict as Syria/Turkey/etc.

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