Prepositions after "precise"

"precise in" or "precise about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases precise in is used

So lively, precise in the surf.

Let us be precise in our terms.

Let me be precise in my memory.

He further said that, we should be more precise in definitions not to mislead public.

The bad news is that I could have been a little more precise in calcuating the width.

Making a trial more precise in this way is known as increasing the power of the trial.

No other evangelist was so expert, so pedantic and precise in his accounts involving the value of money as Matthew.

Argentina was not precise in the use of their tactical kicks, and had to swap some positions after Felipes injurie.

Dashing, elegant and precise in his light-touch use of the sword, he cuts through humbug and uncritical assumptions.

In 22% of cases precise about is used

My granma was very precise about words.

We have to be precise about the context.

But it is a hard thing to be precise about.

Moving on towards the ambience, be very precise about what makes you feel relaxed.

What really happened is I was a lot more precise about what I wanted to accomplish.

You do not have to be precise about this, just create the general curve appearance.

Both parties can save time and see better results by being clear and precise about expectations from the outset.

The Bible is just as clear and precise about the future of the individual man and woman as it is about the world.

And perhaps at least carefully define the placebo? And be precise about protocols, the environment, contamination.

I hope to do this by being precise about the knowns and unknowns, as well as by foregrounding the work of Russian.

In 13% of cases precise with is used

He was very precise with his staff.

Be direct and precise with your answers.

You are so precise with your explaiation.

He is trying to be terribly precise with a language he doesn't really control or own.

Focus is precise with any lens from extreme wide-angle to super telephoto or zoom lens.

Be precise with the ball but go forward with enthusiasm and intensity when you have it.

You need to learn to be more precise with your words and your arguments if you want to succeed in the profession.

Cunningham was incredibly precise with the edits, orchestrating the images to fit together so perfectly musically.

I really like a neutral car; so I don't like an understeer car or oversteer, so I'd very precise with the set-ups.

The skill of the kids was astounding -- everything was perfect and precise with a lot of genuine talent on display.

In 4% of cases precise as is used

I was quite precise as to why the boo boys are a waste of a seat.

Angular, exact, pressured and tough, precise as a diamond drill bit.

It is precise as well as simple and quick to operate and can be used for any type of level survey.

Sometimes they're daubed so heavily in processing that she sounds as sharp and precise as a laser beam.

That is to say, the existence of Almighty God is as clear and precise as the existence of this universe.

It went as smooth and precise as a ballet troupe, even when it looked and sounded like the mouth of Hell.

General Korchev broke the silence with a carefully timed cough, as small and neat and precise as the man himself.

Metering is more precise as the SPD cell is so close to the film plane and reads ambient and as well as TTL flash exposure.

It is not as voluptuous and precise as the Combak, NBS or PS Audio cables, but in no way it has a bad performance when properly set up and.

In 4% of cases precise on is used

It is important to have a clear objective and precise on the marathon.

Yes, the wording could have been more precise on the congressional role.

You are very correct and precise on the issues you raised in this piece.

You can come back with opinion on this but the legal system is quite precise on this.

The importance of being precise on your readings becomes evident when working at long range.

To celebrate 25th anniversary, Proton doesn't need to be particular or precise on the numbers what.

Once you can get it onto the fairway, you have to be really precise on your second shot and get it into the right spot.

I did a very lengthy interview, in fact very concise, very precise on this same issue with the CNN but it was suppressed.

With his speed I felt there were occasions when I was trying to be a little too precise on the volleys, and you end up missing some.

While it is difficult to be precise on figures, however an average of $200 will be enough for a non extravagant student for the month.

In 4% of cases precise to is used

Complete yet precise to the point.

The EXTRA is precise to within 10m.

These new clocks are precise to one part in 10 17.

There is no call placement fee and invoicing is precise to the very first second of the call.

Upon meeting Moses, he saw that the picture his artists had drawn was precise to the minutest detail.

Induction loops in the ground and numerous sensors ensure that navigation is precise to the nearest centimetre.

That was a timely message, well molded, precise to the point, hard hitting educative and sensitizing to the public.

Examples of others ran the gamut from precise to subjective: scalability, support for a core competency, look and feel.

Long tail keywords convert more than short tail keywords because you are being precise to what the searcher is looking for.

Lately, the line between theory and communication was not so precise to Captain Diaz as it had been, and it should have been.

In 3% of cases precise at is used

Sorry we can't be more precise at this time.

I am very sorry I can't be more precise at the moment.

Plus, very precise at that -- from washing to drying to ironing and storing.

I warn you, this can be a bit fiddly, but there's probably no point being too precise at this early stage.

The exact shape can be tweaked afterwards, as trying to be too precise at this early stage is a bit futile.

The standard forks on the 02 have SO much movement and flex it's tough to be precise at the race pace against the newer model.

The mouse is very precise at pointing on tiny objects when DPI is set to 1600 by pressing the DPI button above the scroll wheel.

Vagueness and overbreadth are not synonymous, however, because a law might be unacceptably broad and quite precise at the same time.

They're dramatically precise at targeting the pseudo-Islamic mass murderers whom key Pakistani officials still support, while MINIMIZING innocent casualties.

I know that this is because I saw Rory in late ' 73 -- November 1973 to be more precise at New York's Felt Forum and this is how I remember him and his guitar.

In 3% of cases precise for is used

That all sounds a bit too precise for me.

These watches are very accurate and precise for the women.

Data were more precise for financial costs than for benefits.

Precise for gift purposes, these personalised craft arts come in the category of handmade gifts.

The lead riffs of Smokin ' Joe are unusually precise for acoustic; no sloppy fingerwork or picking.

What pushed him through time? Not science, not government - it was too precise for those types of explanations.

Less precise for systematic, academic searching due to opacity of coverage and scope and lack of descriptor searching.

Make it correct and precise for your field, but think a little about sounding like yourself -- the best version of yourself.

Then a poodle-haired Australian rock DJ streaks down the aisle - it's not clear precise for what purpose, but we can confirm he's got balls.

I've a logical brain, engineering background, sometimes a bit too precise for my own good, but lately I've woken my creative side up a little.

In 2% of cases precise by is used

The predictions should become more precise by this afternoon and certainly by tomorrow.

We must remember that technical terms, such as mortal sin, had not yet become precise by his time.

By stipulative definitions new terms are introduced into a language or old terms are made precise by deliberately assigning new meaning for the terms.

Fewer double meanings Especially interesting is how Daluz proposed to make the language more precise by reducing the number of words that have double meanings.

In 2% of cases precise of is used

Honestly, I'd not the most precise of cooks.

KR's probably the most precise of the top drivers.

GridBagLayout is the most precise of the five AWT LayoutManagers.

The Our'an is a divine book which uses the most clear, lucid and precise of styles.

Even with the best of intentions and the most precise of guidelines, investigative journalism is difficult.

How is it working with a channel like Star Plus? I am having a fantastic experience working with Star Plus and they are precise of what they want.

Science is the most precise of all disciplines (within it's scope of inquiry) but it does not have a monopoly on the truth http: **35;4826;TOOLONG.

It was argued here that the average size the erect length, to be precise of male organ in population has a strong predictive power of economic development during the period.

In 1% of cases precise from is used

I am from the village, to be precise from Beliatta.

Today we are back in France, south of France to be precise from the well known producer Jean Claude Mas of Arrogant Frog fame.

It is a good rule of thumb to start with a cut that is precise from the beginning opposed to starting with a general fist pass then cutting it down from there.

India is playing dirty again and there are direct correlations with the end of the Afghan War is this clinical and precise from he rpart or an act of desperation.

Today, I use Google Chrome to take my reading, listening and viewing from platform to platform, or to be more precise from screen to screen and this transition happens seamlessly.

His fingers began to flutter over the keyboard, practiced and precise from the many academic tasks he had churned out over the years, only this time, for once, they were typing for fun.

Sadly for him, with Germans so precise from 12 yards, he did look out of place when stepping up to blaze his shootout penalty over the bar to send his nation crashing out of Italia ' 90.

Obviously, taking the actual give up to maneuver regarding following obtaining soaked up in order to any kind of item is really a aces choice, which is actually precise from the cellular earphones.

In 1% of cases precise like is used

The Universe is very precise like that, mathematically so.

This wine is elegant, deep and complex -- precise like a laser beam.

Elegant, deep and complex -- precise like a laser beam with a two minute finish on the palate.

Robot music was once supposed to sound clean and precise like Kraftwerk, but Willett's robots are punkish and temperamental, hacking out epileptic staccato rhythms interspersed by waves of feedback.

In 1% of cases precise without is used

They make rock music, all of it loud, most of it precise without feeling checked.

Breathless without being rushed, precise without being stiff, this is some of the best art I've seen in a long time.

The lasers that I have used in the past would not have let me be this precise without anaesthesia and with this much control of the soft tissues.

The Britten Sinfonia was throughout on outstanding form, thoroughly inside Knussen's idiom, unfailingly precise without sacrifice to warmth of tone.

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