Prepositions after "pray"

"pray for" or "pray to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases pray for is used

Just pray for a high raw score.

He prays for 1 day adjournment.

Ask others to also pray for you.

We stopped and talked to him for a little while and asked him if we could pray for him.

My dear women I do understand but pray for strength, the other person may not b better.

Again and again I prayed for deliverance, although I felt sure that the end had come.

At those times I did not pray for any relief, but I prayed for strength to suffer with courage, humility, and love.

Praying for your family and ministry, it is a beautiful thing to be at the mercy of God, to be so perfectly loved.

I know that He will bless me with what I pray for, reward me with what I work for, grant me with what I hope for, and.

I then asked one of the relatives how often he prayed and he told me that he prayed for exactly 15 minutes each day.

In 17% of cases pray to is used

Pray to God for his forgiveness.

Pray to Him with your entire being.

I pray to Almighty for his long life.

When one prays to Ishwara, one gets mental peace, because Ishwara does not talk at all.

She said: Messenger of Allah, pray to Allah that He may include me among these warriors.

I pray to Jesus that THESE people never have to learn firsthand what that might be like.

So now, our God, we pray to you, we seek our living Lord; Grant us the grace to live that love that is its own reward.

But with the Catholic understanding that you can pray to saints and potential saints, a miracle after death is possible.

He narrowed the gap to Jorge and I am certain there were times when Jorge prayed to his God and questioned his designs.

In 6% of cases pray in is used

So think again before you pray in such a way.

After their Ziyara, we prayed in the cemetery.

A man prayed in agony to God to change his life.

He never once missed praying in the night, and used to recite the entire Qur'an daily.

Praying in congregation gives multiple times greater awards than praying but ourselves.

As for things like prayer rooms then why not?? The alternative is to pray in open public spaces.

This would be done if all Christians can join hands together with us to pray in one accord to accomplish this mission.

And Allah willing, we will pray in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Allah willing, Allah willing.

One friend thanked me for praying in a to a personable God, expressing verbally what fears and thoughts were in their hearts.

Lets join together in this humble call, and pray in unison, wherever you are!! Your response makes me assume you are a Christian.

In 5% of cases pray with is used

Jenny? Little Jenny: Pray with me, Forrest.

Then I share my testimony and pray with them.

He prays with them, cares for them, and helps them.

Please pray with me, unlike Africa, it is not easy here to worship God like in Africa.

God opened so many doors and we had opportunities to meet and pray with some terrific people.

Faustina in Heaven and to keep in mind that she would never refuse to pray with us and for us.

We had an amazing opportunity to share our faith, speak honestly and to pray with amazingly supportive like minded people.

The announcer pray with her and even following up her through phone and she also invite the announcer over to her place to talk.

In my opinion, if founding fathers (in office) presided over a high school football game they would pray with a christian audience.

Thank you for everyone who messaged and prayed with me!: ') Share some love! About Dems Angeles Dems has a background in Computer.

In 3% of cases pray at is used

When we pray at home, she sleeps.

LOL NanNJ Obama prays at the temple of Obama.

Women prayed at a Buddhist temple in Bali Monday.

On his way south from Stamford Bridge, Harold is said to have paused to pray at Waltham.

We do not even have a Hindu Sunday, let alone a requirement to pray at specific times and frequencies.

There was no link, however, between Palestinians ' support for violence and how often they prayed at home.

The Star has established that the number of churchgoers has drastically reduced as worshippers fear for their lives opting to pray at home.

I've seen plenty of women go to mosque here in Canada as well as, my friend's grandma went on pilgrimage once and she prayed at the mosque there.

It does not penalize individuals simply for praying at home or attending worship services, though it denies some groups the right to disseminate their beliefs in public.

I remember telling him that if one day I make it big in the food business (I sold my flat to start this business ), I will fly to Bangkok to pray at the Erawan Shrine to thank him.

In 2% of cases pray about is used

Should you pray about trivial matters? Yes.

One day in July 1932, I decided to pray about the matter.

Because she wasn't spiritually inclined, she didn't pray about it.

We do! We pray about it and receive revelation through the Holy Spirit, just the same.

You work at it and pray about it (working at it and praying about it is helping yourself).

You work at it and pray about it (working at it and praying about it is helping yourself).

Although he had spent a great deal of time praying about his future choices, James had no idea what to do after he graduated.

We are asking our church to join us for this important meeting as we seek the Lord and pray about our church in the year to come.

At Thanksgiving, go around the table and have each family member pray about what he or she is most t hankful for over the past year.

It's interesting how we KNOW God's ways when we hit a road block or when we've prayed about something and have not gotten an answer.

In 2% of cases pray on is used

Something I will be thinking about and praying on this week.

So, besides praying on it, what should I do with my anger? I don't know.

So he is not innocently praying on the sidewalk, but rather doing it in order to provoke.

Even if you are regarded to pay your debt by performing Salah later, you will be responsible for not praying on time.

I walked around the building to make sure that maybe there were people praying on another side of the building, but again there was no one.

The legal excuses accepted by the religion are unconscious conditions like forgetting and being asleep, and impossibility of praying on time.

When the sun was about to set, some said that the Prophet meant for them to hurry up so they arrive in Kuryza before the sun set, but if they are running late, they should pray on the road.

She had just been praying on the way to Church for God to show her who to approach to share on the deep journey of loss and so it is by Gods invitation that I share my story with you today.

In 1% of cases pray before is used

I am with you and I pray before God for every one of you.

I was worried he was praying before the bomb went off.

However, witr should be prayed before fajr for sahib-e-tartib since the.

They confirmed Samuel T's comment about the Jewish people praying before execution.

Then we gather at the back to pray before the church bell rings and we begin the Sunday morning worship.

The multi-storey ultra modern shopping centre collapsed Wednesday morning, while staff reportedly gathered to pray before business commenced.

In 1% of cases pray like is used

Pray like this: I remove my name from evil prophecy; it will not happen in my life, in the name of Jesus.

To be annoyed with him, to wish ill of him is not the right approach? Pray like Jesus Christ for his good.

Do you know where you are going? Pray like this: I remove my name from the list of backsliders, in the name of Jesus.

The funniest stuff is up front, as a papal conclave is convened and each of the assembled cardinals prays like an ill-prepared student hoping he isn't called on by the teacher.

In 1% of cases pray over is used

We read them, pray over them, discuss them with others, and then only write the reflections.

It was noted that no Janza funeral prayer was prayed over him and he was buried without a Kaffan shroud.

One day when I was lying in traction one of the nuns asked if a friend of hers could pray over me for healing.

And for all the prayers she has prayed over me, The 1010 Project, each of our community leaders and all the people who are served through the 1010 Network.

He also sent mountains of sanctified trinkets to his mailing list, promising to personally touch and pray over such items if they were returned with a donation.

In 1% of cases pray without is used

As far as praying without Wudhoo ' is concerned, trust and incentives may work best.

Since then i have been feeling like a robot, i just pray without intention (i think ), and i do nt read so much about islam as i should.

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