Prepositions after "practise"

"practise in" or "practise by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases practise in is used

Letter Q being practised in middle.

It is practised in so many places world over.

Remember: Doctors need a licence if they want to practise in the UK 5.

It is such a shame that this noble sport can not be practised in the UK.

The notion of a ' free ' primary education system has been practised in Jamaica for a very long time.

If you are a registered nurse, this role provides the opportunity to practise in the disability sector.

Every doctor practising in the UK will now be subject to regular checks to help improve the quality of patient care.

He spends over twenty hours every week training and practising in this martial art and he is frighteningly good at it.

The largest proportions of respondents practised in the south (37%, 253/679) and the north east (32%, 219/679) (table 1?).

Do I need a licence? Generally, a doctor does not require a licence to practise in order to draft an expert's report or give expert advice.

In 22% of cases practise by is used

There is a great variety of rites and ceremonies practised by the Kankanay.

They believe in the fundamentals of the religion, as preached, thought and practised by Muhammed.

Jenkins began practising by stringing a rope between two trees in his backyard and practiced rope walking on the rope.

Hamilton is more concerned about the far-reaching impact of the subtle discrimination still being practised by employers and policymakers.

Racism is unpleasant no matter who it is practised by, and the sooner we treat all its manifestations equally, the less hypocritical we will be.

King believes lengthy band changes are a direct result of the lack of professionalism practised by persons in leadership positions in the music industry.

It is predominantly practised by ordinary tom, dick and harry! Ankhor: Not a League Fan: 13 May 2009 4:45:25pm I do not understand how Nine can sack the man.

There was the marriage which is that still practised by people today in which a man asked another man for his ward or daughter, paid her her dower and then married her.

Christianity is practised by 4% of the population, predominantly among the hill dwelling Kachin, Chin and Kayin as a result of missionary work in their respective areas.

In 11% of cases practise for is used

Biathle Designed as a ' Sport for All ', Biathle has been practised for over 50 years.

That is why we view life on earth, for those who live Jesus, as choir practise for Heaven.

The first group were taken into a room with a piano and given intensive piano practise for five days.

The first is looking across to Cader Idris and the second is me on top of a hill! All in all a great weekend and some good walking practise for Mount Kenya.

I remember reading about the legendary tennis player Bjorn Borg and how at a very early age he would practise for five hours non stop on his tennis strokes.

I du n no if its me or I just did nt understand what was happening abi its the fact that most of the characters seem like they were practising for a school play.

In 7% of cases practise with is used

The boy began practising with a new zeal, next day onwards.

Write your answers down and practise with a friend, or in front of a mirror.

In a pinch, Blair can always return to the routine that he regularly practised with Bill Clinton - roll over and play dead.

Rewarding best practise with the O2 Ability Awards is an excellent way of reminding all of us of the business case for doing so.

He is a Chartered Accountant, practising with his partners in a firm, he founded, that stretches across King Alfred's and Thomas Hardy's Wessex.

To feed a growing population, intensive agriculture has been practised with the application of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, which degrade the fertility of the soil and water quality.

In 6% of cases practise as is used

After his retirement he practised as a chartered accountant in Wellington.

The majority of our graduates from the Graduate degree go on to practise as lawyers.

The auditor undertook not to practise as an auditor for a company or a registered scheme under the Corporations Act.

Gould practised as an attorney-at-law with Arnold &; Porter and with Hogan &; Hartson, US law firms in Washington D.

Practising as a Lawyer in Scotland A Scottish lawyer will practise as a solicitor, an Advocate or a Solicitor Advocate.

Practising as a Lawyer in Scotland A Scottish lawyer will practise as a solicitor, an Advocate or a Solicitor Advocate.

Kati Sule I studied English Language and Literature at Szeged University in Hungary and also trained and practised as an EFL teacher.

He was jailed at Cardiff Crown Court for two years and banned from practising as a medium, clairvoyant, spiritualist or healer for 10 years.

Anyone practising as a Speech and Language Therapist should hold a relevant professional qualification that is recognised by a professional body.

In 5% of cases practise at is used

Dr Mark is currently practising at Ascent Ear Nose Throat Specialist Group at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore.

This was the way that the English and Scots Borderers made their living in peace time, and they were well practised at it.

After early appointments as a watch-keeping Seaman Officer, largely in the Far East, and a spell as a fixed-wing pilot, he qualified and practised at sea as a warfare specialist.

Before you pack the family's bags and set off to learn German in Berlin, here are some creative techniques to practise at home to help make it easier for children to learn German.

On the other hand, Tezuka Ryoan, a doctor of Western medicine, distresses his father Ryosen who practises at a public clinic in the Hitachifuchu domain, because of his womanising.

In 4% of cases practise on is used

We just laughed it off and went to practise on the lower half of the ground.

Essentially it means that doctors will have to prove that they are fit to practise on an ongoing basis.

Somehow we have a tradition (perhaps a bad habit) of purposely not practising on the day of our lesson.

The following is not a patentable invention: An invention of a method for the treatment of the human or animal body by surgery or therapy, or of a diagnosis practised on the human or animal body.

In 2% of cases practise upon is used

When he had ascertained the treachery practised upon Father Ephraim at St.

I adverted once more to the roguery which had been in my opinion practised upon him, and asked him what had become of the gold plates.

In 1% of cases practise without is used

It is these you ought to have practised without neglecting the others.

In 1% of cases practise within is used

The majority of midwives practise within the Health Service, in maternity hospitals, maternity units of large and small general hospitals, in private maternity hospitals, etc.

In 1% of cases practise to is used

Follow Gordon's tips and practise to perfection before the Cookalong.

In 1% of cases practise throughout is used

These systems of law include diverse kinship systems and traditions and connections to land that are current and practised throughout Indigenous Australia.

In 1% of cases practise since is used

He also said that he loved this place and the RCB Home Ground where the Team has been practising since the past week.

In 1% of cases practise against is used

The bots, however, are purposefully set to an easy difficulty, so you'll have a mix of dumb as muck targets and human players to practise against.

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