Prepositions after "powerful"

"powerful in", "powerful of" or "powerful for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases powerful in is used

You are powerful in this world.

We must become POWERFUL IN PRAYER.

AND that you feel powerful in it too.

But ideology is much more familiar and (therefore) powerful in the world as a whole.

It may seem like a stupid exercise but it is very powerful in the subconscious level.

If someone was really powerful in and of themselves, they would not have any problems.

They are the unseen hands of the powerful in the society, who use them as cannon fodder, who are paid some tokens.

I wrote on my blog about the intoxication of marching, of yelling, of feeling powerful in the midst of a movement.

Force of Habit and Force required to change it The force of habit is very powerful in the machinery of human life.

It is powerful in the sense that even a small girl can stand up to a brutal dictator and ultimately, be successful.

In 12% of cases powerful for is used

Verbeek was too powerful for them.

The senses are too powerful for us.

Pretty powerful for a female singer.

Here is my list of some features, which I believe will make G+ more powerful for me.

This combination is extremely powerful for giving you a better body and a better life.

Something about seeing these truths In Print on a consistent basis, is powerful for me.

The process of listening to how these friends of mine describe their dad proved to be powerful for me personally.

Why do you think that they imposed sanctions on him? ? Sanctions are imposed by the powerful for host of reasons.

Whatever happens to Sacks after that deal closes, he will remain powerful for changing how employees communicate.

The first thing you notice about him is that he is incredibly quick and very, very powerful for such a young man.

In 12% of cases powerful of is used

It is the most powerful of all Mantras.

Nobody can do powerful of turns like that.

The most powerful of those lessons was this.

However, he told me that this particular vision was one of the most powerful of all.

The legislature is theoretically the most powerful of the three organs of government.

In comparison, even the most powerful of cell phones can transmit a signal of 3 watts.

Thus, there is no getting around it -- love is the most important and powerful of all the traits of a good leader.

I have noticed that how a simple smile from the heart has the power to attract the most powerful of forces to you.

Germany, as the most powerful of the EU states, must, along with Britain and France, come up with the solution now.

It's definitely not the most powerful of office machines, but its skill with the polygons more than makes up for it.

In 5% of cases powerful as is used

He becomes powerful as well as calm.

It would cease to be powerful as a party.

Their feeling of being powerful as a mob but.

It is not only powerful as a weight loss enhancer but also works as an energy booster.

More inviting, yet no less powerful as a networking opportunity for those in attendance.

Sometimes he gained power because the federal government became more powerful as a whole.

When I considered what kind of hero could possibly be as strong and powerful as a vamp, the answer seemed natural.

If that asteroid hit the earth, it would lead to an explosion ten times as powerful as the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

This thing is only about half as powerful as an Olympic bow, but the power of the arrow is still scary when I let go.

It does not make sense at all that Cas could assume that he could become powerful as a god as he was not all knowing.

In 4% of cases powerful at is used

Ninjas were one of the most powerful at the time.

The hotel crowd are too powerful at higher levels.

It is the reason we have become so powerful at sea.

Here's hoping that if it does come out it'll be cheap and powerful at the same time.

Bird was very powerful at the time and insisted it had to be located in West Virginia.

The lament is also made powerful at the reminiscence of the war that caused their death.

On the other hand, both these drug categories are fast-acting and are powerful at palliating the itchy skin symptoms.

The blocks of empty seating are also a reminder of the privileges available for the rich and powerful at these Games.

Bradley &; Caldwell suggest that both genetic and environmental influences are most powerful at the negative extreme.

A school that guarded the powerful at the expense of young boys deserves punishment, even if there is collateral damage.

In 4% of cases powerful with is used

She is powerful with many members.

It is as powerful with you as with me.

Naturally he has become powerful with his words.

In my experience the act worship is much more powerful with a smaller congregation.

Hacking tools are also easy to purchase and highly powerful with cloud technologies.

You can also solo heroes that get very powerful with items and not necessarily levels.

The Android OS is in many ways good, strong, powerful with unlimited customizations unlike other mobile devices.

In fact, right now, as you're reading this, you've already got the right skills to be sexually powerful with women.

Some people are even taking a look at steam power, which can be made efficient and powerful with today's technology.

The opinion of the Court in Earls 2002 is especially powerful with respect to the scourge of drugs and their dangers.

In 3% of cases powerful by is used

Scorpios are extremely strong willed and powerful by nature.

Today, he has a chance to be powerful by virtue of his office.

For instance, a weak person becomes powerful by lifting weight.

Even if Sylar is good why would he listen to HRG? He's more powerful by a long shot.

In Russia, such indignities don't normally happen to somebody so powerful by accident.

I had heard that I could become powerful by looking into alternative ways of thinking.

So, this group (which might or not be powerful by themselves ), control 2 of the 3 biggest threat to the Strawhats.

For a start, America is immensely more powerful by economic, military and demographic measures than Iran or Israel.

That parent is viewed as all good, all wise, and all powerful by the child who becomes dependent, manipulated by them.

Why is it men like you need women to feel powerful by ownership when you can't feel adequately powerful on your own? 2.

In 3% of cases powerful to is used

That fact is very POWERFUL to me.

Realizing that is a powerful tool.

It's equally powerful to MS-Office in all functionality.

That strength automatically creates a relationship of more powerful to less powerful.

So the postmodern challenge, while no less radical, somehow feels less powerful to us.

The main reason this book was so powerful to me is because it was based on real events.

For we do not want the heavy-top to be so powerful to lord it over us and at the end subject us to untold oppression.

Their purpose, whether covering news or politics, sport or arts, is to break stories and hold the powerful to account.

But the voice of this great man may never be more powerful to me than my memory of his voice in a Chicago parking lot.

I'd disappointed that some members didn't feel sufficiently convinced or confident to hold the most powerful to account.

In 2% of cases powerful about is used

There's something really powerful about that.

There was something inhumanly powerful about it.

There's something powerful about this community.

We're not there yet, but that, to me, is what is really powerful about this movement.

The public place There is no doubt there is something powerful about collective singing.

I think there is something seriously powerful about a girl wielding a torch and a hammer.

That's my hometown, so I love being here and there's something really powerful about this city that resonates in me.

Whether Latin or Greek or something else there's something very powerful about the whole Church praying the same way.

There is something powerful about a parent's tongue especially when it comes from genuine reason, please listen to it.

What I think I find so powerful about Allison's writing is the way she works creatively with the unresolvable in her life.

In 2% of cases powerful beyond is used

You are powerful beyond measure.

Our deepest Fear powerful beyond measure.

Music, for me, is powerful beyond measure.

We regard Being the Solution as such a book is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Beyond that, sometimes I feel like I don't know too much are powerful beyond measure.

I was in the company of a comforting and supportive observer, powerful beyond measure.

He was Deep Purple, and always came across as a softly spoken gent, gentle yet powerful beyond anyone's dreams.

Our mind and heart are the most amazing things in the Universe, and we are souls who are powerful beyond measure.

We do n't! I believe collectively, we all have solutions, because we are all geniuses and powerful beyond measure.

America would become the envy of the world, being prosperous and powerful beyond the wildest dreams of its citizens.

In 2% of cases powerful from is used

Copy really has to be powerful from start to finish.

That ending is also extremely powerful from my point of view.

The rich and powerful from church and state follow on their horses.

Nick's iconic images from Vietnam are among the most powerful from the entire war.

They gave us free speech specifically to prevent the powerful from stifling dissent.

Certainly, the law should not be used to protect the rich and powerful from their wrong-doing.

I rate this book 10, because it embodies in one text a story so powerful from a personal and political point of view.

The underdog was powerful from the back of the court and appeared to enjoy the power battle, edging a tight first set 6-4.

The english libel laws are used to stifle free speech and protect the powerful from having their grossest misdeeds exposed.

In 2% of cases powerful on is used

A man is powerful on his knees.

His sons will be powerful on earth;.

Sound is much more powerful on the DSi XL.

It could not have been more powerful on youth, renewal and the road back to victory.

You can even employ a powerful on the web freelance web page to write your livelihood.

This film is so relentless and powerful on so many levels and way beyond pure entertainment.

The theory of relativity is powerful on a scientific basis, but is also theoretically and practically very applicable.

Surely the need for redemption is equally strong? And that clothes are just as powerful on the flip-side of heartache.

Why is it men like you need women to feel powerful by ownership when you can't feel adequately powerful on your own? 2.

A greater power than that of all the powerful on this Earth demands expression and nothing can prevent its manifestation.

In 2% of cases powerful over is used

Thou art powerful over everything.

Innovation can be powerful over time.

And Allah is Powerful over everything.

Surely You are Gracious to whomsoever You will, and You are Powerful over all things.

To Him belongs the dominion and to Him is all praise, and He is Powerful over all things.

Verily Thou art Powerful over all things And all praise is due to God, the Lord of the Worlds.

Surely You are Powerful over all things, and that is easy for You; and that is surely no great matter of Allah (14:20).

Agents as a ' filter ' Agents have become more powerful over the years as publishers have become more dependent on them.

Full size bath, his and hers sinks, a really large shower cubicle with a powerful over head rain shower and mirrors everywhere.

During the workout, pay special attention to staying relaxed yet powerful over the final 200 metres of the 600; don't let your form break down.

In 1% of cases powerful without is used

We are plenty powerful without having to prove it on a daily basis.

Western nations wouldn't be this powerful without Africa's contribution.

They can develop and progress and become powerful without natural resources.

It is not powerful without the composed acceptance from the Receptionist as well as his or her designee.

I do nt think the east Indian company would have been as powerful without state guns wofford How about Microsoft.

The words on their own would not be so powerful without those dust-encrusted phones that really bring reality home.

After careful testing, I determined this card isn't nearly as powerful without cards that produce tokens in your deck.

A woman can be just as powerful without this element so blatantly attributed to them to create some weak sexual tension.

Sensitive and small boys are bullied because they wo n't, or ca n't, fight back, allowing the bully to appear powerful without effort.

For the record I'd not at all sexist and respect women as equals to men that can be strong and powerful without having to use sexuality.

In 1% of cases powerful within is used

It is powerful within this writer.

I suspect it is the powerful within all writers.

Sounds boring but it is something powerful within many people.

Sometimes the volunteers get pitted against the rich and powerful within their village.

I am discussing more the powerful within the party, those making decisions, rather than the base.

She is away depicted in sitting posture and seems to be very powerful within the yaksha community.

There are two other positive attributes that make quality-based discrimination assignments very powerful within educational contexts.

However, occasionally an associate will become powerful within his own family, for example Joe Watts, a close associate of John Gotti.

But as Nanga grew more powerful within his office and country Odili began to grow smarter and he became more aware of the corrupt reality.

If they're extremely powerful within the small ones, then its likely they would provide the same performance level around the big projects.

In 1% of cases powerful through is used

God is invisible yet he is powerful through reverence.

Bailed-out Wall Street banks have become more powerful through concentration.

Mahatma Gandhi, who was powerful through his vulnerability and selfless in of death, said this.

If they grew more powerful through progress and care they'd deserve the fruits of that process even more.

European colonial empires became powerful through the forced incorporation of distant peoples and territories.

It Wasn't Conquest That Enriched the West The West did not become rich and powerful through colonial oppression.

People can become wealthy or powerful through evil means in the short term, but it's unsustainable in the long term.

Aside from the traditional definition of the term, Ortiz-Cofer is powerful through the pure simplicity of her accounts of life.

He was particularly powerful through the legside, hitting six of his boundaries there, and was unafraid to attack the short ball.

He judges aid as ' fairly impotent ' to address the resources curse directly, though it can be indirectly powerful through addressing weak governance.

In 1% of cases powerful like is used

Slog is all powerful like that.

Matrishwa One who is powerful like wind.

The Nut Graph is powerful like most other media.

If we only had a president make the rules, then they would be powerful like the Kings used to be.

He is quick and powerful like the former Barcelona striker, but does not drift wide as often Henry did in his pomp.

It's the size and wildness of the media storm that -- for once -- has a chance of pulling in the powerful like a hurricane.

It's an approach that serves the interest of the powerful like him at the expense of the voiceless victims and their families.

The name of God is powerful like the River Ganges - it bathes the heart of all sinful inclinations, of all unhealthy attachments.

To eat it, they would have to give up a food they saw as strong and powerful like themselves for a food they saw as weak and wimpy.

Chirin thought that being a sheep is boring and that sheep are just a bunch of cowards - he wanted to be tough and powerful like a wolf.

In 1% of cases powerful during is used

As a result parliament became more powerful during his reign.

Gandhi's ideas were extremely powerful during the independence struggles of South Asia.

This is a job with people who have little power, feel VERY powerful during their day at work.

He had given a lot of privilege to the Brahmins and due to that they became more powerful during his reign.

The Ar? s became very powerful during the slave trade mainly because of the one Ndi Ichie Akwa which is in their possession.

It is believed that the spirits are particularly powerful during this period and people leave food at their front gates to appease them.

Gradually these amalgamated into four large states, with Kosala and Magadha emerging to be the most powerful during the fifth century BC.

Solar flares can occur at any time, but they are more frequent and powerful during a few years of this cycle, known as the solar maximum.

In my experience I see Sihalese chauvinism was more powerful during closed economic period, where the government in power had the support of the left.

In 1% of cases powerful because is used

Or powerful because of their associations.

Someone powerful because of their position.

Anyone can be powerful because of two things.

So he is powerful because of both aspects -- his position and his source of power.

He takes the reader through a simple framework that is powerful because of its simplicity.

This beguiling but mistaken belief is enormously powerful because of its intuitive appeal to reason.

The US has become rich and powerful because of migrants but because they profile and only select the best ones.

The patent becomes powerful because of the collective market share of the companies engaged in standard-setting.

Russia is in part resurgent and Putin is feeling powerful because of petro-dollars, as Senator McCain mentioned.

I think those criticisms are misguided and the book more powerful because of its focus on Lyn and Rosalind Rogers.

In 1% of cases powerful among is used

Protect us, most powerful among the birds.

In fact, Islam became powerful among his tribe.

He is not weak in dealing with you, but is powerful among you.

Powerful among the birds, he is none other than Kasiapa's son, begotten of Winata.


Naruto is a young ninja who is aiming to become popular and powerful among the rest of his group.

The most powerful among you is the weakest in my eyes until I do not make him pay due rights to others Insha Allah.

The politics of re-distribution has benefitted the politically connected and the rich and powerful among the Malays.

It's the one simple word, next to someone breaking up with you (I'd told ), that can incapacitate the most powerful among us.

Neither did Election Committee members and the most powerful among them are not very happy about seeing their candidate Henry Tang humiliated in defeat.

In 1% of cases powerful against is used

Modi is very powerful against Ms.

A time when light is at its most powerful against darkness.

What is important is to be militarily powerful against the enemy.

This election campaign has set the rich and powerful against the poor and downtrodden.

Social ostracism often precedes mass violence by the powerful against the less powerful.

Were it not for your family, we should certainly have stoned you and you are not powerful against us.

We are neophytes in this because for 234 years we have been on the side of the rich and powerful against the relatively poor and weak.

Apart from dealing with acne, it stands powerful against infections like Chlamydia, Chanroid, Prophylaxis, Sinusitis, Diphtheria and Bronchitis.

Cleric Cleric may not possess the attacking spells like fire and ice, but they have holy spells that are very powerful against the undeads and devil-based monsters.

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