Prepositions after "possess"

"possess by" or "possess of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases possess by is used

For months he had been possessed by the imagination of her.

Some people believe that mentally ill are possessed by demons.

EPILEPSY: There are 2 main groups of epileptics: Possessed by jinns.

Feynmaniac December 26, 2008 #278 PZ may have, at one point been possessed by demons.

However, unbeknownst to its proud new owner, the property was possessed by poltergeists.

Her aunt and guardian, Marie Therese Kouao, thought that she was possessed by the devil.

The key point of suicide is over-coming the natural instincts of self preservation possessed by your body and mind.

Mary Magdalene who later claimed to have seen Jesus rise from the dead, had been possessed by seven devils (Mk 16:9).

A fusion of sweaty bodies shook whilst heads ferociously bopped as if they were possessed by some kind of higher spirit.

It is a matter of education and the development of the innate capability for critical thought possessed by every human being.

In 33% of cases possess of is used

Mary is possessed of extreme physical beauty.

We're also possessed of comically different palates.

Secondly, For, that the Commissioners are possessed of all Gibson's Effects, to about the Value of 5,550l.

The manners of the population were possessed of some peculiarities, by no means prepossessing to strangers.

The grounds upon which we worship him are that he is the eternal Son of God, possessed of divine attributes.

We would never have had the Priest that we need if the one person had not been possessed of two distinct natures.

After all, a consumer is often just a regular person, possessed of an insatiable desire for what will shortly become garbage.

Before the American Revolution, Carter Braxton was possessed of a considerable fortune through inheritance and favorable marriages.

A legend among the undead, Amber Lily is the only half human, half vampire ever born, and is possessed of powers even she is unaware of.

In 7% of cases possess in is used

It is more like something China doesn't possess now but is gon na possess in a near future.

Lo Sachmod is the affirmation that all that I possess in this world is custom-designed and special delivered to me from G-d.

Those qualities that have made America the greatest force of progress and prosperity in human history we still possess in ample measure.

Using materials and technology which match the best any seasoned pro would use, you'll get results which highlight the skills you possess in the best manner possible.

Own who you are We generally grasp at romantic love because we're yearning for something that is out of reach, something in another person that we don't think we possess in ourselves.

It is in no way possible that a man does not possess in his body the characteristics and preferences of his parents and forefathers, no matter what appearance might say to the contrary.

In 6% of cases possess with is used

Banton is on trial for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine.

The Tuatha are described as demigods; they are beautiful people, possessed with skill in music and the arts.

There were others also brought before me possessed with the same infatuation, but being Roman citizens, I directed them to be sent to Rome.

We actually felt it and then both of us said, ' You are here, are you not, Doc? ' as if we were both possessed with the ability to sense something before it happened.

What was even more interesting was watching the great producer, Glynn Johns, pull the best out of a group of individuals possessed with great talents but also huge egos.

In 1% of cases possess as is used

I also possess as an MBA degree in Marketing from Amrita School of Business.

In 1% of cases possess at is used

Herath lacked the threat he possessed at Galle.

They are confused-want to possess a man and be possessed at the same time.

In 1% of cases possess for is used

After which I will begin a new life, using the capacities I possess for the sole purpose of satisfing my personal egoism.

In 1% of cases possess on is used

You need prospective customers to see just how many supporters you possess on Twitter or Facebook or myspace.

In 1% of cases possess over is used

But I will venture to say that his power over the people of England is nothing when compared with the power which the Governor General possesses over the people of India.

Multiple Intelligences need to be explored and further developed by giving opportunities for children to develop optimally potentials possessed over his own effort (Tientje, 2000).

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