Prepositions after "positive"

"positive for" or "positive about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases positive for is used

This is a positive for the Jets.

That's very positive for the company.

That's a positive for the precious metals.

We went and he got the genetic testing done and he found out he is positive for HD.

Having Tim as a constant in his life has been positive for the once troubled actor.

Only a quarter thought people would isolate them if they were positive for the test.

He received a two-year athletics ban in 2003 after testing positive for THG, a banned performance-enhancing drug.

Their wish to do something positive for the country is attested to by what they do not by the positions they hold.

Follow these steps: State how conflict can be seen as neutral and even positive for the reasons previously stated.

I challenge her to do something positive for the well being of the common people whose rights she claims to defend.

In 23% of cases positive about is used

She is not positive about the date.

There's nothing to be positive about.

But I'd positive about the storyline.

In each sector, students are equally positive about the success of their schools.

But they appeared to be positive about the government's efforts to resettle them.

But they appeared to be positive about the government s efforts to resettle them.

Heseltine is an action man and I feel a little bit more positive about the economy than I did before yesterday.

Most people at these discussions were positive about the principle of being able to make choices about services.

The sun is shining as I drive back to Wexford feeling a lot more positive about the future of our domestic game.

Positive about political engagement We do not believe that the internet is inevitably a force for anti-politics.

In 14% of cases positive in is used

Another positive in this book is Dr.

You have to be positive in the office.

Something positive in a positive vein.

Most people don't give a toss about SSM as there is nothing positive in it for them.

I could be positive in a positive setting, but I could not always resolve a conflict.

When they were wandering in the wilderness, they remained positive in God's provision.

After all the talk about the Lakers ' issues with turnovers, we can finally say something positive in this regard.

On average, 48 percent see North Korea as a negative influence and 19 percent believe it has a positive influence.

Every one of them had periods of freaking out, every one of them has found the diagnosis positive in the long run.

In 5% of cases positive to is used

There's a positive to everything.

Sounds like a big positive to me.

This is not positive to Argentina.

One push, and your needle position hops from the positive to negative or vice versa.

In this way you migrate your attention from positive to negative without resistance.

Knowing this can happen we had him tested for Malaria and he did test positive to P.

As you will appreciate some workers on farms are proving positive to TB which we don't want to spread any further.

Could this cause a positive to Malaria? Should we ask for more followup with these issues at the Veterans Hospital.

In reading their work, one may often feel that imperialism was something good, something positive to world progress.

After all this I'd more positive to the idea of an organizational use of the inquiry than I had been, which is nice.

In 4% of cases positive on is used

And I feel very positive on this.

I rarely get a positive on my LH tests.

I'd staying positive on the golf course.

I am not 100% positive on this and there may have been a channel number on the card.

It is phenomenally grippy, however, with fantastic traction and positive on turn-in.

As set out above there are no drawbacks to the idea and it's positive on all fronts.

They are slightly less positive on their financial situation than on the attractiveness of the living environment.

I claim that the majority of people with depression have been found to prove positive on a Glucose Tolerance Tests.

Is it possible the positive opk was caused by hcg left in your system or did it only become positive on cd 14 iykwim.

Microbiologists commonly divide bacteria into two groups, Gram negative and Gram positive on the basis of this stain.

In 3% of cases positive from is used

For me it's only positive from here.

So I guess that's a positive from my end.

AVB for me is a big positive from this game.

Italy's only positive from the first half had been their domination at the scrums.

S Lewis ' take on authentic love was a good way to take something positive from it.

I think its best we start off with the most obvious positive from the game yesterday.

The reaction to the Supreme Court decision was no more positive from the franchise industry's trade association.

It is only with hindsight that I can draw any sort of positive from this: I think of myself as a patient person.

Noel was so offended Saturday he steadfastly refused to cite or even look for a single positive from the affair.

However we will require a reversal at those levels before changing our short term bias to positive from negative.

In 3% of cases positive of is used

March 11, 2011 is proof positive of that.

This is through sheer jelousy I am positive of.

Massage Chairs are proof positive of this fact.

The officials behind the 2012 Games are however positive of hosting a safe Olympics.

This is proof positive of how sensitive the barbarous relic is to global QE/stimulus.

Car Week, held in Monterey, California every August, is proof positive of this saying.

I am very positive of this turn of events and look forward to the entire Islamic world turning away from monarchies.

The reason for this, is simply because if one earns regularly the lender can be positive of getting their loan back.

The study concluded that the actual net contribution of migrants in 2003-2004 was small but positive of about GBP 0.

A positive of this is that when coded properly, everything will always look in balance and sync with everything else.

In 3% of cases positive with is used

Be Positive with your children.

First be positive with yourself.

Stay positive with the situation.

Thanks for understanding! Comment Policy: Please stay positive with your comments.

That is, accentuating the positive with real life examples and factual information.

That's why I became an architect! Be creative, do something positive with your life.

The reviewers will then make their recommendations which can be negative, positive with minor changes or positive.

The negative supercedes the positive with such a wide margin that you are left defenseless and forced to eat crow.

Also, with the media pressure on young girls these days I wanted to do something positive with what I went through.

We expect to hear something positive with regards to our intention to embark on the demonstration by hook or crook.

In 2% of cases positive at is used

Being positive at home pays off.

Yet I am positive at the turn of events.

Free cash flow turned positive at 101 million.

We still weren't 100 per cent positive at this point, but I think in reality I knew.

I am such a positive person usually - but I'd too tired to be positive at the moment.

Physical investment demand for platinum is expected to remain positive at 490,000 oz.

Li Fuyu was in China 5 days before he tested positive at Dwars door Vlaanderen and has always claimed his innocence.

We got ourselves into a position where we could maintain a cash cushion and stay cash-flow positive at the same time.

Try to be positive at all times and hope that your enthusiasm would rub off on people and kill some of their negativism.

In 2% of cases positive by is used

HIV positive by what method is it PCR or??? 2.

MEAA has achieved nothing positive by its actions.

He's doing nothing positive by staying in the race.

So, amendment is always claimed positive by its movers and executers, it is evident.

Keep healthy &; positive by recognising what you can do for yourself or really enjoy.

This entry's only real detraction ends up becoming a positive by the end of the film.

Positive by nature, I maintained hope that I'd hear from someone and took the cordless phone out to the back yard.

Negativity Even if you are positive by nature, you may still (like me) exhibit a tendency to expect negative results.

In all the cases which were found to be H pylori positive by histological examination, H pylori DNA were also detected.

If a person is not positive by nature, it is very difficult for them to experience that shift in mindset just like that.

In 1% of cases positive after is used

Who can be positive after hangup number 10.

I always am more positive after plugging into him.

I feel really positive after three weeks of use now.

Captain Smith termed it as a big positive after their 131-run win against Ireland.

NHConservative0221 This makes me feel better that the Great One is positive after debate.

The SAM is predicted to turn back positive after a more neutral phase over the last few days.

The rare si? The idea of late seroconversion (negative at 3 months and positive after 3 months) is a very rare.

I always think points are possible and I'll be going into the race pretty positive after this performance today.

As far as misogny and sexism not being legaly actionable, it sounds like you can do something positive after all.

An early chance was headed over by Pritchard and the mood turned positive after 10 minutes when we took the lead.

In 1% of cases positive as is used

Both E and F can be positive as well as negative.

He is positive as to the date this time, however.

It can be on the positive as well as the negative.

Firstly, the latest Fonterra dairy auction was NZD positive as the prices jumped 13.

People please think of the positive as well as the negative before making judgements.

The outlook for Ireland also looks positive as the underlying economy continues to grow.

Try to be positive as an opener and focus on putting the bowler under pressure with good running and clean hitting.

Although the numbers involved are a serious blow to the local economy I would be more positive as the future prospects.

In contrast to absolute gene expression, positive as well as negative values for expression changes can be here included.

Try to replace any negative comments with positive ones, and see if this helps you become more positive as an individual.

In 1% of cases positive during is used

It is important to be positive during the interview.

Sherlyne Liew Always think POSITIVE during the interview.

A total of 11 men became HIV positive during the PEP study.

You should stay positive during your meeting, even though your day may be awful.

Strength relative to the S &P; 500 Index has been positive during the past year.

Alot of people are trying to stay positive during a very worrying time in their lives.

Preliminary estimates for the most recent output gap were positive during the mid-2000s, but only modestly so.

By doing something positive during this time of sadness, we expand our focus by celebrating the life of the pet.

I am not naturally a positive person, so it was very hard for me to constantly be positive during that rough time.

In 1% of cases positive out is used

You can make a positive out of a negative.

You barely hear anything positive out of Pakistan.

It's up to you to make something positive out of them.

And at least I tried to get something positive out of it from a work point of view.

And it is extremely difficult to view anything positive out of these results, we know.

It seems like a wonderful thing to do, bringing something positive out of the disaster.

But to take a positive out of the deadline day blunder, will be the emergence of youngsters Raheem Sterling and Suso.

The extra proceeds on the game might go to the community charity deal to build fields, do something positive out of it.

Life with IC has been a tumultuous journey but I've partnered with the ICA to build something positive out of the journey.

They had captured the hearts of many in the world with their efforts to create something positive out of virtually nothing.

In 1% of cases positive rather is used

Be positive rather than negative.

The default is now positive rather than negative.

Be encouraging and positive rather than critical.

His support is stronger than his rival 's, and is positive rather than negative.

In other words, they describe performance in positive rather than negative terms.

At least Will is suggesting something positive rather than just moaning or waffling.

All that said, I've taken the habit of expressing my preferences in a positive rather than exclusionary manner.

A ' catch-up ' politics inverts this process; it is reflexive politics in its positive rather than negative version.

As for that stuff from Henry, Evans contends that his presence ought to have a positive rather than negative effect.

The diabetes side of things is harder -- it's difficult to see that as a positive rather than a bloody inconvenience.

In 1% of cases positive towards is used

We need to be positive towards each other.

We are very positive towards her candidacy.

The chat rooms are largely positive towards Bentez.

The Chinese government was positive towards the life style of the Jesus Family.

But she did seem rather positive towards the whole thing so I presume its good.

Phosphorus for example was negative towards metals, but positive towards oxygen.

This benefits the WD brand so when it comes time to make the purchase you are immediately positive towards WD.

A total of 29 per cent also said they felt more positive towards the royal family since the Jubilee celebrations.

The best way to deal with this is to identify those employees who are positive towards the ERP and adopt it quickly.

It's a slow process and yes, I'd hoping everything will be fine as they have been very good and positive towards us.

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