Prepositions after "pose"

"pose by" or "pose for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases pose by is used

Safety doesn't need to be imposed by governments.

However replying to a set of questions posed by news360.

And THAT was in response to questions posed by his own supporters.

The threat posed by the existence of nuclear weapons is not something that has gone away.

In doing so, we can at least respond to the more negative perceptions posed by the consumer.

This made New South Wales very suspicious of union, especially if it was proposed by Victoria.

In the end this sought of cultural dress would have been imposed by some religious leader who had a bee in his bonnet.

Its objective was to gain external support for having a military equalizer against the constant threat posed by India.

In the 1958 election, Alhaji Umaru Altine was dropped by the NCNC and opposed by Zik and his Eastern Sentinel newspaper.

It would be wrong to assume that the Vietnam War was opposed by a majority of Americans, except perhaps after it was lost.

In 21% of cases pose for is used

Orton then poses for the crowd.

As she posed for photos with Gov.

The group posed for a photo together.

I'd now the father of three children: one of them posed for the child in this picture.

God's Intervention in Yvette's Life With a broad smile on her face, Yvette posed for the camera.

World renowned Iceman climbed the mountain at a time when it was snowing and posed for photographs while bare chest.

Is that cool or what? Are you guys posing for the camera or looking into the telescope? This is the camp's 18th year.

Ever since she revealed that she had signed the dotted line to pose for the lads mag we have been dying to see the pics.

He was so nice and chatty, wishing us all a good day and really down to earth, posing for pictures for anyone who asked.

In 13% of cases pose to is used

They're supposed to be listening, not sipping.

The USSR threat posed to western Europe was real.

I am clearly supposed to sigh relieved and be VERY grateful.

Let's have a look at 404 errors is, what it's not, and problems it can pose to your site.

So if he was exposed to anything, of what he discusses, it was Sheela's style and crimes.

Please do not hesitate to pose to the Alim Network any supplementary question you may have.

RAD's observations will allow scientists to determine just how much radiation an astronaut would be exposed to on Mars.

There is a much bigger danger posed to us by tax evading fuedals, politicians, govt officials etc than any outside threat.

Will this be achieved? The following Q &; A was posed to the HPRA to better understand the Associations stance on the matter.

The amazing mobile was supposed to kill off the home phone, and people were preparing its obituary more than a dozen years ago.

In 11% of cases pose as is used

Me posing as a Prince and Mick as a Princess.

Neither have I posed as a ' Vindicated Thinker '.

We had no hand in it except to pose as the host team.

It would be recalled that Zebedee, a secretary, posed as a barrister of the Supreme Court.

The pair were arrested when the painting was handed over to undercover FBI agents posing as buyers in Miami.

Breivik gained access by posing as a police officer who had come to conduct a routine check following the Oslo bombing.

A 20/20 producer, posing as a potential investor in the 11 year old company, visited its founder, pathologist Dr Miles Jones.

The pieces were stolen from the museum's permanent collection on Sunday when thieves posing as art students staged a daring arm robbery.

By his own words it is clear that he no longer wants to be hindered by the need to pose as a journalist, someone who should deal with facts.

In 11% of cases pose with is used

Inside she playfully poses with just bikini bottoms.

Then have them hold that pose with their legs all the way up.

Montgomery and Tan posing with her book at Harvard Business School.

Artist poses with his painting lady artist poses with her painting of the same model.

Mr Martin Tan posing with mascots during the ongoing Shine Youth Festival, of which he is chairman.

You can place them in the Antarctic with the penguins or posing with a polar bear at the North Pole.

Someone who would be more interested in posing with the nun-chakus than actually using them because its cool to pose with it.

Robin might be confused when posed with all these questions, but Batman would solve the catcher riddle by re-signing Shoppach.

Someone who would be more interested in posing with the nun-chakus than actually using them because its cool to pose with it.

Two weeks ago, he posted photos of himself grinning and posing with waxworks of Obama, Tom Cruise and David Beckham at the museum.

In 9% of cases pose in is used

The question is posed in a cute animation produced by RiAus.

Elle's on the cover of the latest Marie Claire and inside she poses in a bikini.

Princess and Prince posing in the painting by Dandy Dugald Seed planting workshop.

She had posed in front of the Louis Vuitton headquarters and a variety of other Paris sites.

He inspired me to pose in front of the mirror with a tennis racket, long before Elvis came along.

One suggestion posed in response to the initial query, was the use of a VCC (Virtual Credit Card.

The girls had to harness their daylong, road trip dirt and grunginess to pose in some familiar (and unfamiliar) locations.

While it was difficult to get a clear photo, the huge full moon was kind enough to pose in the perfect spot for these pictures.

When the questions are posed in their factual and policy context the public display the firm common sense that one would expect.

It's still so hard to believe that the girl has gone way too beyond to shed all her clothes and pose in front of the camera smartly.

In 2% of cases pose on is used

I am concerned about the dangers this will pose on non-muslim communities in the included areas.

In other images the Chelsea girl poses on a bed wearing lingerie and shows off stunning body in various bras.

Execution involves web and print ads driven towards a website with a decidedly un-hipster Viviana and Brian posing on the homepage.

Huayilong splendidly posed on the Fair with a number of new products, gaining a completely victory in one stroke, out of the ordinary.

Some of the protesters are focused more specifically on the threat that this and similar experiments might pose on neighbouring ecosystems.

Gaga is seen showcasing her feminine shape in a gorgeous purple fishtail strapless gown by Marc Jacobs as she poses on the front of the fashion bible.

Likewise, the extent to which Muslims have political freedom and independence in their own government also determines the precise obligations posed on them by Islam.

In 1% of cases pose at is used

There are a number of questions that can be posed at this point.

Pictures are posted all over the classroom depicting smiling faces -- kids petting a horse or posing at a wildlife park.

Durian special: Ehfan posing at the restaurant The gang, enjoying a hearty meal After a good dinner, we headed back to the hotel to get some rest.

In 1% of cases pose like is used

We were laughing like mad, dancing between pots, posing like old sculptures.

In the scene, Raymond was seen by the display window biting his finger and posing like the King of Chok.

They grin at the camera and pose like professionals, while their mother explains that Kabishan is suspected to be having stones in his kidney.

Bo: Scary-eyed, needs a feed, wearing too much mascara and posing like a vampiric version of Princess Diana being interviewed by Martin Bashir.

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