Prepositions after "portray"

"portray in", "portray by" or "portray as"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases portray in is used

Ensuring he is portrayed in a good light.

While these events were portrayed in the film, they.

Because of this Islam has been maliciously portrayed in the most barbaric fashion.

But it now appears the aloof and ironic hero portrayed in Dreams was a literary creation.

In my head, Punisher is a lot like the way he was portrayed in the film Punisher: War Zone.

But he also said that Nirvana is not the crude ' eternal life ' as portrayed in Christianity.

The video contains various images of the couple portrayed in the video playing with fire, and their home burning down.

You fast travel between points on the map which makes everything seem much smaller than portrayed in the books or show.

Even my home address has ' kampung ' in it can! Ok ma y be not as kampung as portrayed in the video but Sitiawan isn't exactly a city.

In 26% of cases portray as is used

This has been portrayed as a trend which is increasing.

And: The Secret is portrayed as a selfish, consumeristic self-enrichment tool.

He was often portrayed as a platform-heeled, bouffanted buffoon -- a cartoon villain.

I'd really upset about it because I'd being portrayed as a home-wrecker, when it simply isn't true.

He lost his life against the infamous Max Baer, portrayed as a vicious killer in the movie Cinderella Man.

Edmund is portrayed as a defenceless boy, but in reality he was eighteen years old and trained in the art of war.

The hierarchy is usually portrayed as a pyramid, with more basic needs at the base and more complex needs near the peak.

Also this can be acceptable for a character for portrayal purpose- but can not and should not be portrayed as the new standard.

Popular custom, often portrayed as a conservative force hostile to commercial innovation, emerges as the midwife of popular consumerism.

In 19% of cases portray by is used

Portrayed by Richard Divizio, the same actor who played Kano and Baraka.

In fact, look at the true picture of Islam portrayed by the Ahmadiyya community.

The brutal and ruthless character, Luca Brasi, was portrayed by former wrestler Lenny Montana.

There are still people out here who are interested in the truth which is not portrayed by your writings here.

Whatever the reason is, it is not because they do not have enough money ot any bad reasons like what is portrayed by UMNO and its gang.

Consider the character of Al Capone, brilliantly portrayed by Liverpool's own Stephen Graham, who has that terrifying Soprano-esque instability.

Demarest acknowledged the resemblance between the society and characters portrayed by Cable and what he knew of his Creole ancestors and and their circles.

Starring Jack Huston as an American novelist who falls for Catherine, a sexy secrective, temptress (portrayed by Mena Suvari) who fulfills his every desire.

This despair drives him to neglect his own wife, Jeanne, portrayed by Kristin Scott-Thomas, (Four Weddings and a Funeral, The English Patient, Tell No One) a modern art gallery curator.

Where such discussions are held in a civil manner, not in the streets as most often portrayed by the media as the only means for citizens to air out their sentiments over certain issues.

In 5% of cases portray on is used

The emotions were portrayed on the people's faces of happiness and joy.

I have asked friends and they confirm that his real resume is even more weak than what's portrayed on this online profile.

Though some close companions of Mohammad have been portrayed on screen in the past, the productions have mostly been by Shi'ite Muslims.

Stalin and Lenin are portrayed on his navel but each is menaced by a giant dung beetle, while Genghis Khan roars up his thigh, unaccountably accompanied by a cherub.

Bangla Cinema Studies with a minor in Shakib Khanology - From nomenclature to production to understanding all the complex emotions portrayed on screen, here you will learn it all.

In 3% of cases portray of is used

The concept the scriptures portray of the crucifixion is not that God died but that he was separated spiritually and died in the flesh.

I'd sure they're in the majority really but if I was one of them I'd be horrified at the caricature that's always portrayed of the county.

Its not very professional to call him a dick, but that more just goes to the image he wants to portray of himself if he gives those opinions.

In 3% of cases portray to is used

Despite a semblance of normality that Sri Lanka is trying to portray to the world and to its.

It's like trying to portray to the public that THAT is the type of guy that we should want to be with.

That would have helped in making his case but what he did was just a mere showmanship and an attempt to portray to NPP members that he is the de-facto leader of the party.

In 1% of cases portray across is used

The sad part is when the images of broken idols and ransacked temples are portrayed across the world Islam-phobia will only become more entrenched.

In 1% of cases portray for is used

Many of the wrestlers in WWE portrays for this style including John Cena and Brock Lesner.

In 1% of cases portray with is used

The impersonal nature of this physical transaction is portrayed with a prosaic efficiency that sums up the marriage in a matter of seconds -- hugely effective direction from Andrei Zvyagintsev.

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