Prepositions after "popular"

"popular in" or "popular with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases popular in is used


Peanut butter is popular in the USA.

Wikileaks is not very popular in the U.

An optional rule in match play that was popular in the 1980's but is now rarely used.

Lotte -- Lotte is a shortened version of the name Charlotte, very popular in Belgium.

Activity classes Activities such as yoga and dance are very popular in the workplace.

They are so popular in the south that gardeners plant extra slicing tomatoes to be harvested green for this recipe.

But it is quite absurd to try to be popular in the first inquiry, on which the soundness of the principles depends.

Craigslist is slowly losing its Advertising edge despite being so popular in terms of newspaper styled Classifieds.

Curling is not at all popular in the US, we don't eat marmite, vegimite or whtever that stuff is that Candaians eat.

In 26% of cases popular with is used

He was popular with the bikers.

Popular with the hipster brigade.

That's very popular with the base.

The best known is the beach at Camps Bay, while Muizenberg is popular with surfers.

Big feed, very popular with the punters in that day, - Granite Hills Cab Sav - $42.

ANIMAL CROSSING might become less popular with this but at least we get more to do.

Reda StCyr I don't think so Rev Al is very popular with the Black audiences We love him! http: **35;4230;TOOLONG.

I wonder if the GOP have learned that making RINOs an endangered species is not popular with the American people.

Morse's investigation centres on St Frideswide's Church, a historic church that proves popular with the tourists.

Still I imagine Cameron is popular with the UKIP high command, as he has to be their best recruitment agent ever.

In 11% of cases popular among is used

Extremely popular among the locals.

Mike is so popular among the masses.

Popular among black youths, apparently.

In a visit to Paris in 1903he made himself highly popular among the French people.

Botanical nicknames such as this were popular among the agrarian Russian peasantry.

Fela's music became very popular among the Nigerian public and Africans in general.

There is a need to find out why Bal Thackeray became so hugely popular among the unemployed Maharashtrian youth.

Surely, Chris Uba the popular among the plotters of Anambra coup is just making ways to get back his investment.

You can not only become popular among the music lovers but there is ample scope for winning many prizes as well.

From their books of poetry both Burns and Shevchenko became very famous and very popular among the common people.

In 8% of cases popular for is used

Very popular for a short while.

It's more popular for a reason.

Europe is very popular for this.

Just an FYI those are popular but Mya is not very popular for the Russian community.

Spitz, 22 at the time, was so popular for a while that his photo was a pinup poster.

ED Hardy, Coogie are some of the brands that are popular for designing jeans for men.

The problem is that the current model is too popular for this to be a realistic prospect in the foreseeable future.

Alto saxophonist Lou Donaldson, who is popular for his soulful style, took a smooth approach throughout this album.

Chateauneuf-du-Pape is popular for a reason -- it is a delightful wine, made in the Southern Rhone region of France.

Mulberry Daria luggage could be more popular for their high quality, prolonged existence as well as for that design.

In 3% of cases popular at is used

SF was very popular at the time.

Also very popular at his school.

The war was very popular at that time.

It used to be that bands were at their most popular at the beginning of their careers.

Certainly, the portrayal of physically horrid characters was very popular at the time.

Being rich and not paying tax is not very popular at the moment and Jersey knows this.

In terms of cuts the LOB (long bob) is really popular at the moment and this trend will continue through to summer.

In his latest chapter Brent notes the results of sances-so popular at the time-reported in the spiritualistic press.

Decorating cupcakes is so popular at the moment, there are businesses popping-up everywhere that just make cupcakes.

The music industry had become a clone machine, pumping out newer and younger versions of what is popular at the time.

In 3% of cases popular of is used

It is the popular of all types.

We all know the most popular of them:.

Worse, Tucson is the less popular of the two.

Elmina is the most common and popular of the three names by which the town is called.

I hope that by New Year he'd become the most popular of all the Republican Candidates.

This is also the more popular of the two beaches so make sure you walk to the far end.

The most popular of these is Dealing with Difficult People, which has been presented to almost 70,000 participants.

Face book is the most popular of them all and this used in meeting new friends and also as for business promotions.

Furthermore, it is a carcinogen which means it could cause cancer and the most popular of which involves the lungs.

Because Talbot's process was patented and Daguerre's was not, the daguerreotype became the more popular of the two.

In 3% of cases popular on is used

You'll never be cool or popular on here.

Hugely popular on the ' America, or the U.

It's simple! Just follow the Apple's trend to know what is popular on the Apps Store.

Video calling over 3G was made popular on the Three network in Australia for example.

You will be able to grow your business in no time if you get popular on the Internet.

While both private messages and comments are popular on most of the major SNSs, they are not universally available.

It's a feature that has become increasingly popular on the Android platform and Apple wanted a piece of the action.

Users can also use Paper Artist, an app that became popular on the Galaxy Note II, for quick and unique photo edits.

Pop audiences only remember him for a handful of tunes, yet he was extremely popular on the R &B-side; of the 1950s.

In 2% of cases popular amongst is used

It is also popular amongst artists.

They are quite popular amongst fans.

This is popular amongst younger buyers.

They do Douzher, a smelly fermented soya sauce popular amongst older Beijingers.

Chhath prayers, an ancient Hindu festival popular amongst the working class, is.

Henna was popular amongst the rich and poor and is enjoying a recent renaissance.

The website is also really popular amongst publishers as we have mentioned which is pushing the site currently.

The Holstein Friesian breed is popular amongst dairy farming as they are particularly high yielding dairy cows.

An Experienced candidate is the best candidate Yes, this phrase in particularly popular amongst every employer.

The Street Law Project is very popular amongst universities and, therefore, it is encouraged to participate in.

In 2% of cases popular as is used

Now quite popular as a first name.

And we're not very popular as a result.

It is popular as a tea in Okinawa Japan.

But when he became popular as a king, he used his personal strength and ideas (1 Sam.

The stage is very popular as the long straights, and interesting chicanes, bumpy and.

It's popular as a result of instant traffic and exposure who's produces in your site.

Popular as the second best high street in London, Kensington is home to famous stores, such as Monsoon and Topshop.

I am very popular as there are qualified intellectual qualifications variously said qualifications and calligraphy.

A wooden wheel which used hard wood stakes as spokes was very popular as a wheel for many vehicles up to about 1920.

Video sharing websites became increasingly popular as a result of power of audio visual-media in Internet promotion.

In 2% of cases popular by is used

Pretty popular by the Italo-lovers.

Modern Heroic Fantasy made popular by J.

Philippa Gregory was popular by the pool.

This style is most popular by ladies and teens that may best showcase clothes beauty.

And you, my dear hater, just made me more popular by letting more people know about me.

Some families are known for evil things but we are so proud that ours was made popular by Rashidi in a positive way.

However, she was certainly popular by the Old Kingdom as she appears with Bast in the valley temple of Khafre at Giza.

You can additionally support us to make our work about more popular by sending short messages to some social networks.

I've heard a lot of variations of this song, and The Mahones cover the version that was made popular by The Dubliners.

In 1% of cases popular within is used

Weddings are very popular within the.

NLP is becoming more and more popular within the NHS.

Received indeed become popular within attractive models.

As for PDR, didn't hear the rumours of him being not so popular within his own team.

Pairing up Kagome and Sesshomaru from InuYasha is insanely popular within the fandom.

RESISTANCE ' Resistance: Celebrating your voice ' became very popular within Pakistan.

Hit me baby one more time -- Britney Spears? The pop princess ' catchy tune is popular within the karaoke scene.

Its budget and environment friendly characteristics created concrete floor increasingly popular within Australia.

They have, throughout their careers, adopted training methods that weren't necessarily popular within their sport.

Good match 5, 6, 7!!! Number 5 You are very popular within the community, you can get things done by just chatting.

In 1% of cases popular across is used

It's extremely popular across party lines.

It is really quite popular across the world.

Forums are still obviously very popular across the web.

Necklace: These are popular across the country among girls and women of all ages.

Variations on this theme have been popular across numerous cultures for many years.

Hail to biz ed as most popular across all America for indebting and reducing oneself.

In most countries, Merkel is popular across ideological lines, including support by 78% of Germans on the left.

Junk food, which is very popular across all age groups, is very high in fats and directly contributes to obesity.

Nkrumah was easygoing and attracted people who helped make him popular across the diverse segmenet of the society.

Anancy (or Anansi) is the West African trickster hero of numerous folk tales that are popular across the Caribbean.

In 1% of cases popular to is used

Medicine is more popular to students.

Soon you will become very popular to them.

This brand is really popular to all women.

Directories and traffic funnels will not help you look more popular to Google anymore.

Beaches - which tropical white sandy beach is right for you? The popular to the remote.

It is the most popular to people because people have sigh of relief from excessive heat.

Variation of the game wherein it permits for more than two teams have been formulated but is not popular to players.

I think I am true to my sound as much now, but the songs I make today are probably more popular to a wider audience.

But of course San Sebastian has its own originality too when it comes to cuisine that are popular to eat in the city.

In having said that though the whey protein and creatine products have proven to be some of the most popular to date.

In 1% of cases popular throughout is used

By 1910, he was popular throughout Europe.

It remained popular throughout the fifties.

They are hugely popular throughout the world.

Ntan Form of drumming and dance at one time popular throughout the Akan area.

Hannah -- Hannah is a pretty name, popular throughout the UK and New Zealand.

This color transcended time and place to become popular throughout the world.

The song propelled the young deejay into stardom as it became very popular throughout the dancehall circles.

The hats were still very popular throughout the 50's and were available from the shops in the lanes in Central.

The Manifesto, written by a coalition of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, was astoundingly popular throughout IYCP.

A band like kiss for example has stayed popular throughout the years and many adults still listen to them today.

In 1% of cases popular over is used

One can not be popular over night.

The subway was never popular over the hill.

Such games are highly popular over the internet.

Networking Networking has become increasingly popular over the last number of years.

It really was the most popular over the counter solution for a truth too cruel to take.

It was so popular over the weekend -- inundated with photos -- that he's doing it again.

Republican in the South, as he is very popular over there; and stay out of all donnybrooks, as the Irish tend to.

Singh sees a rapid rise in volume for both platforms as tablets become more and more popular over the coming years.

The song that Feliciano released under this name has grown widely popular over the years and is still played today.

The method, which originated in Japan more than 50 years ago, has become increasingly popular over the past decade.

In 1% of cases popular during is used

It was very popular during the 70s.

The song was popular during the World War II.

Aryan requested the ever so popular during 2002.

That is how kheer and other dishes made from milk became popular during shradhha.

But I seem to recall the song being popular during a trip to Korea, which means for.

Trading on the financial market has become widely popular during the last few years.

This fancy githeri is popular during the harvest season when vegetables are plentiful and their prices go down.

These workshops proved to be very popular during FotoFreo 2010 and we urge you to book early to secure a place.

Song-and-patter teams, usually two person teams that used talk between songs, became popular during this period.

However, Kant's Perpetual Peace essay consists largely of ideas already widely popular during the Enlightenment.

In 1% of cases popular due is used

It's popular due to network effects.

Tamarind are not popular due to the.

It is very popular due to its colorful programs.

Lastly, Vinyl gloves which are the least popular due to poor fit and low tactile feel.

Mount Huashan, however, is perhaps the most popular due to its difficult hiking trails.

Trench-town was and is still very popular due to the reggae group known as the wailers.

This park is very popular due to its proximity to Delhi and the fact that tigers are relatively easy to spot here.

It is popular due to its unique culture and lots of historical buildings over there it is also known as Pink City.

His works were very popular due to his neat style and smooth finished which gave his work an attractive look to it.

In 1% of cases popular because is used

Not popular because of tendency to rot.

He was very popular because of his giving nature.

She only started getting popular because of Moses.

Gas and electric smokers are often popular because of easier temperature control.

Animal and zebra prints are becoming more popular because of the following reason.

Cranberry juice has become very popular because of its benefits to bladder health.

They are popular because of their intuitive and tactile graphical user interfaces and natural gesture control.

Despite of this, an iPhone 5 has become popular because of the features, new looks and other platform support.

Shopping online has become very popular because of the ease and convenience of finding products that you want.

Certain performances were held with gas lights but they were not popular because of the lack of safety in them.

In 1% of cases popular around is used

I know, I know he is popular around here.

Much more popular around the office though.

Rap isn't bad, it's popular around the world.

Children are not very popular around here, are they? It reminds me of that movie.

In no time, this treatment will be popular around the globe if it isn't so by now.

They're very unique, and they've become very popular around the world as a result.

Soul food, developed by African slaves, is popular around the South and among many African Americans elsewhere.

Today they are popular around the world for relaxation; they are also used as a lightweight bed on camping trips.

Question: Do you do any shopping on the Internet? Answer: Internet shopping is very much popular around the globe.

This is in stark contrast to some of the more melodramatic works that were popular around the turn of the century.

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