Prepositions after "poop"

"poop in" or "poop on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases poop in is used

Praise your child for passing poop in the diaper.

Anil Potti might say, he's pooping in my sandbox.

It walks and talks and poops in a toilet (finally!).

She had a baby in November and her three year old is just now pooping in the potty again.

Although, my oldest son was pooping in the potty way before we ever really potty trianed him.

It took my daughter three days to poop in the chair, but she never wet herself after the first day.

I'd a not a zealot by any means, but making her poop in a plastic container was the only way she would poop as a baby at all.

I've told them and told them to just get rid of it and not give her a choice, but apparently they LIKE HAVING SOMEONE POOP IN THEIR KITCHEN.

As for the hygienic thing - they eat grass from the mud! As long as they haven't pooped in their bucket or similar then having a spotless feed bucket makes no sense.

I do have problems where the bucket has been pooped in or peed in but I'd at the barn before the nightly feeding so it always gets scrubbed and washed out and then time to dry.

In 28% of cases poop on is used

One is doing pretty well but will not poop on the potty.

He pooped once on the potty, and peed when he felt like it.

She pooped on the potty and sometimes peed for about three weeks.

My oldest dd trained for pee in 2 days but refused to go poop on the toilet.

Probably scared of toy dogs, i bet the sight a pitbull makes him poop on himself.

And we started rewarding him for pooping on the potty (he learned to pee first).

She would poop on it, but was not fully trained until she was 3 years and almost 1 month old.

When will it end? My daughter was doing all her pees and poops on the toilet or potty at 23 months (with the exception of nap- and bedtime).

The report said theories abound on motoring and social networking websites as to why birds are attracted to pooping on some cars more than others.

Pee was much easier, he took a bit before he would go poop on the toilet, but she worked with him and once he started we only had to put a pull up on him at night.

In 3% of cases poop as is used

Do not refer to poop as dirty or yucky stuff.

I'd a not a zealot by any means, but making her poop in a plastic container was the only way she would poop as a baby at all.

In 3% of cases poop behind is used

I too would catch her pooping behind the couch, it was hilarious (but also a reminder that they know what they're doing).

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