Prepositions after "ponder"

"ponder on" or "ponder about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases ponder on is used

Let us further ponder on this and let him take the lead.

WIND AND RAIN I ponder on the poem of The Precious Dagger.

We should examine again the verse, Will they not ponder on the Qur'an.

They also placed one fresh orchid on the pillow) Pondering on the topic, I ask myself this.

Street food vendors in Bangalore (Alamy) I stood with my luggage, pondering on what to do next.

It is pertinent therefore to ponder on this virulent phenomenon within the Tamil community at a time of remembering Neelan.

Pondering on June 3, 2010 at 2:57 pm Teachers are generally under-appreciated in many countries and are often overworked.

However, he didn't want to spend his whole life working, as most Hong Kong people do, without having time to ponder on the meaning of life.

Taking time out from the busyness of life to stop and take stock and ponder on the meaning of life may extend your life and enable you to enjoy it in a.

In 16% of cases ponder about is used

They should not ponder about things.

I, on the other hand, ponder about that hit.

Hosaka ponders about this and is taking the photographs differently.

Dear President Jonathan it is a matter of time before you become irrelevant and you will ponder and ponder about your achievements in office.

I remember pondering about new ways to earn money and so thought of going back to computers and started developing websites -- just to make some money.

How happy are the Celtics? If the up tempo doesn't work against the NYK, scrap it! Pondering about the semi-demise of the Mavs, remembered Dwayne and Terry Stotts were asst coaches.

In 13% of cases ponder over is used

While pondering over the menu, you need to consider people with diabetes, vegetarians and those with food allergies.

Otherwise, it is a that if a person ponders over the greatness, sublimity, grandeur, modes and wonders of this universe, he is dumfounded by the great and ingenious universe.

This is a rather disastrous weakness amongst the youth and one should ponder over the various harms which are too many, and these harms are spiritual, physical and psychological harms.

In 11% of cases ponder for is used

Before I go on, ponder for a moment the truth-filled words of a saint: Do not fear what may happen tomorrow.

But Frazier continued to deflect blame from his second-year quarterback and said he hasn't considered removing Ponder for a game or even a series.

Ponder for a while that who is planting these thoughts in your mind about shortening the name and salutation for our beloved Prophet sallall? hu? alayhi wasallam.

In 7% of cases ponder upon is used

It is something to ponder upon.

In 3% of cases ponder in is used

Bullet point #5 and the first part of #6 are interesting to ponder in an ensemble setting where some members are on paper and some are not.

In 2% of cases ponder as is used

I never bought into Ponder as a QB and I think he's being exposed now.

He never was one to gossip, but knowing Bo, she will soon be pondering as to where my where-abouts may be after such a dramatic battle, which I barely survived.

In 2% of cases ponder from is used

Some benefit financially while others go home embarrassed and the public left pondering from lack of justifiable results.

In 1% of cases ponder before is used

Therefore, you should always think and ponder before saying anything or doing anything when dealing with your husband.

In 1% of cases ponder beyond is used

For a little while he ponders beyond his area of responsibility.

In 1% of cases ponder by is used

The fundamental questions involved have been pondered by some of the greatest economists and other students of society.

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