Prepositions after "political"

"political in" or "political as"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases political in is used

It was absolutely political in nature.

He became radically political in 1950.

Nothing political in my argument at all.

Yes, pop music was often very political in the 60s and fueled the anti-war movement.

He had said then that the problems of this country are hardcore political in nature.

Any body whose intents are wholly or mainly political in nature may not be a sponsor.

What I'd trying to say here is that the misogynistic crap spewed on female bloggers is often political in nature.

Most environmental groups (and Forest and Bird in particular) are no different in political intent to Greenpeace.

For such a manifest revolt could no ways consist with His dominion, which was perfectly political in that country.

If any of the students had talked about anything political in the class the police would have it recorded on tape.

In 16% of cases political as is used

It is therefore political as well as sexual.

So I never did anything overtly political as a kid.

But there are political as well as economic risks here.

Both communities have some deep-seated political as well as socio-economic problems.

The Fourth Dalai Lama became the political as well as the spiritual leader of Tibet.

The Cold War, with its political as well as psychological origins, was not such a case.

John 's? The city gets political as the federal NDP holds its national caucus in Newfoundland for the first time.

Any option we choose, even choosing not to choose, will have political as well as military-strategic consequences.

So there was the classic metropoilitan-centred concentration of power both political as well as social and economic.

Thereafter, several political as well as policy level changes influenced the course of free and compulsory education.

In 12% of cases political rather is used

A political rather than a refereeing factor.

It is political rather than moral or religious.

The reason was political rather than scientific.

Ian explains that the dispute over Greece is now political rather than financial.

Thus the real cleavage and bone of contention is political rather than intellectual.

I've always regarded the Inquisition as a political rather than a religious exercise.

However, many scholars argue that the primary motivation for aid-giving is political rather than humanitarian.

So there we are -- exactly what we've been saying all along -- this is a political rather than an economic issue.

She (1) made a political rather than ethical decision on full-blown war, and she (2) decided to wave to the flag.

The exact definition of this region is rather flexible and based on political rather than topographical criteria.

In 7% of cases political to is used

That doesn't seem political to me.

But to say it's not political to me is a, sort of.

I was wrong to send anything political to anybody.

Coordination lies at the heart of all activities, from the political to the commercial.

The discussions range from political to economical and by large, social issues at hand.

It is a remarkable memoir that combines the personal and political to devastating effect.

This, he explained, was very difficult to establish in China due to reasons ranging from political to commercial.

I can post, tweet and otherwise make public my views on any number of issues, from political to social and beyond.

He, as do a majority of Ifugao today, thought it political to practice a divided loyality, half animist and half christian.

This in turn led to a host of informal venues providing a broad range of comedy styles, from the political to the absurdist.

In 4% of cases political about is used

There is nothing Political about it.

There is nothing political about all this.

I work hard but am not political about it.

It was just something I was working out without being overtly political about it.

Question: It is hard for me to figure something political about a heap functions.

There was nothing political about Milly Downer or the phone hacking of celebrities.

Funny, I didn't find anything political about it, unless the dismal sad way we treat other humans is political.

I don't see anything political about this but somehow people, yourself included, are making a connection anyway.

The ECJ is a whole different ballgame and it is very important to remember this distinction before waxing political about it.

In 4% of cases political for is used

Oprah has been So political for a long time.

Unfortunately, we are too political for this.

That gospel, moreover, has a form, a political form.

But the cup from which Jesus must drink is no less political for being nonviolent.

Liberal party Bangladesh is the political for the sake of consolidation democracy.

LIBERAL PARTY BANGLADESH is the political for the sake of consolidation democracy.

I support a Republic, but the groupthink reaction whenever such things were discussed was too overtly political for my liking.

In any case, I would argue that Jesus was very political for his time and that his espoused views seem very left of center to me.

This war will be inhumane, so that will be difficult to overcome, so the effort to abolish the political for sake of humanity will increase inhumanity.

In 4% of cases political with is used

And it is political with a little p.

The personal is pretty political with me.

Do nt make this political with blame game on the PM and the INT.

True, but an Objectivist would tell you not to confuse the political with the cultural.

These programs are highly political with lots of vested interests -- votes and profits.

My three blogs are themed, two of them being political with one being spiritual in addition.

Humanitarian governmentality in zones of emergency stands out in its combination of the political with the ethical.

But the move could be seen as political with the potential to embarrass the president ahead of last week's election.

Rather than suggest Eurovision is divisive and political with the music irrelevant, I would suggest the complete opposite.

C of rigging the 2012 general elections in favour of one political with its concomitant potential to throw the country into chaos.

In 3% of cases political of is used

We try and keep it open ended and not political of how people should look at things.

The PSAC is the most militant and political of the 17 unions representing federal public servants.

Remember that statistics is the most political of sciences, and not really a branch of maths at all.

Political of his immoral as are similar to JVP as beytral of working class in country New Left Movemnt.

Her interpreter is Minou Tavarez Mirabal, the daughter of Minerva, the most political of Las Mariposas.

Reed: Minerva was the most political of the Mirabal sisters, and the first to challenge the Trujillo regime.

The clamour for another term for him may also indicate that he ended up being the most political of all Presidents.

Will they just grin and bear it, or has this most political of Chancellors miscalculated? Judging by my email inbox.

Clegg would not want the UK to leave the EU or get rid of the social, political of monetary ties the UK has with the EU.

Nobody is calling for unification of groups, well certain elements are, but they are usually the least political of all.

In 2% of cases political at is used

Grand Prix racing was highly political at that time.

But no doubt, their fundamental reason is more political at the onset.

May be AK did have a plan or thoughts arounds going political at some point.

The mere fact that they are political at times doesn't make them political parties.

You can't have it both way's you want the rawness and to be political at the same time.

At the end of the day, when this action was filed, the need is political at the moment.

While the objective is political at an ideological level, crass racism is pervasively visible in actual practice.

I hate to be political at this time - but in fact - it is necessary to point out that one party does not want the govt.

This priority is not just political at the highest level, but the recognition of importance must be with one's peers as well as the public.

Sir Mark Lyall Grant, the director general political at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, met Hussain, a former prime minister, in London.

In 2% of cases political by is used

This event is political by its very nature.

Fowler attempts to make the point political by constantly referring the Labour's own authoritarian instincts.

Subsequently, upon the encouragement of online community, I decided to turn political by joining an Opposition Party.

We are political by nature and we will always differ in our perspectives and in the importance we attach to the various anniversaries.

I then played this clip from NPR (I couldn't avoid the initial lead in, and was not not being political by any means) which features E.

Anonymous The Bush appointee became political by siding with the liberal judges? So it wouldn't have been political if he had voted along party lines? Gotcha.

Do you want to move forward in that direction? November 17, 2012 at 7:34 am mb2010a The comparison to Watergate is an absurd assumption and totally political by the Republicans.

This crime, given that a Congresswoman was the target, is political by definition and she herself seemed to be concerned about inflammatory rhetoric and also specifically the Tea Party.

In 2% of cases political from is used

Totally political from start to finish.

As for appeals, it becomes political from there.

It was taken by force physical or political from the rich by the poor.

But not value free either, he wants to seal of the political from evaluations.

To drop the word political from the term political activist makes you a protester, nothing more.

But the themes are often deeply spiritual rather than religious, and deeply political from a personal view.

The UDHR places social and political norms in a secular framework, separating the political from the religious.

But Nadine Dorries has created a problem for herself by seeming unable to separate the political from the personal.

The basic concept of GDP is great, in that it separates the domestic political from the domestic and international.

Other philosophers also distinguish political from legal obligations, but not in the far-reaching way that Parekh does.

In 2% of cases political on is used

But I fear we (AL) are preparing them to be political once again.

I've thought about writing it, but didn't want to get too political on you all.

Keep it professional; stay away from anything too personal or political on a business page.

Or rather, it's flipping the whole concept of what we have called political on it's backside.

I'll refrain from getting all political on you and instead will emphasize the ease involved in this costume.

The conflict, then, is political on the large scale, and personal (between two Europeans) on the small scale.

I'd fairly political on my fb page and have been known to rant on my blog so people either agree with me or move on.

PNC's fluid lyrical flow marks him out as comfortable delivering club style bangers or getting political on the case.

How do we expect that Military will not be political on its own when time comes? I am not a supporter of Military regime.

Firstly (and I don't want to get all political on your asses here ), there goes Gaga trying to change the world again (yawn).

In 1% of cases political through is used

He's personalized the mindset and sees everything that is political through that lens.

The film investigates the hybridization of the personal and the political through a sexually liberal lens.

For McKay, this reaction increases the importance of cultural politics ' ', the linking of the personal with the political through a critique of everyday life ' '.

In 1% of cases political without is used

Most people in Sri Lanka aren't political without a secret motive.

Smart, funny, realistic and understands how to be political without compromising her values.

Would should such a renewed Christianity look like? First, such a faith should be political without being partisan.

I wanted to extend that dialogue further into the realm of the political without being overbearing or overtly specific.

By the way that many poets found to be political without being didactic, to be wild and free in their language without being offensive.

Romantic without being sentimental, political without being didactic, and spiritual without being religious, it brings an unflinching gaze to the violence and hope it depicts.

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