Prepositions after "polite"

"polite to", "polite about" or "polite in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases polite to is used

I've always been polite to you.

People were polite to each other.

We are polite to each other here.

However, the captain was coolly polite to the Frogs, every inch the British gentleman.

I think that your point about being polite to the store employees is completely valid.

Please be polite to other users, for a more enjoyable time for you and other chatters.

I feel a little sorry for the people answering the calls, but I was very polite to him and he was very polite to me.

They bounced him for no other reason than he was reasonably polite to Obama, in keeping with his duly elected office.

You can be as clever as you like and make as many saving as you like and be very polite to your neighbours, but at 1.

Elvis politely -- he was always polite to strangers -- excused himself and later told Weintraub that the deal was off.

In 15% of cases polite in is used

Be polite in your interactions.

Be polite in what you write, be.

Be polite in explaining your case.

The Marantz's bottom is more polite in it's nonetheless rich and inviting amorousness.

It was not an American bar any more -- he felt polite in it, and not as if he owned it.

Lastly, remember to be respectful and polite in all your correspondence with the media.

Most people are polite in terms of not shoving through, but there are always a few people who shove past you anyway.

They were all very smart and polite in their school uniforms and seemed to have integrated well with the local kids.

I was extremely polite in the message being sure to say please and only referring to himself and Jeffrey Loria as Mr.

It is understood that Hodgson was simply being polite in suggesting that Cole could be captain for the game in Warsaw.

In 12% of cases polite about is used

Of course they were polite about it.

Still, at least he was polite about it.

You were very smooth and polite about it.

Be polite about it, not assigning any blame, and state unequivocally that it's over.

I thought it was going to be a proper sh*t meal, but they were quite polite about it.

If I got a knock on my door at 1am I'd tell whoever was there where to get off and I wouldn't be polite about it.

I just believe that people who say that we are not rivals are glossing over, are trying to be too polite about it.

In their defense, they were quite polite about the issue and neither of us wanted to make a federal case out of it.

They've been very polite about it so far, but the library has made it clear that they want their damn CDs back already.

In 7% of cases polite with is used

So you go and play polite with him.

Always be polite with your criticism.

He's tall, polite with smile on his face.

However, that is no reason to try to insult somebody who has been 100% polite with you.

Be polite with the people who are helping you with your plans and with those whose services you need.

Haris has been very polite with his response to Keith, which, of course I'll concede is his right to ask.

I think these things made me a little nervous, so I was extra polite with Gendarmes, Police and Customs in Ghardaia.

Also that they are only being polite with me in a conversation and eagerly want to talk to someone else who shows up.

He was a little polite with the Examiner and asked him whether he was dressed well enough now to appear for the test.

She has four children whom by all accounts are well mannered and polite with minimal assistance in looking after them.

In 4% of cases polite for is used

He was polite for the Jo's sake.

For one thing, it is polite for others.

To put it plainly: too polite for our own good.

Berend, it's tempting to say you've helped to prove my point, but I'd far too polite for that.

They were polite for a few moments; then they said that they had come to verify a bit of news.

I can see that it would not be polite for Cameron to lecture the eurozone on why it needs to dismantle its currency.

For example, if we went to a muslin community, it is only polite for us to wear veils and cover our faces (for women).

Hopefully you have become more aware of the polite forms to use and the sort of language your tutors might expect you to use.

Nor is it polite for strange-looking art to move into our public living space uninvited and become part of the furniture there.

In 3% of cases polite at is used

You need to be polite at all times.

Everyone was very polite at the party.

Seems overbearingly nice and polite at the moment.

Take your time Whatever happens in the negotiation, remain assertive but polite at all times.

Try to stay calm and polite at all times, however time-consuming and convoluted the process is.

By asking her in the first place, he wasn't being polite at all -- he was being creepy and rude.

We open doors for girls, make sure we're polite at all times, we smell good and we always respect women no matter what.

Erika, please be polite at the same time as disagreeing with this website, which has a growing number of informed commentators.

It looked to me like he was afraid of offending Romney - that Obama's inner child who was taught to be polite at all times took over.

My fun mood that I had dropped at that moment when I saw this: The words that came out of my mouth were none too polite at this point.

In 3% of cases polite of is used

Which is, if nothing else, polite of it.

Be the most polite of people you could be.

Try to deal with your father in the politest of manners.

Rachel Smalley: Your second term, it would be polite of me to say it has been a bit bumpy.

Not that it's polite of them to grill you, but a simple conversational question isn't rude.

I have written to DCC before on the subject and got the brush off in the most politest of ways.

I've just written to everyone at the EC I can find telling them to get their heads out of their arses (in the politest of terms).

Here, in the heady heat of equatorial Africa, you will find some of the most polite of the continent and discover many of its best kept secrets.

Having asked for your position on this question, it is only polite of me to offer an explanation of mine (inasmuch as it is not already quite clear).

In 2% of cases polite by is used

Write a polite by promoting ethics.

And that is being polite by the way.

We calcuttans are very receptive are very polite by nature.

The American expected a show of involvement; the British couple were being polite by not imposing.

Some guys can be boring eh! They don't even notice when a girl is just trying to be polite by answering.

I thought I was being polite by letting her know right away that the building wasn't designed to stifle sound.

It was felt by all present to be voiced to sound good with current Linn speakers which are quite polite by standards of their legacy units (which we all use).

She likely knows these answers don't lend their way to a meaningful conversation, and is just trying to be polite by responding without giving you the wrong idea.

What would you like to drink? Would you like to come with us? Yes / no questions Requests and statements can be made more polite by putting them in the form of yes/no questions.

Either my instructor didn't notice (because he was busy moving around to the passenger side ), or he was just trying to be incredibly polite by ignoring me making an idiot of myself.

In 2% of cases polite on is used

No, you tend to be polite on it.

Yeah, keep calling and remember to be very polite on the fone.

Although Charles was polite on phone while discussing with this.

The Japanese excel in courtesy; they are meticulously polite on the outside.

Plus, you can smoke wherever you want, and everyone is very polite on the phone.

He penned a letter that's quite polite on the surface, and yet also deeply insulting.

They also say that Tamils in the area are hostile to them, although polite on the surface.

They stabbed someone the same colour as them the previous week - maybe they were more polite on that occasion.

In 1% of cases polite as is used

It is polite as the deadline is only 7 days away.

They were very cheery and polite as well as being efficient.

Even after introducing yourself be polite as to ask whether This is a good time to talk.

Alex Lawson was incredibly respectful and polite as the crankly Simpson berated, interrupted and cussed him.

We could all just comment on Scott's posts, polite as a Red Hat Society mid-afternoon tea, but that would be boring.

If men would pay more attention to social cues, they'd know when a woman was just being polite as opposed to genuinely interested.

In fact rather the contrary according to people I have been in communication with that had known David Mayo, and they tell me that he was humble and very polite as a person.

Knowing that most business staff workers are kind and polite as well as trusting, hackers pretend they're employees of the targeted enterprise while asking for simple favors.

In 1% of cases polite during is used

But we'll be polite during your talk.

Barack Obama remained too polite during his face to face debate.

This recently past October?! I would like to remain polite during the writing of this.

They asked me to run few tests, spent more than 2 hours altogether with me on the phone and were very patient and polite during the whole process.

In 1% of cases polite towards is used

Dixit may not have been excessively polite towards the L.

He is always helpful and polite towards both his teachers and peers.

This is an atheist site, I don't expect you (or anybody) to be polite towards religion.

At primary level children in assemblies are taught to respect and be polite towards elders.

It 's? true freedom of speech? to prosecute a citizen because he was less than completely polite towards the PM? As for Argentina, you're fooling yourself.

He is polite towards James Traynor and certain other media icons, but you get the feeling that he is also a tad dismissive of their chosen role as the authorized cheerleaders.

In 1% of cases polite without is used

Polite without being a wallflower.

Be polite without freaking out if they have a zillion questions.

So, they ought to be strong without being rude and be polite without being weak.

Like any other language, it is possible to learn a few words and phrases in Twi, enough to be polite without spending years in further education.

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