Prepositions after "poisonous"

poisonous to, for, in, at or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases poisonous to is used

Phytotoxic Poisonous to plants.

Most of these are poisonous to bees.

Corruption is very poisonous to society.

Religion is poisonous to our society and is the #1 cause of suffering in the world.

I have heard, however, that daylilies may be poisonous to cats, but only house cats.

Trick-or-treat candies are not for pets: Chocolate is poisonous to a lot of animals.

Plastic bottles can be harmful to the environment as they are non-biodegradable and can be poisonous to wildlife.

In addition, some fruit stones, berries or seeds may contain toxic compounds which can be poisonous to your pets.

Oxygen was a poison plants learnt to excrete and in the process reduced carbon dioxide levels, poisonous to animals.

It feels poisonous to me and I find myself sidling away from very angry people even when I basically agree with them.

In 8% of cases poisonous for is used

HOW can a person be so Poisonous for soo long.

Arsenic, which is chemically similar to phosphorus, is poisonous for most life on Earth.

Any further uncertainty, any speculation how the situation could develop is poisonous for the markets.

By the will of Allah, this food, which is extremely poisonous for other animals, does not harm koalas.

There is one type of weed, however, that is poisonous for rabbits to ingest; our team brought one to pass around as an example.

The charismatic healer really disturbed the big villages with his idea that high Spirit foods may be poisonous for all children.

Then came the food, things like fatty or chocolate are almost out of questions as its really bad for the poor thing (chocolate are poisonous for dog).

A person's busy are not able to wear out processed food and thus it is really poisonous for that liver, this may decelerate your capability to collapse fat.

Artificial snow has devastating effects for the Alps, consuming lots of water and the salt added to make the slopes faster is poisonous for the natural habitat.

For many of us in the Boulder community, Daniel's later attempt was a second sign that American society had become too poisonous for beautiful, complex souls to endure.

In 8% of cases poisonous in is used

Anything is poisonous in high enough doses.

Many drugs that are not harmful in small amounts are poisonous in large amounts.

Due to a high concentration of cyanide it is poisonous in its raw form and lethal if prepared improperly.

Truth is bitter, but its result is sweet; falsehood appears to be sweet but it is poisonous in its effect.

Armitage informs me that this plant, although the most poisonous in New Zealand, is used in cases of sickness.

He had a heart attack after being bitten by one of the snakes, which are among the most poisonous in the world.

Since the main food was cassava, which is poisonous in its natural state, preparing it required very great care.

Extract of leaves 1-5 drops is given for malarial fever and is more effective than quinine but is poisonous in large doses.

But it has no specific name as it is the representation of all things evil and poisonous in the world which is tamed by Lord Shiva.

But for painters it must still have some sting in it; and for musicians, I imagine, is even now active and poisonous in the extreme.

In 2% of cases poisonous at is used

Hong Kong girls can be super sweet and poisonous at the same time.

Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas that is poisonous at high levels.

All rodenticides are poisonous at various levels for poultry, livestock, and humans.

Carbon Monoxide: This is a colourless, odourless gas that is poisonous at high levels.

Some plants are only poisonous at certain times and the pasture may be safe to return to later in the year.

Urea waste, which can be poisonous at high levels, is broken down to build proteins and used to maintain muscle and organ tissues during the long sleep.

In 1% of cases poisonous about is used

Yes, it's a poisonous paper, Polly, but it's got plenty to be poisonous about at the moment.

In 1% of cases poisonous after is used

Poison is not poisonous after all, nor are any wounds fatal.

In 1% of cases poisonous as is used

The waters will turn brackish and poisonous as well as foul smelling, and drinking water will become scarce.

It is reputed to be 16 times as poisonous as the cobra and the nearest place where anti-venin for its bite is available is Thailand.

Avocado has materials so referred to as glutathione that's expected by liver to detoxify out the poisonous as well as other undesired components.

In 1% of cases poisonous by is used

Cooking the leaves with soda can make them more poisonous by producing soluble oxalates.

An interesting story with a point from Tom gets turned toxic and poisonous by the true narcissist.

T he Caribs fought with boutous, (heavy, sharp-edged-clubs ), and bows and arrows which they knew how to render poisonous by dipping into the sap of trees such as the Mancelinier.

In 1% of cases poisonous like is used

I think froglets or caterpillars are a sign that your dinner hasn't been doused in chemicals, and as long as it is British and not poisonous like one of those Amazon ones, it's no big deal.

In 1% of cases poisonous of is used

CAUTION: Monkshood is among the most poisonous of plants.

Smith is by far the most poisonous of his politburo, other than the PoD.

Restlessness &; anxiety is probably the most poisonous of the lot, because it makes us distracted, unsettled, and anxious all at the same time.

In 1% of cases poisonous on is used

But clearly very ugly and poisonous on the inside and when she talks I just shake my head in disbelief and wonder who could actually believe anything she says.

We shall see how the culture and beliefs of these peoples have never disappeared; and that the fruits of conquest often become poisonous on the lips of the conqueror.

In 1% of cases poisonous rather is used

Evidence that Prozac or Zoloft do more indicates they may be poisonous rather than medicinal.

In 1% of cases poisonous towards is used

This doesn't sit terribly well with the tendency I have to be poisonous towards anyone who excels me in anything.

I personally hope it isn't too poisonous towards the man, but of course everyone has the right to react how they feel.

I find the idea of being offensive and poisonous towards someone else because it's your ' right ' to hold and express an opinion incredibly dubious.

Especially since some of the things that have been described as hostile or poisonous towards women have made my wife laugh when I showed them to her.

In 1% of cases poisonous with is used

His political history is poisonous with more than one substantive allegation of dishonesty.

It is necessary to prevent the air in the delivery room from becoming poisonous with the smoke of burning kerosene oil or coal.

Why? Since literally when affiliate marketing you are faced with the opportunity of poisonous with income ready and truly needing to spend.

In 1% of cases poisonous within is used

So the raw numbers balance, but the story could very well be poisonous within them.

During power failures, people throw out everything they have in their fridges, as if it has all turned poisonous within a matter of hours.

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