Prepositions after "point"

point to, at, in, towards or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases point to is used

This points to my earlier reply.

It seems such an obvious point too.

She points to sites like Glassdoor.

It is a strategy which points to the shattering of the Zionist character of the rgime.

He can also point to the vest-maker that he killed so he wouldn't make more for others.

All signs point to the fact that Israel has never wanted an equitable peace settlement.

There's a little trick in it for you to make the URL points to the posts URL directly and remove the ugly URL feeds.

Rather, they point to the fact that human being must exist in the world and that the species must not become extinct.

They are being asked to be holier than the average and be better than average and that is a reasonable point to make.

All the evidence points to this happening on average but with large geographical variations -- at around 10-30 years.

In 11% of cases point at is used

The Kilifi study points at 43%.

I point at my scuffed Doc Martens.

They pointed at three different peaks.

Instead, he and Ricky Dakay toured the CCSC grounds -- pointing at areas to improve.

He is looking at his iphone which he is holding sideways and pointing at his laptop.

When I was little people pointed at suburbs inhabited by Italians, Greeks and Asians.

I pointed at a farmer working grazing the pastures and told her that he will explain her how we practice human rights.

There has been a lot of chatter over who would make the next Nexus, but most of the signals are still pointing at LG.

As you can tell Brooke is really happy about playing this game and loves having a camera pointed at her 400 times a day.

Seriously, why does the finger get pointed at us when, say Tupac is exalted because he was seen as a martyr for hip hop.

In 8% of cases point in is used

There is always a point in sphere.

This is the list of WiFi access points in the BCS.

It needs to be pointed in the right direction alright.

Yet, as there are no data pointing in such direction, one has to look somewhere else.

Inasmuch as the horns point in all directions they suggest that the Gospel is for everyone.

It then communicates to the wearer via a ring of LED lights to point in the required direction.

This program let me plot over 65,000 points in solidworks in under 5 minutes!!! Very useful for statistical research.

Both introduced cut-off points in the deal-making, creating a purchasing dynamic different from that of, say, Amazon.

Squandering seven break points in the opening set, it was Berdych who snuck ahead without asking, grabbing the set 6-3.

What actually does so, at any point in time, within these constraints, and why, is what science endeavours to establish.

In 3% of cases point towards is used

All of them are pointing towards minimal Democratic gains.

A GPS will point towards the next waypoint from wherever you are.

You get a field that points towards the wound and directs cells there.

The mirror pointing towards the sky, and the bent handlebar and lever.

The northern axis points towards the Earth, creating more exposure, summer.

I see a bunch of very high positions and levers pointing towards the sky.

The thermometer should point towards the body, and should not touch the bone.

It's difficult to point towards a single inspirational character in the dail.

It didn't occur to me that I can simply angle the speaker to point towards ear.

After the first few sessions it seemed she was pointing towards depression and anxiety.

In 2% of cases point on is used

In a whole turn the points on a radius out from the centre are 1.

This bug is especially painful since we can have combo points on dead targets.

In addition, the therapist will also gently stimulate and stroke pressure points on the face.

It should generate new combo points on our current target if the target is in range of the FoK.

You will even earn Velocity Points on the part of the non-Velocity Points part of the transaction.

Lowery was fined a total of 775, with 635 costs, and was given nine penalty points on his licence.

Assassin's Creed III Season Pass will be available for purchase for 2400 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE or $29.

If we consider the octaves as circles we find that points on the opposite sides of the circles are disharmonic.

His wife Teresa, 42, is accused of accepting the penalty points on his behalf and claiming she was behind the wheel.

If you have existing combo points on another target, Fan of Knives won't generate any combo points on your new target.

In 1% of cases point as is used

It'll take less than 5 minutes and you'll get your card rewards points as well as staying warm this Winter! That's something to smile about.

Do you get breathing trouble because you have trigger points? Or do you get trigger points as a symptom of breathing trouble? The answer is surely both.

His organization, Heritage Watch, also tracks key looting hot spots in the country and cross-border transit points as well as the flow of objects through international auction houses.

In 1% of cases point by is used

By getting married in shags, one also earns vital welfare points by giving back to the community.

This may be pointed by various other Microsoft Windows Landscape fault communications in your television screen.

This will turn out to be pointed by various other ' microsoft ' Windows xp Landscape blunder information in your television screen.

In 1% of cases point from is used

I have seen speculated price points from $1100.

Stosur saved four match points from the Russian No.

Different view points from different characters perspectives is one possibility that comes to mind.

They got bonus points from three wrestlers: Joey Napoli at 157; Eric Hess at 165; and Robert Hamlin at 184.

Use WEP Running an unsecured network will earn you brownie points from neighbours and hackers with cars, but that's about it.

You can also sell an item back in order to gain coins, but there is a lost in estate points from the item that you are selling.

Drivers will race one at a time collecting points from clipping obstacles, speed through sections and style points from the judges.

Tracer arrows are blue when pointing from a cell that provides data to another cell, and red if a cell contains an error value, such as #DIV/0!

Three times in that game he earnt break points from deuce, three times he was thwarted -- including a sublime and ridiculous cross-court forehand that kissed the line on its way through.

Whereas, for instance, Medieval imaging conventions assumed that there could be many vantage points from which a scene could be depicted, perspective demanded that one, unique point be established.

In 1% of cases point toward is used

For example, the ladder is pointing toward heaven.

One single flashlight pointed toward the clouds with hopes of being seen.

The top of the ladder points toward heaven, which is a strange detail for him to mention.

Thus, all the available evidence points toward lower injury rates per bicycle trip in Melbourne.

This conscious awareness points toward a deeper level of relationship with the Earth Mother and with the powers of the universe.

Scoot your buttocks as close as possible toward the wall, with your legs touching the wall and feet pointed toward the ceiling.

The effort is conscious and organised, there is intent, but while the result points toward global domination the rationale is more likely local.

As you say: ' The effort is conscious and organised, there is intent, but while the result points toward global domination the rationale is more likely local.

The idea behind the experiment is simple: Put a spinning gyroscope into orbit around the Earth, with the spin axis pointed toward some distant star as a fixed reference point.

In 1% of cases point with is used

We point with a finger to someone we see.

Tied for fifth in AHL points with 12 each are Heat forwards (and linemates) Sven Baertschi and Ben Walter.

Before this could happen, the engineer pointed with excitement to a rusty pulley, and told the executioner to apply some oil there.

Kady O'Malley points with similar concern to an exchange between Peggy Nash and Vivian Krause during finance committee hearings on Monday.

For about two hours we sat there smoking, and I was beginning to lose faith in Albert's ghost when all of a sudden he clutched my elbow and pointed with his finger.

Don't point with your index finger in Senegal (instead indicate direction with your chin or tongue) or sit with the soles of your feet aimed at another person in Dubai.

Flying on a bar with a harness gives you the added benefit of flying with one hand free to reach for a water bottle or wave to the people you pass as they point with mouths agape.

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