Prepositions after "plug"

"plug into" or "plug in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases plug into is used

The earphones plug into the jack at the top.

He should have plugged into twitter and killed it.

It runs on a 12v power supply and plugs into a wall outlet.

When in it I closed my eyes and my brain lit up like it was plugged into the national grid.

The 1999 movie? The Matrix? explored a world where humans are plugged into a virtual reality.

In order to use these devices, you will need a wireless router device that plugs into your broadband modem.

I'd not sure what a mains powered means, it is powered by it's own adapter that you plug into a normal power outlet.

It features a windmill with blades made of harmonicas that is plugged into a motherboard of circuitry in the earth.

The Q plugs into TVs or speakers so its owners can listen to music or play video from their Android phones or tablets.

Though the box does helpfully shift any ports that don't have anything plugged into them to the far end of the list.

In 44% of cases plug in is used

Updated driver -- cable plugged in.

Plug in your pendrive into the system.

Leave freezers plugged in as long as possible.

If I boot with the adapter configured as wlan1 plugged in it comes up OK and connects as wlan1.

It slots in nicely and does so regardless of orientation, plugging in right-side-up or upside-down.

Players will also be able to plug in a controller and switch easily between interface types should they wish.

If wlan0 is plugged in and I change it to wlan1 the connection is attemped using wlan0 and wlan1 can never connect.

And now it has no sound unless you plug in headphones--speakers aren't working, and I can't hear anyone if you call me.

So you drive to work, plug in at work, and that takes care of not having a charging outlet in an apartment parking area.

You sit in front of a new PC, and either download or plug in your desktop - and everything's there just how you left it.

In 3% of cases plug to is used

Now to check, open your pen drive from computer then again plug to computer.

Except those that is not plug to the system during installation, such as PCMCIA card.

This prevents the USB part of MCU from sensing that the USB is plugged to PC (as a device).

I am not sure, if damage can happen with this fix, if the user USB is plugged to PC before the debug USB (please note, that the board is supplied from debug USB if battery is not installed).

In 3% of cases plug with is used

Replace open front plugs with dead front plugs.

The device can also be plugged with a high-speed USB.

Two were plugged with corks which she could remove if she needed more air.

The Romans used such sites often, and when crosses were taken down, the socket holes were plugged with a wooden bung.

There were air holes on the sides of the barrel with were plugged with cork to allow them to be opened in an emergency.

In 1% of cases plug at is used

Those outside the establishment should still plug at it and offer alternatives.

I would say keep plugging at your edible carving and hope that you meet Mr.

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