Prepositions after "pluck"

pluck from, out, at, by or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases pluck from is used

And that's NOT plucking from the LMS.

Plucked from obscurity, like so many others, as with most others he has stunk.

There is no shortage of women eager to be plucked from their seats by a Chippendale.

Female eider ducks lay eggs and surround them with feathers plucked from their own breasts.

Back in 1976, 12 regenerations must have felt like a safely distant number to pluck from the ether.

A bunch of flowers - unless plucked from your own plot - will likely have a hefty carbon footprint.

The consumer at large perceives these two acts as stars plucked from obscurity by the consumer vote.

At 17, Patel is plucked from the relative obscurity of a British TV teen drama to play the lead in a low-budget Danny Boyle movie.

Always quick to lend a fin, she's the only fish in the sea who offers to help Marlin when his son Nemo is plucked from his ocean home.

It will help in the identification of the skull It was April 1 when items plucked from the water during the overnight dredging were laid to dry.

In 13% of cases pluck out is used

Sounds ike that figure was plucked out of the air.

The amounts of compensation the court awards are not, contrary to what the media may imply, simply plucked out of thin air by the judge.

Now she has been plucked out of retirement to save Kampala City, a run-down capital where, notably, the President has never won an election.

With 109 runs needed from the final 15 overs, Stewart was forced into a lofted sweep that was plucked out of the air by Jayawardene at midwicket.

In 6% of cases pluck at is used

Keep training if so inclined, but design it in a way that those same objects can be plucked at the moment of need by those who have the need.

In 2% of cases pluck off is used

Messing was about as useful as any random person plucked off the street.

In 2% of cases pluck to is used

The soft strings of music crept into the scene from a far distant source, trickling moments of horns and guitar strings plucked to the tune of an unplanned melody.

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