Prepositions after "plentiful"

plentiful in, on, of, at or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases plentiful in is used

Bird life is also plentiful in Shaba.

However fish were plentiful in Egypt.

Gas and oil is plentiful in the region.

The sage hen or sage grouse, once very plentiful in Nevada, gives us this nickname.

Charity shops are plentiful in the UK too so we'l look there for books to read too.

Reds are plentiful in countries that have more and better habitat for them than us.

Carbohydrates are relatively plentiful in the World supply; fats and proteins, on the other hand, are in deficit.

She followed her boyfriend to China for a year, and found architecture work plentiful in the building boom there.

They also caught eels, fish and yabbies and ate plants as well as the Bogong moths which were plentiful in summer.

The frogspawn was very plentiful in the middle of flat land, which is a sign that they're expecting water to come.

In 9% of cases plentiful on is used

Gannets are plentiful on the northern coast.

Vegetables are plentiful on plates, even in smaller-sized portions.

Most if not all of the base elements needed are plentiful on the Moon.

The aid stations were plentiful on the course with lots of fluids and other snacks.

One of the ingredients no doubt was coconut oil as coconuts are plentiful on the island.

In ' 82 they were fairly plentiful on the river-bed country in the neighbourhood of Hastings.

Once plentiful on the Galapagos Islands, the giant tortoise population was decimated after the arrival of humans.

Sunbirds are plentiful on Kilimanjaro, in all areas where lobelias and proteas grow, which is the heath and moorland.

By the mid-1700s horses were becoming plentiful on the northern plains and were transforming the lifestyle of the people there.

It is the place to learn about Jamaican fruits and flowers which are plentiful on the walk along the hills surrounding the river.

In 7% of cases plentiful of is used

There will be plentiful of money in their CPF.

There are plentiful of famous restaurants here.

I've watched plentiful of youtube and blog reviews about it.

As it was the weekend, I saw plentiful of cars queuing up at certain petrol stations.

But, there are still plentiful of complaints of non-availability of cabs at some areas.

Weblineindia has well-sorted talents who incorporate plentiful of experience &; hands-on skills on this platform.

Org Contributor Growing up in a province, life revolves with vast farmlands, plentiful of trees and richness of crops.

Food is not a problem as there are plentiful of restaurants and eateries but maybe limited to choices if you are a muslim.

Not only does it bring back the good ' ol Start Menu we all love and adore, it boasts a plentiful of customizations as well.

In 6% of cases plentiful at is used

Technical errors are likely plentiful at this point.

Monkeys were plentiful at Kandy's Sacred Tooth temple.

The fact that cars were not so plentiful at that time was one.

In addition, voluntary enlistment by Canadians dropped drastically as jobs became plentiful at home.

Parking was plentiful at the remote lots, which were well staffed, and the shuttle buses were prompt.

They are fun games in which all ages can participate, and apples were plentiful at this time of the year.

Clothing seems more plentiful at Taylor Street, but it may be because it's a smaller store and feels more cramped.

Do mink hibernate? No, their thick fur keeps them warm over winter, and they feed on waterfowl which are plentiful at that time of year.

Whether or not the sun is ready to shine is another story, but warmth and enthusiasm is plentiful at James Bay New Horizons activity centre.

The ground is less fertile and water less plentiful at the new location, say inhabitants, and the houses provided by Vale are shoddily built.

In 6% of cases plentiful for is used

So, not exactly plentiful for a vegan.

Natural gas may be plentiful for a few decades even.

Resort amenities are plentiful for anyone staying there.

They quickly reorganized themselves to fly in unison and food became plentiful for them again.

A trip to Africa does not come around too often and photography ops are plentiful for wildlife.

The problem with those companies wasn't so much wasted VC money, which still seems plentiful for now, but wasted talent.

Although Jaramillo has sent 2/3 of her wage to her family, the remaining wage is plentiful for her to afford the living expenses.

Over at DesiPundit, people have moved on to other things and time &; resources haven't been as plentiful for those who have remained.

We have done just about everything we can to ease the physical burden of surviving today, and we have made food cheap and plentiful for all.

In 4% of cases plentiful with is used

Plants are plentiful with bright flowers blooming.

The choices of juices are plentiful with many exciting tastes.

The pavilion was plentiful with kids, this time about a hundred.

Food is plentiful with one restaurant making their own noodles daily.

Freelance work was plentiful with only a few gaps in between each job.

Thus, Masai Mara is more plentiful with wildlife during the boreal summer.

International flights are plentiful with major destinations departing daily.

Natural gas is plentiful with reserves of approximately 185 trillion cubic feet.

Some nice fish over 50cm have been plentiful with mullet strips proving the best bait.

But this company needs to size down and sad stories will be plentiful with that - Amen.

In 1% of cases plentiful during is used

Rainfall was plentiful during our january stay.

Ginkgo trees and cycads were plentiful during this period, as were reptiles such as Lystrosaurus.

Guests range in ages from 30 to 55 or so, with the younger crowd more plentiful during the Summer months.

The production of new shoots after lopping is plentiful during the first year, but afterwards rapidly diminishes.

Exercise stimulates your body to produce its own painkillers (endorphins) so that they are plentiful during your labor, at the same.

In 1% of cases plentiful due is used

Charter boats are plentiful due to tourist wants the thrill of fighting big fish mano-a-mano.

The conference was made affordable with early registration for 3 days under $300 including breakfast and snacks, and the swag was plentiful due to the generosity of our sponsors and host UT Austin.

In 1% of cases plentiful from is used

And in any metro market, it's plentiful from a variety of sources.

The motivations for investing in this way are legion, and options plentiful from strictest exclusion of harmful sectors to a focus on beneficial ones.

Lodging is plentiful in Breckenridge is plentiful from high class to resorts to renting a home personally from someone on VRBO or similar sites Breckenridge.

In 1% of cases plentiful as is used

Stone was plentiful as well as cheap.

The serving was really plentiful as a kilo of tilapia was equal to two big fishes.

Ornaments and glass are plentiful as well as exceptional homeware items -- many still in their original boxes.

Option 8 (Bride) &; (Groom) ' s worldly possessions are plentiful as such, on their wedding present list there isn't really much.

In 1% of cases plentiful including is used

The seafood options were plentiful including crab legs, shrimp &; mussels.

Craft shops are plentiful including fine jewellery and woollen products; courses in island crafts are also available.

In 1% of cases plentiful like is used

Not exactly plentiful like Young Rae of Dr.

In 1% of cases plentiful around is used

That said, public parking lots are well-marked and plentiful around the CN Tower.

However, they prefer good quality, fresh food -- and this is plentiful around the poultry farm.

Parking is very easy for the Villa (right in front ), and in the winter parking is plentiful around the Old Town as well.

Also, cheap eating places are plentiful around our hostel, therefore we decided that for the safety of all, the microwave has to be removed.

Air containing an abundance of negative ions is plentiful around lakes, in forests, near rivers and waterfalls, at sea-shores and after a rainstorm.

The trevally are still plentiful around the points there and the kingies are coming up in the berley often, small schools and some are barely legal but good to see.

These are so plentiful around Sanaglaki that the Mantas rarely have to seek in deeper waters for food, which is probably why they can be found here in large numbers throughout the year.

In 1% of cases plentiful off is used

In contrast to the barren northcoast seas, fish are still plentiful off the southcoast although the fishermen have to go further and further out to maintain their catches.

In 1% of cases plentiful along is used

Poisonous cone shells Poisonous cone shells are plentiful along shallow coral reefs.

Signs are plentiful along the way so when in doubt there's always something to follow.

Songbirds are plentiful along the trails and boardwalks, and the spring and fall warbler migrations are especially good.

Yellow daffodils and red and yellow tulips were plentiful along the highways and in the towns and they made a lovely picture against the green grass.

Food would have been more plentiful along the coast, particularly in the northern and eastern coasts, where there could have been bigger settlements.

Cut up grapefruit, oranges, cantaloupe and honeydew were plentiful along with an assortment of cereals, muffins, croissants and the usual grits, scrambled eggs bacon and sausage.

Scientists failed to consider that supplies of replenishing sand are so plentiful along the equatorial Brazilian coast that they can compensate for the erosion caused by higher spring tides.

In 1% of cases plentiful over is used

Opportunities are plentiful over there.

Read more Fruit is plentiful over the summer months.

In 1% of cases plentiful throughout is used

I like my average air supply nice and plentiful throughout the duration of the flight.

The plains species is quite plentiful throughout eastern and southern Africa, whereas the Grevy.

Nor would they come to harvest our water or mineral resources which plentiful throughout the known universe.

Once plentiful throughout the savanna, large mammals such as elephants and lions are now rare and largely confined to nature reserves.

The laughter is also plentiful throughout the play, and all the more enjoyable because of the strains of heartache running underneath the surface.

By Taxi Taxis are plentiful throughout Hong Kong apart from remote areas, and can be hailed on the street (except restricted areas) or summoned by phone.

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are plentiful throughout Thailand, and most will accept cards issued by any of the major international banking networks (Plus, Cirrus, etc.

In 1% of cases plentiful to is used

From the common and plentiful to the exotic and rare.

How would they give justice to Muslims? The top leaders of this country give plentiful to their populace.

How were these deaths tracked? Also, food was fair less plentiful to the majority of people than it is today.

If we could suddenly exploit a planet which then resulted in diamonds being more plentiful to us than coal, for example,.

In 1% of cases plentiful across is used

Parking is plentiful across the street next to the park, and the atmosphere inside is very cozy and casual.

What are the Earliest Dates for Australian Rock Art? Ochre is the main pigment used in rock art and is plentiful across most of Australia.

Although modern toilets are plentiful across urban parts of Pakistan, basic latrines are less common in rural areas where about 65 percent of the country's 165 million inhabitants live.

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