Prepositions after "plead"

"plead with" or "plead for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases plead with is used

We need to plead with fellow Christians.

He pleaded with his eyes to remain there.

They pleaded with me but I had made my decision.

Moses pleaded with God to permit him to enter the land but this request was rejected.

The producers were not happy with the film, and pleaded with Hunt to return as editor.

Stupak's office and pleaded with them to please have Jerry call me as soon as possible.

On the third day after setting the trap, the bush cow came along, with the intention to plead with the stupid cousin.

Hearing those abusive words, the Venerable Ananda pleaded with the Buddha to leave the town and go to another place.

On another occasion a very poor old Tamil woman pleaded with us for some money so she could buy a tin of powdered milk.

In 37% of cases plead for is used

Should Arsenal plead for him to stay? No.

I plead for justice to know what killed my brother.


He explained how Sara pleaded for her life, telling she will do whatever her father says.

Woolf, like Mehta, pleads for a room where women can be free from the shackles of society.

He lit a gasoline heater and pushed Sara against it, while she was pleading for her life.

Ingabire's co-accused were handed lighter sentences after they pleaded guilty of all charges and pleaded for leniency.

Herod who had expected the man to plead for mercy turned from fury to fright as the words of Zachariah pinched at his heart.

Already, the court had heard four women pleading for divorce and protracted arguments over dowry compensation and physical abuse.

Perhaps you recall that in my original post I have been pleading for help with the mental health service here for SIXTEEN MONTHS to no avail.

In 5% of cases plead to is used

A long time ago, he should have pleaded to his guilt.

We plead to Allah to keep us firm on the right path, hasten the reappearance of Imam-e-Asr (a.

He therefore pleads to Nigerians to help him speak to Goldie that for him to leave his country.

If there is more than one charge, the accused is asked to plead to each individually as each charge is read out.

Arraignment An arraignment occurs when the charge in the indictment is read to the accused who is asked to plead to the charge.

Ibrahim Jelle belle was not however required to plead to the murder charges by Principal Magistrate John Onyiego as the prosecution pleaded for more time to conclude investigations.

If this happens, Defendant initially pleads to the charges, but then the charges are dropped/reduced upon completing a drug class, referred to as PC 1000 (from California Penal Code section 1000).

In 4% of cases plead in is used

Public Prosecutor may plead in all Court in cases under his charge Pleaders privately instructed to be under his direction 493.

I should like to confer with him - for I hear he has recovered his senses - and ascertain the motives of his crime; they may be so extenuating as to plead in his defence.

In 1% of cases plead on is used

Yes I am pleading on Osho's behalf, he was such an adorable sweetie pie.

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