Prepositions after "play"

"play in" or "play with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases play in is used

Lots of nice moments plays in my.

These will be played in Dunedin,.

Then stay and play in our game room.

If you dream of playing in action movies make a demo fight with your friends for fun.

And Brian Serpas and Justin Grisoli from the Faeries play in a rock band called Big Baby.

I've been playing in the PwC mixed touch and netball teams -- which is a weekly event.

For those unfamiliar with Miller's track record, he has played in 1,044 of a possible 1,050 games in 13 NBA seasons.

A unique thing about my painting style is that I paint while watching my favorite movies playing in the background.

The Harry Potter games were the only ones I hadn't played in the Lego series, so I thought I'd remedy the situation.

In 20% of cases play with is used

We need to play with intensity.

So I play with her for a while.

Give everyone a toy to play with.

He loved to play with his Thomas the Tank Engine train set alongside his brother Alex.

Two young boys play with the chequered flag they'll wave at their Dad in a few minutes.

In these dusty streets, his fifth son, Mu'tassim, used to play with the local children.

Fiddlers who play with pipers tune up and down al night - but often just the A and E strings to play with the pipes.

Playing with the air con or adjusting the vents, turning your pan up or down just a touch or tweaking the volume.

If they liked robotic, they just played with a lot of robot until they were recognized has an expert in the field.

We have a good record against the Cottagers but this might not continue should the players not play with confidence.

In 13% of cases play for is used

Adam Johnson plays for sunderland.

Often this is played for a comedy.

I say he is destined to play for us.

These games can be played for free and are constantly updated with great new features.

More importantly perhaps the players seemed to enjoy playing for their country again.

Still, it does remind most of our team who they play for Ric Duncombe (Kampala, Uganda).

A pass broken up here, a different call there, and maybe the Spartans and Wildcats would have a lot more to play for.

Realistically Botha has little chance of playing for South Africa again, but he will always have those two firsts.

Just off a cross-Canada tour after living in the Yukon, Sanktuary plays for the first time in Halifax in over a year.

In 8% of cases play on is used

Joshua played on the playground.

A smile played on her blood-red lips.

This match was played on Nov 02, 1993.

BEST TO PLAY ON GOOD POKER ROOM Online poker game will bring good experience on the game.

Ooops I forgot, I need time to do my job and some time to play on my instruments as well.

Many people think us bloggers just sit around playing on our laptops and tweet all day.

The degradation of sound quality you get out of your fiddle strings after playing on them for so many weeks/months.

Teams who wish to play on November 4 must be present during the November 4 registration (first come first serve basis).

Clearing up a little pre-cliff cash could put you in position to buy some of our favorite resource plays on the cheap.

Saturday's clash will be the first time a Test between the two nations has been played on either US or Romanian soil.

In 7% of cases play at is used

Sometimes we even play at Dhamma.

Expect Carrick to play at centre half.

However, did play at a club in Denmark.

No one played at the ball after that, so Inglis was able right to ground it I believe.

If we play at a quick tempo and get our passes going it will be a great sign for Chelsea.

Utaka made his debut in 2002 and has played at three Africa Cup of Nations tournaments.

In January 2011, Trinity Orchestra undertook its first international tour, playing at Berlin's Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche.

As Albertini noted, a young player should be ready to play at the highest national level roughly before turning twenty.

Once a while, we got outplayed is still acceptable since we can't always expect players to be playing at their best.

Of all the players aged 21 and below currently playing in Europe, none of them are playing at the capacity James is.

In 7% of cases play by is used

I don't read music -- I play by ear.

The dominant role was played by Leela.

It's a game played by morons for morons.

This Mama figure was a lot of times played by theatre and media personality Aly Zaker.

It is unfortunate that the lead role is played by an actor who isn't exactly a singer.

At every stage, the decisive role was played by the active intervention of the masses.

This simple yet immortal game has lived through years, played by generations on many different platforms and devices.

It's relatable, funny and refreshing to see women play roles that have been traditionally been played by male actors.

Ayesha, played by Chahat Khanna, is under the influence of Siddharth (Mahesh Shetty ), who is the step brother of Ram.

There were thoughtful speeches, excellent toasts, a midnight buffet, and custom Wawa special requests played by the DJ.

In 3% of cases play against is used

Don't play against Maccabi-Haifa.

It's difficult to play against him.

We've seen how he plays against ManU.

I don't really think it's necessarily about the defense that we're playing against.

I liked the set-up here at Lancashire and have always enjoyed playing against them.

Barry may provide the cover when he gets back, but he isn't playing against the US.

And to complete the week the players were split into 2 teams who would play against each other for one final time.

Then, all of a sudden I'd playing against all these guys who I had played before, but I'd a complete favourite.

The selectors kept the faith in him when they included him in the South Africa A side to play against Sri Lanka A.

The pair didn't know they were related until just before Sonko's Reading played against Sagna's Arsenal in 2007.

In 3% of cases play to is used

You always play to your strength.

See the play to find out what I mean.

The players couldn't play to the system.

I've full confidence in my potential and I always try to play to the best of my ability.

Play to your strengths and don't let anyone tell you what you should want or what to do.

Chas may have commented ' Oh, he's playing to the gallery, ' but it didn't seem to bother Jimi.

I enjoy going out in the streets than sitting in a box and imagining I am playing to two thousand people listening.

If you take this into account, you can play to your strengths and ensure you've chosen the course that is best for you.

It's likely there'll be one person in the group who's good with money, so play to his ego and appoint him as treasurer.

They changed the face of music and some of them are still selling millions of albums and playing to packed audiences.

In 2% of cases play as is used

He can also play as a false No.

We just do not play as well when he is not playing.

In recent seasons, van Persie has played as a pure No.

That's what I was trying to describe in describing the video of her playing as a kid.

I'd not sure whether Chandi should play as wicketkeeper batsman in test and bat at 6 or 7.

We stayed composed and disciplined and stuck to our plan to play as a team and it paid off.

Glossop looked solid with Simon Thompson playing as a lone striker and Jones making his presence felt at right back.

Although at most of the times left on the bench, but when came on to play as a winger for the spanish squad he was awesome.

I'd playing as a Charr Ranger; that is, a cat-creature who can tame animals and turn them into pets who fight alongside me.

Podolski himself played as the lone striker on the first day of the season against Sunderland and it was not a productive day.

In 1% of cases play along is used

Try to play along with old game shows 13.

But I tried to shrug it off and play along.

Good luck with everything! I played along.

Watch The Antiques Roadshow and play along with the BBC One programme by pressing red.

Janni is the happiest when it's just her and me because I play along with her imaginary world.

It's 3 to 2! But who could we have gotten on the outside to play along with Alonso and Gerrard? 2.

You know, I do see where you are coming from, and I am very glad you took the high road and played along regardless.

The strength is make your adversaries think that you are dumb and that you can be easily fooled, and play along with them.

He came back home that night saying he loves me and wants us (lol) he never want her just played along hoping it all just disapear.

It is one thing when politicians talk crap, but completely another when the journalists don't challenge it and even play along with it.

In 1% of cases play from is used

Sabres, where he played from 1979 to 1981.

No team can play from behind all the time and expect to win.

As a result, the ball player can play from the problem, no deposit.

If you unplug the headphones, the music will play from little speakers at the bottom of the iPod.

Remedy: Under Law 36(e) (1 ), he is obliged to play from a baulk line; so he has fallen foul of Law 27(g).

The first edition of the Sri Lanka Premier League (SLPL) T20 tournament will be played from August 10 to 31.

All the bands of music, which played from the time Aladdin's mother arrived, joined together and led the procession.

Has there likely ever been two games played from the same shuffled deck? That is a different exercise in combinatorics.

But, importantly, playing from a central area where they will see plenty of the ball and can be an effective attacking force.

Players must be trained to become more aggressive and come more to the net other than the situation today where they play from the baseline.

In 1% of cases play into is used

MacDonald's comments played into that.

If anything that plays into my advantage.

The world? s media also played into this.

And that plays into Cappys hands because of his ability to throw his off-speed stuff.

Their lack of experience and confidence in government played into the hands of the army.

Some people may continue to play into the hands of their own conditionings, it is their problem.

My gloomy prediction is that we will face a level of political violence that will play into the hands of extremists.

The last few years have been financially challenging for the team, so I expect that to have played into the decision.

I do think my female colleague is attractive and so I don't know how much that is playing into this whole situation (i.

In 1% of cases play like is used

Arsenal played like crap in the second half.

He's asian! Not all asians can play like Park J.

We must play like a team that knows what it wants.

And can you image what Messi would have played like had he been in the England side.

Despite the multicultural flair, that team played like mere bystanders to excitement.

Physicality can beat technique, yet we convince ourselve we must play like Spain to win.

Any side with a player like Fellani would have done the same thing, you don't need football skill to play like that.

We are starting to see Liverpool play like they used to, the pass and move football which is what Liverpool is known for.

Finally we have hit our best form at the right time if only we had played like this all season we would of pissed this league.

He can't go gun-ho like he once did but he's also still trying to play like the guy who must pull it out of the bag for the team.

In 1% of cases play through is used

He plays through the middle as well.

I used to play through it every fall.

I played through all the available content.

Playing through our man and not looking in the backfield and trying to make the play.

He didn't get to the line often because he's not strong enough to play through all contact yet.

If not, I would recommend you play through the Dragon Age games, or the Witcher series instead.

I've played through all the Dead Risings so far and I've not even once thought that the save system was awkward.

Reply Zane November 18, 2012 at 6:26 pm - Guys do you read the game? If you noticed, we rarely play through the middle.

Something amazing I discovered a while ago in the toilets at Maggie's was what was playing through their music system.

That's a great thing for single player games, where the player plays through the game a few times and that's the end of it.

In 1% of cases play under is used

He is effective when he slows down and plays under control.

I was stunned too by the compelling music played under trying condition.

It takes a while for shortstops to play under control, and he's got that quality.

For the first time in his senior career Pat Lambie has been playing under real pressure.

That's a hell of an attribute for a 19-year-old playing shortstop: that he plays under control.

It is quite simple, they didn't want to play under Andre Villas-Boas and so they effectively didn't.

How was it playing under different captains? It isn't so important for me to have played under different captains.

How was it playing under different captains? It isn't so important for me to have played under different captains.

He has played under a myriad of coaches, though he has featured only once under current coach Stephen Keshi thus far.

I left Steeton at the end of 2009/10 season and joined Eccleshill United for the 2010/11 season, playing under Ian Banks.

In 1% of cases play without is used

We can play without any pressure.

Many people are playing without seeking expenses.

Also it will be safe to play without any risks on losing money.

They said he doesn't perform for Argentina and can't play without Xavi and Iniesta.

Ultimately, playing without a striker is down to the manager who has to carry the can.

He had to fly all night to get to Italy and they asked him to play without any real rest.

The Silvertips played without D Ryan Murray (shoulder ), who was injured Friday night in a 5-0 loss in Victoria.

Elegantly dressed, perfectly poised, she sat at the piano, ramrod straight, and started playing without much ado.

This effectively meant that Napoli played without a central striker for most of the game as Juventus dominated possession.

With United playing without wingers more regularly than ever before, it's encouraging to see our strikers putting in decent crosses.

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