Prepositions after "plausible"

"plausible to", "plausible for" or "plausible in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases plausible to is used

Both views are plausible to me.

This all sounds plausible to me.

Eh seems totally plausible to me.

This also appeared plausible to us, hence we followed them with unalloyed confidence.

It seems plausible to me that a lot of our western bears ended up far south this year.

Some have argued that a carbon tax is likely to have lower transaction costs, and that does seem plausible to me.

It was plausible to argue, as Kant did, that the basic laws of Newtonian physics could not be other than they are.

It seems much more plausible to me that something went very, very wrong with the KochRove's **27;605;TOOLONG agenda.

I don't know that is what happened, but it seems more plausible to me than the Progressive Party's wild accusations.

In 19% of cases plausible in is used

Totally plausible in that sense I guess.

But it is not plausible in the human world.

This description is plausible in at least two respects.

It became almost plausible in the hands of the Serbian engineer Milutin Milankovitch.

There are many other views offered, but these are the more plausible in my estimation.

This is very plausible in a lot of cases, as shown by some of Wikileaks ' earlier releases.

That future seemed plausible in the 1950s but now it's little more than an empty fantasy and a vapid nostalgia trip.

Because of this, many have been tempted to search for a hybrid approach that would combine what is plausible in each.

They were not just genuinely scary, but, as much as we can possibly know, very plausible in how they looked and acted.

Mouron, finally assembles the standpipes himself with an agility that seems barely plausible in the excruciating heat.

In 16% of cases plausible for is used

This isn't very plausible for the horeshoe.

This seemed plausible for the one you attended.

Which might be just about plausible for all I know.

But perhaps it's all plausible for someone involved with the mafia around that time.

Sorry guys but although early days this doesn't appear plausible for a decent series.

Personally, I think an average of 4 murders/episode is pretty plausible for the franchise.

It is entirely plausible for a company to a) license the technology b) agree to not copy it without licensing it.

This made it more plausible for them to assign blame for economic travails on their inheritance from the other lot.

People can grow their own garlic and mint so easily that it just wouldn't even be plausible for them to try and control it.

Even if rising sea levels don't seem totally plausible for an overnight Atlantis scenario, water could still be the culprit.

In 6% of cases plausible as is used

Rahmat becomes less and less plausible as a redemptive figure.

This seems very plausible as a claim about the lives of some such beings.

Plausible as a reading of the man alone, impossible as a reading of the picture.

Also read: New Ford Figo vs Hyundai i20 These figures are plausible as the i20 has a 1.

Therefore, the mild winter is plausible as a part explanation but it is not the full explanation.

That was not a convincing line in early summer and it appears even less plausible as the world gets colder.

Nor did they make her sound wise, self-aware, thoughtful, adult, educated, or even plausible as a fictional character.

Most it is certainly plausible as part of your Western place in the world are familiar providing some one distinctive black.

Think of something that relates to your experience of work that is plausible as a weakness but is not really a negative point.

The problem was that she didn't seem clever or plausible as a potential commander in chief (if the elderly McCain didn't make it).

In 3% of cases plausible at is used

And it is reasonably plausible at a global scale.

Actually, it seems reasonably plausible at the moment.

I'd not saying it's plausible at the moment; I'd saying it's not impossible.

END QUOTE (Note: I haven't fact-checked this claim yet, but it seems plausible at first glance.

OTOH I don't know how far a consensus goes here, but I thought the 1+ m was already considered to be quite plausible at the BAU scenario.

Nevertheless, the argument is in effect definitely unreasonable due to several flaws after a closer scrutiny, though it may appear plausible at the first glance.

The latter sounds more plausible at this point, however the woman could just be seriously stupid and have dreams of wearing an orange jumpsuit for the rest of her life.

At a reconciliatory meeting in Florida in the USA, Don King revealed that he's a Nigerian at heart hence would do anything plausible at furthering the good image of the country.

While the 18-model ensemble result is probably more reliable than individual model results, each of the individual model results can be viewed as at least plausible at this time.

In 3% of cases plausible with is used

So it seemed plausible with a general life force for the individual minds to make use of.

If existence is plausible with and without a god, then it seems clear that the god-concept can be discarded as unnecessary.

The same claim may be more plausible with respect to the Ninth Circuit, another preeminent jurisdiction for intellectual property.

This is Dorries ' much touted ' botched abortion ' story and one that becomes less and less plausible with each and every retelling.

New statistics however, may make such a prediction more plausible with the announcement that house prices in Dublin actually increased by 0.

Like I said, I'd open to foam rolling some areas of the body but we need a some mechanism elucidated or at leat plausible with what we know about fascia.

This was plausible enough to swing the policy pendulum towards Neoclassical thinking back then, but it looks a lot less plausible with the benefit of hindsight.

Each of these comments is troubling because it combines enough knowledge to sound plausible with the right amount of ignorance and self-interested biased bigotry.

In 3% of cases plausible of is used

Even the most plausible of them do not carry.

Even the most plausible of them do not carry conviction - London Times Nov.

Barbour and Rove are sharp political operators, and their theory is the most plausible of the ones presented.

Since the board has supported Ballmer through very trying times, this would seem to be the less plausible of the two.

The most plausible of these, who has appeared in print, has even deigned to admit that the election of the President is pretty well guarded.

That is a prospect that most mainstream scientists do not wish to contemplate, but to me it seems among the most plausible of the possibilities.

The rapist is a criminal, with no condonation or mitigation plausible of the crime, and the victim could never be the trigger or the causation for the crime.

Drew's proposal was tongue-in-cheek, but Jerry Coyne judged it the most plausible of the proposals made for reconciling the data of science with belief in monogenism.

Alternative is usually to observe just how they communicates along? In case this individual listens for your requirements as well as react, it shows there's plausible of making the partnership.

The most complicated, but plausible of these yesterday for Waterford fans, seemed to be a diversion off the main Waterford to Cork road to Mogeely, to avoid tailbacks in Kileagh and Castlemartyr.

In 3% of cases plausible on is used

A statistical model should be plausible on both statistical and scientific grounds.

Third line: an upsilon is plausible on basis of the extension below line; there is no trace of rho at the end of line.

They use very sympathetic terms that make it seem like they only want the best for children and the justifications sound plausible on the surface.

What you are saying appears to be romantic and maybe poetic, so I'd having trouble fully digesting it or finding it plausible on empirical grounds.

This is only plausible on paper, because in fact most of the software tools used for article spinning produce content that is practically unreadable.

NASA has 435 it is certainly plausible on a board about directors, discount karen millen, all of them are so that you have their original agendas, Rutan said of Congress.

The specific hypothesis that becomes accepted will be the one that finally emerges from scientific debate as the one judged most plausible on the basis of a variety of criteria.

In 2% of cases plausible by is used

In a way, I want to make the incredible plausible by burying it in non-fiction stuff.

It must always be rendered plausible by some new fact or new motive; some hitherto untried appeal to reason or emotion.

If you look at the mesopause temperature (180K ), it is very plausible by N &Z's; grey-body mean temperature calculations.

Their use of the truth is in all cases merely an essential strategy in promoting a bigger lie, or spin, made plausible by manufactured complexity.

It came with a little booklet outlining the Pilgrim I's initial flyby missions to Mars and Venus, all of it entirely plausible by the standards the time.

Enda Kenny as a leader of a country come on, an old grumpy man as minister of finance, Howlin couldn't change a tyre, Gilmore makes Kenny look plausible by comparison.

As I have said, this is an incredible claim, rendered even less plausible by the fact that he does not appear to understand what sort of evidence would make it plausible.

In 2% of cases plausible from is used

We can excuse his doing so if he is trying to make the negative dao seem plausible from our present lights.

But this book doesn't just tell us why the old earth view is more plausible from a scientific standpoint, although it does that well.

What follows from what you have argued? Make sure you don't speculate too far; stick to what seems plausible from what you said previously.

Some philosophers have argued that the Leibnizian theory at least in some cases seem to be more plausible from an intuitive point of view than the Ockhamistic theory.

Jane and Lynn are both really, really erratic and unreliable generally; if it's plausible that anyone would make up a story like that, it would be plausible from either of them.

However we, like all normal people, do reserve the freedom to judge different beliefs, to separate the good from the bad, the plausible from the impossible, the reasonable from the silly.

In 1% of cases plausible without is used

This would be more plausible without automation.

In the context, it's too strong to be plausible without some corroboration.

We just do not see such a scenario as plausible without an MPC willing to countenance following the ECB into ZIRP.

To pointlessly defy science, when a small change would make your story plausible without harming the narrative, goes totally against the spirit of science fiction.

In 1% of cases plausible about is used

Most likely, though, seems that I've forgotten far more than I would have thought plausible about a book I have indeed read, and enjoyed.

When you play a Call of Duty game there's something plausible about the situation you play in, there's an authenticity, a Call of Duty feel.

McGee and McLaughlin suggest that this combination of constraints lets us preserve what is plausible about M2, without accepting that it is true.

And even White Fungus, so hopeful and beautiful while being plausible about the end of life as we know it, which of course is what the future will be like, one way or another.

Also, there are far too many coincidences to be remotely plausible about survivors who knew each other before the Flood constantly running into each other after the big disaster.

In 1% of cases plausible within is used

The logic of the action must be interesting and plausible within the principles established by the style.

In 1% of cases plausible under is used

But a survey of regulated parties would be more plausible under Bush.

In 1% of cases plausible over is used

A view that is plausible over separate lives is not obviously plausible over blended elements within one life.

In 1% of cases plausible after is used

A telepathic network might be plausible after the dark ages.

This seems especially plausible after The Beatles were finally added to iTunes last year; that was a watershed moment for a lot of boomers.

People can thereby be led to suspect that a more thorough treatment of any particular issue might show the official story to be plausible after all.

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