Prepositions after "plant"

plant in, on, with, at or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases plant in is used

These flowers can be planted in Dhaka as well.

I long instead, to be firmly planted in the Truth.

Only lift as many seedlings as you can plant in an hour.

The Rain trees planted in the school premise still standing and bear the sweet memory.

When planted in the Thing, the petunias take on a strange quality: if you are holding a.

It contains 4,500 types of trees and shrubs from all temperate regions of the world, planted in botanical sequence.

In your area, as with mine in Minnesota, the earth warms quicker in a raised bed compared to planting in the ground.

The Long Meadow Walk leads along the eastern edge of the Species Rich Hedgerow at point 16 which was planted in 1993.

I planted in late May, and we had a great growing season, damp and not too cool through July, and now hot, dry in August.

In 14% of cases plant on is used

About 800 of these trees were planted on the same morning.

The autumn flowers can be planted on both sides of the highways.

Also be sure to follow Converge Church Planting on Twitter &; Facebook.

Their economic standing has been firmly planted on the ground over at least two generations.

One can imagine what a rich vegetation it would have been before tea was planted on our hills.

Bodyweight Squats: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your heels firmly planted on the floor.

He was sitting sideways so he could talk to his mate in the seat behind and had his shoes firmly planted on the seat.

Potatoes do GREAT here in Alaska! I'll be harvesting the spuds that I planted on purpose in about another month or so.

There are many reasons that need to be taken into consideration when selecting what kind of grass to be planted on a golf course.

On 21/3/07 700 grevillea robusta and 50 pinus patula were planted on the Seminary upper slopes by the Form 3 and Form 4 students.

In 9% of cases plant with is used

Replant with healthy seedlings.

Information can be planted with specific intent.

A hill should be planted with 2-4 healthy seedlings.

Its whole length is planted with flowering shrubs and climbers.

There are farms in the process of being planted with ' bee friendly ' trees and shrubs.

Only two courses I know of in Malaysia are planted with this type of grass; both of them in the East Coast.

The IED mine, manufactured by Israel, is inert until a US vehicle (secretly planted with a triggering device) rolls over it.

It is particularly concerned about the 20,000 hectares of ancient woodland that were planted with conifers in the middle of the last century.

To The left rough grass is retained and is planted with Willows Salix alba chermesina, Birches Betula verrucosa and Lombardy Poplar Poplus nigra italica.

In 6% of cases plant at is used

It was also planted at various homesteads as a hedge.

Richard leans forward with his feet firmly planted at a safe distance.

Indra-pillar: A tall hardwood pillar, planted at the entrance to a village.

So, everybody must start to plant at their back gardens to lessen the effect.

Solution? Don't open any additional windows or apps for as long as you're planted at your study space.

Tuberous roots must be planted at sufficient depth for their fibrous roots with stem buds near the surface.

As cars approached the village, trees planted at shorter intervals created the illusion that the landscape was zipping past at a faster rate.

According to press reports, a bomb was planted at Khatak's shrine in the Akora Khattak village, which destroyed the dome and walls of the structure.

The seeds for the IKEA Foundation's grant to KickStart, for example, were planted at last year's Clinton Global Initiative, says Per Heggenes, the fund's chief executive.

Terezya Huvisa participates in tree planting at the High Level Segment of the 11th Meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Tanzania is among the countries with mega-biodiversity.

In 6% of cases plant by is used

Hijalas can be planted by the Beels (marshes).

RONALD REAGAN Regimes planted by bayonets do not take root.

He said it was planted by mischievous persons and had been removed.

These must have been among those originally planted by the Verleys.

Middle left: Planting by volunteers at Pit Park, from the Pit Park Facebook page.

When he mentioned that the area has a lot of ancient durian trees planted by indigenous people long ago, he had us hooked.

GROUNDS &; GARDEN The first lawn at King's House was planted by John Peter Grant, who also had the garden professionally laid out.

The first church planted by my parents is Efeso, but now there are about 26 Baptist churches that have been planted in Tabora region by my parents.

Many trees have been passed down through generations, and Jok Eng could point out trees planted by his mother, his father, his grandfather, and himself.

In 4% of cases plant to is used

Within the United States, and worldwide, more area is planted to Bt maize Zea mays L.

They have 8 ha of vines on Georges Road, Waipara, planted to 4 ha Riesling and 2 ha each of Pinot Gris and Syrah.

Farmers reported severe feeding injury by corn rootworm to Bt maize in problem fields but not in control fields planted to Bt or non-Bt maize.

Thus, as the area planted to refuge decreases or resistance becomes more dominant, pests are predicted to evolve resistance more quickly 11, 12.

Large areas of the island are planted to coconuts, mostly by pre-World War II German settlers and descendents of Arab, Shirazi and Baluchi pioneers.

For example, control fields were planted to soybeans in 7 of 35 fields-years while problem fields were not planted to soybeans in any of the 28 field-years.

In 3% of cases plant around is used

Many of the first trees planted around the convent were pine trees.

Over 100 varieties of trees and bushes are planted around the Capitol and thousands of flowers are used in seasonal displays.

On nurseries the Euphorbia plants can be planted around the seedbed to prevent access of termites to the palm seedlings and young palms.

He had trees planted around the house, and in 1847 laid the embankment across the slobland as a carriageway linking the Isle to the mainland.

If you are not prepared to buy a more expensive inline unit you can camouflage the heater by planting around it or placing some wood in front of it.

In 3% of cases plant for is used

The seeds were planted for polarisation and confrontation.

There were already some trees on the farm but he stepped up planting for shelter belts, which also doubled as shade cover for stock.

Kevin later introduced her to producer/guitarist Gerry O'Beirne and the seeds were planted for this unique and exceptional recording project.

Tom Nebel is the Director of Church Planting for Converge Worldwide (formerly the Baptist General Conference ), a position he accepted in 2006.

These were all part of the main coverup which was successful as they did coverup the hooking enough to allow a new narrative to be planted for public consumption.

Furthermore, Cry3Bb1 maize was planted for significantly more field-years in problem fields (14 of 28 field-years) than in control fields (6 of 35 field-years) (G = 7.

In 2% of cases plant into is used

If you will be planting into an existing bed, soil preparation is very easy.

Afterwards, they can be planted into soil or compost, and grown on like any conventional plant.

The idea was to get on your knees with your hands behind your back and knock over an iphone (about 2 feet away) using your nose, all without face planting into the bar floor.

One of the reasons of building huge and beautiful Buddha Statues is that it attracts more visitors to the site, and thus seed of enlightenment can be planted into more people's mindstream.

In 1% of cases plant along is used

The turns had boxwood bushes planted along the outside wall, the sign was behind the bushes.

Some of the flowers we had planted on Russell's grave, we found them planted along the path up the hill, they still had the straw from Russell's grave site, around them.

In 1% of cases plant during is used

Between 1,000 and 2,000 young seedlings were to be planted during the expected March-April 2007 rains.

In 1% of cases plant from is used

Most are cultivars, which can not be planted from seeds; only from parts of the mother plant.

Tulips can be planted from October until the end of November in holes about 10 cm (4ins) deep.

In 1% of cases plant under is used

Cheap Jordan Shoes hen Hags, planted under the skin at the base o ' his skull.

In 1% of cases plant within is used

By just viewing a Buddha statue, we would be receiving so many blessings and the seeds of Dharma are planted within us.

On 19/3/07 the Tanzanian Tree Seed Agency delivered 860 trees for planting within the Seminary grounds at a cost of Tsh 302,500/- (about? 121).

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