Prepositions after "place"

"place in" or "place on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases place in is used

Dogs can be placed in dog kennels.

Rinse rice and place in a 2-qt pot.

China is better placed in this regard.

When cold, a little yeast is placed in it on a piece of toast, producing fermentation.

Sharp objects should be removed from carry-on luggage and placed in checked-in luggage.

Remember that the holder of an ETA does not have a visa label placed in their passport.

I REALLY REALLY hate these placed in very busy public places like on Redbox machines or pedestrian bridges at malls.

I think it is not only Jane Fairfax who is taken apart and sprinkled around several places in the story of Clueless.

It was placed in a limousine hearse decorated with flowers to the sound of the last post sounded by military buglers.

Pay packets that would be placed in the front of their vans to taunt the skint striking miners they were at war with.

In 31% of cases place on is used

Place on dehydrating rack, do not stack.

Applicants may be placed on a waiting list.

The new quotient, 1, is placed on top of 12.

During the Fast of Ramadan strict restraints are placed on the daily lives of Muslims.

Place on these individuals a person's summer sweet cheap ugg boots uk striking dresses.

There are differing opinions about the strong reliance now placed on informed consent.

We played a game where several items were placed on a table, and she had one minute to try to remember all the items.

No cap has been placed on the number of FSW applications that include a validated job offer from a Canadian employer.

There were grievious losses due to misunderstanding on the part of some of the archers placed on the ' Ainain Hill '.

For a start, my delegation calls for greater emphasis to be placed on concessionary lending and greater use of grants.

In 5% of cases place at is used

The provisional agenda is placed at Annex 1.

Revaluationtakes place at the end of the period.

The utensils are placed at the end of the buffet.

Second , Gehenna is always placed at the end of the world after the resurrection (Matt.

For one, the purifier might require to be placed at certain position in a room for maximum effect.

The following text, logo or at least a link must be placed at point of data capture on our websites.

Now listen to this, in this department Sierra Leone in Africa is at the lowest rung of the index and is placed at 177.

Then he quietly opened the bundle of money and took out two hundred-dollar bills, which he placed at the Master's feet.

Besides this, there is also the statues of the 18 immortals, as well as statues of little monks placed at strategic spots.

Fifteen of the graduates from the programme would be placed at the hub and the rest in various companies across the country.

In 4% of cases place under is used

Place under grill for a few minutes.

It demands to be placed under a microscope.

The treasures are placed under the child's profile.

What is a cotta? Answer: A pad of leaves or cloth placed under loads carried on the head.

Will you be buying toys that are made in China to place under the Christmas tree this year? MR.

We, the People, were declared to be the same as public enemy and placed under military authority.

Through this amendment the organisation was de jure placed under the President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

A total of 10 statements were recorded and the 25-year-old victim has been placed under the care of the Indonesian consulate.

The eggs may be kept for several days (cool, but not refrigerated) if turned daily, and then may be placed under a chicken hen.

In 3% of cases place into is used

The hood was placed into a dish of water.

Soil is placed into a large container of water.

Then they are combined and placed into the oven to bake.

You will then be asked to sign in and your selections will be placed into your account.

Place into a jug, add the sugar and pour over the boiling water, stir and leave to cool.

When placed into motion, oscillation will take place at the natural frequency f n which is a property of the system.

On the eve of the festival of Lupercalia the names of Roman girls were written on slips of paper and placed into jars.

The guard told me the following For the next twelve months you will: * Be placed into a full body latex punishment suit.

The banknotes prepared by Gardiner seem never to have been placed into circulation, although they were delivered to the Rif.

In 3% of cases place upon is used

A particular focus is being placed upon the air technology sector.

Here I will discuss just one: an expectation placed upon the addicted.

And yet even that wasn't the full extent of the burden placed upon Goldeneye's shoulders.

I feel like a lot of emphasis is placed upon the wedding and the beginning days of marriage.

Either way, a judge has a demanding job and there is quite a bit of responsibility placed upon them.

The word crooked is pronounced as ' crookED ' the emphasis being placed upon the ' ED ' in the word.

One of the reasons The Power Of Kroll fails, must be down to the constraints placed upon Robert Holmes.

Those Bills, as Senator Symon tells us, have not yet been placed upon the statute-book of Great Britain.

I reacted to the mathematics quiz I had to take the following week; I reacted to the expectations placed upon me.

Globalisation, increased consumption and climate change all mean that more pressure is placed upon forest resources.

In 2% of cases place before is used

The time-measure should be placed before the negation?

But when it was placed before John, it was in a symbol.

Next Day Delivery (orders placed before 15:00 GMT ): 13.

Applications received by SIA are placed before the FIPB within 15 days of receipt.

Evidence was placed before the Inquiry from family members in the form of affidavits.

You need to get placed before the most significant directional development move happens.

Buddhist traditionally make offering of light, flowers, incense and even fruits, which they place before an image of the Buddha.

And, with respect to Skud, I do not think there will be major challenges to gun control laws placed before the SCotUS for quite some time.

As showing the diversity of opinion, we place before reader some of the views, --especially where they bear upon the subject of Irish religion.

I am not sure this is a valid criticism, since if his clients wished to source the allegation the information could easily have been placed before the court.

In 2% of cases place by is used

There is thus too much imbalance with EARTH supported by METAL placed by you.

It is (conceptually) replaced by the children of the fo:marker that it retrieves.

It is a terraced mound and has some of the greatest stones ever placed by humans.

Any orders placed by those aged under 18 must be with the consent of a parent or carer.

Drive down the road and the billboard you pass will probably have been placed by Scangroup.

Age Any orders placed by those aged under 18 must be with the consent of a parent or carer.

As part of the step of objectifying, the characters that occur in the result tree are replaced by fo:character nodes.

This is why they are able to handle the different types of battery packs orders that are placed by their online clients.

It is important to understand that theBobbery has no control over policies and cookies or beacons placed by those networks.

In 2% of cases place for is used

Say that you are coming right place for Satellite Directs HD VIDEO.

In this way mirrors are uniquely placed for both sections of the ring.

Also, i believe that there is a time and place for motorsports on the street.

There is a time and place for heavy Rock or Rap music and your bath is not one of them.

Why did it take so long for you to do so? There is always a right time and place for everything.

It is important to choose an appropriate time and place for these discussions and set aside time for them.

It was used first to lift concrete segments weighing an average of 70 tonnes in to place for the new southbound viaduct.

Holidays in Runaway Bay are ideally placed for visiting most of the interesting spots on the north coast of Jamaica from Falmouth to Ocho Rios.

Oh, and Sanchez? While I'll never fault him for leaving school early, and agree there's a time and place for everything, never forget Pete Carroll was right.

The PROTONs were on screen for six minutes during the section, which was filmed last year, and were then taken into the studio where they were placed for the closing part of the show.

In 2% of cases place over is used

A crown, bridge or denture is then placed over the implant.

It is to the cross placed over them that the indulgence is attached.

Orders placed over these amounts can result in custom charges occurring.

For those who wish to they can come under the mantle God has placed over us.

This is a wooden grate standing on four forked sticks placed over a slow fire.

The puppet body is placed over the arm and head usually resides on the fingers.

For those who wish to, they can come under the mantle that God has placed over us.

SEALANT Clear application of acrylic placed over the biting surface of the tooth to prevent decay.

Telephone calls are placed over these copper wires by transmitting voice data at frequencies of 0 to 3,400 hertz.

Movable blinds - these are placed over the glass and used to limit solar gain and can help with reducing heat loss at night.

In 2% of cases place with is used

I don't think the T should be placed with LGB in this case.

You will have your iv arm wrist or hand needle is replaced with catheter.

Less than 4% of the 140 co-op students were placed with Burlington firms.

The bet he places with his friend on their victims ' odds is a nice and gruesome touch, too.

However, many of the best wind sites are often not favourably placed with respect to the grid.

I just received my order I place with you only a few days ago and I will say I was very pleased with my order.

There are also many hundreds of organisations across Wales who have young volunteers placed with them by their local Volunteer Centre.

About The Author After becoming an Engineer and getting placed with a huge IT firm, Rakesh refused it all to explore the world of Online Marketing.

The National Parks are places that have great success thanks to tourist level are always places with a truly spectacular natural beauty and striking.

In 1% of cases place after is used

Any bids placed after that time will be void.

We offer a Saturday Guarantee Service for orders placed after 3pm on Thursdays or during 9am and 3pm on Fridays.

Orders placed after 3pm each working day will be delivered within 2 working days from time of order to all major metro areas and capital cities in Australia.

In this sentence pattern? is placed after the first verb which is in the conditional clause, and the adverb? is placed before the second verb of the sentence.

Don't know how you would work that out, but it's only ONE TIME and then you have the rest of your life without ever having a period again! I had an IUD placed after my first child.

In 1% of cases place between is used

Men tend to place between 500g and 1.

A foam roller was then placed between the knees and held tight 3.

If you are going to swing, the ball should be placed between your feet.

The grid is placed between the cathode and anodes and is made negative with respect to the cathode.

It was placed between the houses and the local shops, with the access path running right through the school.

The process is accomplished by an active medium placed between a pair of mirrors that act as a feedback mechanism.

If choosing to use paper napkins, the napkins may be placed between each plate in the stack to conserve space (not more than 12 plates per stack).

But putting a paan is nothing that I have to contend with, the basic problem arises after the paan has been neatly placed between the teeth and gum.

The Memorial, placed between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorials, occupies a central position in the memorial architecture of the National Mall.

In 1% of cases place inside is used

Remove celery, onions, and aromatics placed inside bird earlier.

This mixture is placed inside the sheep's stomach, which is sewn closed.

It is your official prize for becoming a Club Penguin Water Ninja and is placed inside your amulet.

I have seen these glued to the tip of bolts and placed inside holes to make the bolt look very real.

Extra dishes are very handy to have ready to place inside the cage too, for things like treats or grits.

The chip that holds several personal details is no longer visible and is placed inside the passport cover.

Just being placed inside a cell, and not being able to go out to go to your family is torture enough, but going through physical torture is terrible.

In 1% of cases place to is used

I'd also CEO of The Physio Co: Australia's 8th Best Place to Work.

With the balladry placed to one side for a while it was time again to dance.

One of the reasons could be due to a holiday in the country where the call is placed to.

With Singapore strategically positioned within Asia, we are well placed to leverage on these growth opportunities.

We see growing global linkages in Africa and we are well placed to leverage the emerging opportunities to mutual benefit.

The police? s only lead was a phone call placed to her best friend in which a man claimed she had joined a religious cult.

Wards were then placed to both ensure magic would not be detected by the magical government and disable the wards protecting their target.

The website said its checks to ascertain the veracity of the reports yielded no friutful results as several calls placed to his phones didn't go through.

Years before, when I was in college, I had a gun placed to my head during a robbery as another gunman's pistol whipped the manager of the restaurant where I worked.

In 1% of cases place within is used

Placed within a awesome ventilated place dry, stay obvious of instant sunlight.

Mo and the girl scream in absolute terror as their bodies are placed within their graves.

Miliband's lauded speech should be placed within the context of the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence.

But we have forced republicanism to face up to the reality of Northern Ireland? s place within the United Kingdom.

With that belief goes the important Landmark of the Volume of the Sacred Law (or Lore) placed within the Lodge, at every Lodge Meeting.

Students often complain that they can not see the point of learning algebra so all of the teaching of skills here is placed within contexts.

In particular, note that even mathematical expressions consisting of a single character, like f and a in the example above, are placed within $ signs.

Members of the Cornerstone Church are encouraged to fing a place of ministry in the Body of Christ and utilize the gifts the Holy Spirit has placed within them.

Strategy ahead and make sure that going to be the accessories will be able to be the case placed within your household without having leading to explore any hassle.

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