Prepositions after "pin"

"pin to" or "pin on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases pin to is used

An old woman with a clunky hearing aid pinned to her apron opens the door Mrs.

The politics of devolution explains the intensity of hopes and expectations that have been pinned to it.

When your shoulder gets pinned to your neck then the resistance stops and the top player finishes the choke.

If you didn't have yellow ribbons on your antenna and pinned to your shirt, you were supposed to commit suicide or something.

I can't think of a notification I need that I don't get from either the Me tile or the app live tile I pinned to the start screen.

See the large red P on the right-hand side of this page - click on it and you will be taken to my boards and what I have pinned to them.

Pinned posts have a small, yellow ribbon in the right corner of the post -- that's how you know it's pinned to the top of a Facebook Wall.

There were paintings and pencil sketches taped or pinned to the walls and curtains, and canvases, notebooks and portfolios leaning against baseboards and chair and table legs.

All motions, signed by the proposer and seconded, should be handed to the Treasurer/Secretary at least 48 hours before the General Meeting in order to be pinned to the notice board in time.

In 24% of cases pin on is used

Nor can it be pinned on Eric Fehrstrom.

But really, I do nt want to pin on any player.

MIT Centre for Connection Science pinned on my butterfly chart.

Every time they pin on a number, pro cyclists face countless dangers.

Given that democrats have controlled this state for a couple of decades, it simply can not be pinned on republicans.

We all know what that means in WWE's world of pass the parcel booking, Cena's the one getting pinned on Sunday night.

On the other hand Romney's remark is being characterized as playing to the stereotype the Democrats have worked to pin on him.

In 6% of cases pin at is used

Clint has the little 600 pinned at all times.

The sides of her hair are pinned at the back of her head, though her sideswept bangs are still sort of falling into her face.

In 6% of cases pin beneath is used

People who saw the accident ran down and found Curry pinned beneath his machine.

Three passengers were pinned beneath window frames and had to extricated by emergency crews.

Three passengers were pinned beneath window frames and had to be extricated by emergency crews.

During the Battle of Freeman's Farm, Arnold's leg was severely wounded when pinned beneath his horse.

In 6% of cases pin in is used

Good dog though, too bad he didn't rip the guy's face off while he was pinned in the door.

A collision, a crash, the car instantly a crumpled, horrible heap, himself pinned in the telescoped berth, caught between seat and seat.

In 4% of cases pin against is used

Jong-kook's quick to prevent Shin-soo from reaching and soon he's got the baseball player pinned against the wall.

In 4% of cases pin for is used

Oh I LOVE Pinterest! Have been pinning for well over a year now.

I was glad to hear that posts can only be pinned for a week before they drop back down into the timeline.

In 4% of cases pin like is used

If I'd pinning like crazy I won't be doing Project Life.

If I'd doing Project Life, I won't be pinning like crazy.

In 4% of cases pin under is used

By the time tires stopped screeching, Sanz was pinned under the bus.

In 3% of cases pin from is used

Even Pinterest (though seriously, what you would pin from this blog I do not know).

I also just repin from others on Pinterest, have tried pinning from actual sites but it seemed a bit glitchy and would appear differently.

In 3% of cases pin into is used

There were two signs in the display cabinet, one pinned into a side of corned beef, the other into a slab of red sirloin.

However, I won't be pinned into agreeing with all of what he says on the grounds that he has a few opinions that I do agree with.

In 1% of cases pin inside is used

The man was killed instantly but the woman, in her 40s, was pinned inside the crumpled car and had to be monitored by emergency crews using binoculars until they could get to her.

In 1% of cases pin onto is used

The sheets are screwed onto the batten on the gunwale sheet and glued and pinned onto the swim sheet which takes a bit of care to ensure that the pins do not come out the front of the sheet.

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