Prepositions after "picture"

"picture in" or "picture with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases picture in is used

Just the one pictured in this blog.

Michel Lacoste (pictured in February ), 69, has.

The film won three Oscars, including Best Picture in 1972.

Kev I have you pictured in a skin tight Superhero outfit flexing tiny biceps in the mirror.

Figure 1: Some of the students and staff from Team UOW (pictured in front of the type of '.

Here they are pictured in the Oval Office in March Netanyahu is expected to deliver an uncompromising address to the U.

Please note that you can get up close and personal with all the wildlife pictured in this post by clicking on the photos to enlarge them.

As I availed of those amenities the other day, I noticed again that one of those boats pictured in the glorious photographs of yesteryear was named ' Verve '.

This was followed by the David Niven-starring adaptation of Verne? s Around the World in 80 Days (1956) from United Artists, which won the Academy Award as Best Picture in its year.

In 23% of cases picture with is used

Here he is pictured with his dog, Julian, just a few.

Other incoming freshmen are also pictured with the Dem leader.

Don't worry, they are all used to me forcing them to take a girls picture with me every time we get together.

Sue Clarke, pictured with some of the products she sells, is urging job-hunters to consider becoming self-employed.

SDFL/Splash News/file Gisele Bundchen (pictured with her son, Benjamin) had to apologize for a statement she made about breast-feeding.

Loss: Robert Kennedy Senior (pictured with Robert Jr, left) was assassinated in 1968 The next generation of Kennedys suffered no fewer tragedies.

In 13% of cases picture at is used

The 26-year-old star ' who is rumoured to be dating Johnny Depp ' reportedly didn't want to be pictured at the party.

Bieber was pictured at NBC's Today Show at the Rockefeller Plaza in New York last week and showed off a very faint ' tache.

In 11% of cases picture on is used

The old man pictured on this coin spoke to me.

And proving the extent of her popularity, she was pictured on the cover of.

He was pictured on the cover of that issue in a most unpresidential pose, spread eagle and sporting an arrogant grin.

That helps explain why Assad and Nasrallah are pictured on the billboard and other posters around Lebanon conveying a message of solidarity.

When the astronomical object that is pictured on the card is in the sky above Christchurch New Zealand, Science Centre staff aim the telescope and your message is sent to deep pace.

In 10% of cases picture by is used

Their departure from iniquity is pictured by the wilderness.

Ansah (Picture by Courtesy of Police Band) Chief Inspector S.

Pictured: Paris Hilton Ref: SPL263672 090411 Picture by: Amanda Leddy / Splash News Spla.

Tawiah (Picture by Courtesy of Police Band) Thereafter, Superintendent of Police (Supol) Mr.

Ziorklui died in active service in 1995 (Picture by Courtesy of Police Band) Music, Kneller Hall, in the United Kingdom.

In 3% of cases picture to is used

The two products pictured to the right have solved this problem for me.

One can easily picture to one's self usa soccer shoes these two women, both of whom were over sixty years of age.

Thus, as Henry Tilney makes clear, Eleanor, fearing for her brother in the army, ' immediately pictured to herself a mob of three thousand men assembling in St.

In 2% of cases picture of is used

Yet all we are ever going to see on CNN is pictures of heroic cops and National Guardsmen saving the day.

In 2% of cases picture without is used

Madonna and Geri Halliwell are rarely pictured without a bottle of mineral water to hand, and Claudia Schiffer reportedly even washes her hair in it.

In 1% of cases picture after is used

Pell Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell, pictured after mass yesterday, has questioned whether a Commission would serve any purpose.

In 1% of cases picture before is used

Kosovo and Metohija on the cross! Can we picture before our eyes anything more distressful than this? One can not speak while standing at the cross.

In 1% of cases picture outside is used

He is pictured outside Ajarn Anek's place.

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