Prepositions after "picky"

picky about, with, in, on or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases picky about is used

QBASIC is very picky about this.

And yes, pretty picky about food.

I'd very picky about things I do.

In Anlong, the organic farmers are even picky about whom they sell their produce to.

Thanks Bernadette! My goddaughter, Erin, is very picky about pretty much everything.

It was probably just as well and I became less picky about trying to find dry ground.

Better value? If you aren't too picky about what you buy, Poundland can definitely provide value on grocery items.

Today's actors, conscious about their brand image, are more picky about the films they want to be associated with.

I know she is picky about her food, but she's fed better than anyone I know, including myself! Ah, - a new pooter.

Aamir, who is known to be picky about his films, said that he was drawn to the script which was **25;11307;TOOLONG.

In 14% of cases picky with is used

He is very picky with his food.

She is very picky with her eating.

Then he won't be so picky with food.

Don't be picky with your choosing, and don't expect discounts if you are buying one fish.

I'd extremely picky with my nails and they have to be perfect or they will drive me crazy.

I really couldn't be picky with food unlike my brothers; I had to eat what was given to me.

Jennifer Lawrence is very picky with her scripts so I think it is reasonable to believe that this is the case and also the.

I'd very picky with phones and whilst it does everything I want it to there is one factor that is literally killing me everyday.

But they are successful and I have to confess, even I like them, and when it comes to books I am Picky with a most definite capital P.

I'd picky with the freshness and variety of my meat and even though I'd not a big eater, I'd guilty of polishing off two plates of beef.

In 4% of cases picky in is used

But I'd not picky in what I use.

I'd very very very picky in choosing my food now.

So, Jessica wasn't very picky in choosing her series.

It also seemed like they were less picky in terms of the locations of their branches/franchises.

Some are pretty costly (especially guns) so you need to be picky in terms of what you need upgraded.

Women are becoming more independent nowadays, they are also more picky in choosing their important self.

I know this may seem picky in this example but an economic theory has to have multiple (if not universal) application.

We're quite picky in the people we choose, and a past history helps, but get in touch and we'll see what we can work out.

From looking at these comments and reading the article, I'll say there are definitely people who are too picky in the first few meetings.

Man, where is Perry???? Next election, the republican party needs to be a bit more picky in choosing THEIR candidate, cause this election is a wrap.

In 4% of cases picky on is used

In fact its knit picky on HP behalf.

Many also damn picky on destinations.

Be picky on what opportunities you take.

Since then, she became picky on the Plaintiff and imposed new restrictions on his work.

My Favorite Activities During Vacation I'd not too picky on my activities when I take time off.

Not a livestock guy but I might look at being a little picky on cows/culling and hold more heifers.

We are not picky on the specific cuisine (steak, Italian, Asian, etc ), and we are not food snobs so nothing too pretentious.

Definetely take nice shoes though, because if Europe is anything like Australia, sometimes they're very picky on what shoes you have on.

Of course you need the cakes to taste good enough to sell (no one wants a dry cake) but it's easy to become too picky on little details.

I'll include information about what my kids are loving (they get limited screen time, which makes them appreciate it all the more -- and get more picky on what they want to play) and what I'd into.

In 2% of cases picky for is used

Employers are picky for good reason.

I don't need to be picky for 15 px to be exact.

This woman lived with picky for years and had fun.

Even if I work for Passau, I'd always picky for my glove and this one is incredible.

She's involved with some projects she likes very much, but she's too picky for my taste.

It's the idea that other people are very choosy and picky for what they look for in a friend or a conversational partner.

If you are picky for the form of boots or shoes you clad the feet along with then you've absolutely found a person's fit right here.

In 1% of cases picky as is used

You will be picky as part of your enrolling.

So, please do not be that picky as to what is there and what is missing.

Especially something as nit picky as the way US citizens communicate when they court each other.

I was incredibly picky as a child and basically lived on peanut butter and jelly and macaroni and cheese.

It turns out that polar bears aren't real picky as to what they eat and have been killed by eating lead acid batteries/hydraulic fluid and antifreeze.

In 1% of cases picky at is used

Horses can be funny and very picky at times.

I'd say they will be very picky at the final inspection.

As a freelancer I often can't be too picky at the projects I choose, after all I have a family to feed.

If you're going to get picky at one drug then make damn sure the legal high of booze has a leg to stand on.

I do admit that I can be picky at times but when you pay the thousands of dollars it costs to take a vacation at a.

Granted, this is partially due to the fact that I'd really picky at buying clothes, but it's also because I'd really stingy and scrimping for more important things right now.

They're Resourceful and Politely Picky at Restaurants Successfully fit people find healthful alternatives to selections on any menu, from a five-star restaurant's to any fast food outlet.

In 1% of cases picky of is used

Thus it has a gift choice to match the most picky of clients.

I'd learning to very very picky of what balls to pick up now.

Be picky of what moves you go heavy on, as some are unfavorable to excess weight.

Here is a picky of yours truly with his hands grounded in the soil feeling very content.

The variety of dishes is wide enough to satisfy the most picky of eaters and their preparation is authentic.

I tell my husband that, if our hypothetical future kid is as picky of an eater as he is, I'd sending it back.

As to food and toilets and hypersleep pods being configured for humans? Seriously? This is the most nit picky of your points.

In 1% of cases picky over is used

I am extremely picky over little things.

Other Answers (1 - 30 of 39) You got ta be picky over those kind of persons.

The Animal series has occasionally been used in commercial situations but I've always been very picky over where.

Furthermore, when your property finally comes to market, you may not be in a position to be too picky over your tenants.

But that would be being picky over something that is simply quite superfluous and not at all a bearing on the game overall.

The worst thing is that she is extremely picky over outside food and she has to eat at every two-hour interval round the clock.

In 1% of cases picky to is used

She is also very picky to who holds her as well.

I have never wanted it to be flawless, as that is too picky to me.

There are so many people out there hiring writers that you are allowed to be picky to a certain degree.

His family have money, and they are very picky to other people and most of the time only see what is bad in others.

This is going to sound inordinately picky to those of you who aren't obsessed with supernatural, mythology-laden narratives, but I swear, there's a reason behind my nitpickery.

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