Prepositions after "pessimistic"

pessimistic about, on, in, of or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases pessimistic about is used

So I am pessimistic about the future.

Almost English pessimistic about this.

But he is pessimistic about the future.

My advisor sounded rather pessimistic about it because of the boundaries/mult.

But let's not be so pessimistic about an independent Scotland's economic future.

In that sense I can not be pessimistic about the future of the Church in Ireland.

You don't want to know me-I've become rather pessimistic about the future of this country that I love so much.

But despite their efforts he was already pessimistic about their chances as he revealed during a webchat for CNN.

I think you're a bit too pessimistic about what those low-cost schools are achieving with very limited resources.

The study indicates that Spanish society despises posted signs of recovery and is pessimistic about the economic.

In 5% of cases pessimistic in is used

Again, I say that I am pessimistic in this regard.

And I'd pretty sure I was being pessimistic in my estimates.

People become pessimistic in terms of sense of responsibility, sense of acceptability.

Like Ha-Joon Chang, I am pessimistic in the short term but optimistic over the longer term.

It ultimately determines whether we remain optimistic or pessimistic in achieving our goals.

Director of BRAC Legal Aid Services, Fostina Perey, says that the approach of state is incredibly pessimistic in these cases.

It is rather pessimistic in the intermediate to long term, though very optimistic in the very long term (more than 10 years).

Scottish surveyors were also among the most pessimistic in the UK when it came to future prices, with many expecting a fall during the spring.

In this case, I was pessimistic in the beginning, but the signs indicated that things would work out my way, so I made the mistake of having hope.

In 5% of cases pessimistic on is used

I honestly am quite pessimistic on this subject.

Home supporters, though, are pessimistic on the whole.

Doctors and medical staff alike were pessimistic on his face.

Although pessimistic on the ability of the rich democracies to control spending, Mr.

While I still think that you are very pessimistic on wind and solar growth, I won't go into that.

Some people think Buddhism is pessimistic on hearing the first truth, but: - this is only the first truth.

And while he is pretty pessimistic on the US, Duncan says there is a way out if policymakers make bold decisions.

Obviously even better would be if we could just come to an agreement on a new deal but I'd still quite pessimistic on that.

Interesting math, but I think your numbers are pessimistic on the blog side! It only counts the people who subscribe by rss.

I'd a bit pessimistic on the chances for a new general design blog, but will say I think personality plays just as much a role as the content.

In 4% of cases pessimistic of is used

Machiavelli was actually the less pessimistic of the two.

Given this, I am pessimistic of any positive outcome for Tamils from Geneva.

Prabhupada: Yes, unless one is pessimistic of this material world, he is animal.

Even the most pessimistic of Kenya-watchers must recognize that the country has taken a step forwards.

People respond to optimists better than pessimists, and your party has become pretty pessimistic of late.

Surely He Can Get the Ex-Tenants to Pay for What They Did The landlord is very pessimistic of every collecting.

De Guzman talking about life at Dallas Julian De Guzman's story is one that can inspire even the most pessimistic of us.

I'd not as pessimistic of Klein but in the past week we've experienced a Government determined to push through a radical agenda.

I am probably one of the most pessimistic of the commenters here on the Belmont Club concerning the current situation of the West.

Jade Silver does have some good points, and it would great if something comes of his/her efforts, quite pessimistic of this though.

In 2% of cases pessimistic at is used

I feel so pessimistic at this moment about where we're headed.

Their approach to issues can be very pessimistic at it's best.

Western and Coast provinces are the most pessimistic at 74% and 70% respectively.

I could be wrong, but I see no reason to go full-blown pessimistic at the moment.

I'd pretty pessimistic at the moment after Wolves and without Jones, so I'll go for 1-2 defeat and take anything better.

It's quite sad actually -- and here, Ng has created an emotionally complex piece that is really both funny and pessimistic at the same time.

Overall, the Irish tend to be upbeat (at least in public) and pessimistic at the same time, so they often think the weather is just about to turn.

Love cheering on the under appreciated Bluesand while I may be pessimistic at times I do my best to be fair (impossible with the Chels of course ).

As individuals we can be optimistic about the 20th century with its improving prospects of health and happiness but pessimistic at the slow progress towards liberal democracy.

Recent polling shows Americans are pessimistic at the state of the economy and have little confidence in Obama's economic policies -- but that Romney has yet to carve out a significant advantage.

In 2% of cases pessimistic for is used

I'd way too pessimistic for that.

I'd not too pessimistic for a few reasons.

This makes me pessimistic for Venezuelans ability to risk, and fight.

Raisa Wickrematunge is pessimistic for the prospects of free speech in Sri Lanka '.

I think your extrapolations for renewables are grossly pessimistic for this reason.

They give a new perspective to native Irish Catholics, who have been pessimistic for too long.

The outlook of the rich and the poor differ in such a way that the rich is optimistic while the poor is pessimistic for the future.

Although there are signs of some recovery in infrastructure investment, the current outlook looks pessimistic for future economic recovery.

Professor Richard Tol, who was one of the lead authors for the IPCC, said that Stern consistently picked the most pessimistic for every choice that one can make.

The most pessimistic for continued improvement in the economy is the manufacturing sector at 26 per cent, while the finance industry at 8 per cent was least pessimistic.

In 2% of cases pessimistic with is used

However, I am pessimistic with regard to income distribution.

Weren't you a bit pessimistic with all the gloom and SLT mirror and RX1 etc.

Australians have every reason to be pessimistic with Gillard and first mate Swan at the helm.

Since the silver spot price dropped below $30, many investors become pessimistic with the future of silver.

Those working in the City are the most pessimistic with job security their main concern, and so they should.

Chris wasn't being dour or pessimistic with his views of the eventual champions, down one game and twice as many superstars against Indiana.

But you know, we're very pessimistic with this kind of thing, and we never get our hopes up regarding what people think of or expect from us.

In my opinion the HADCRUT3 data are the initial observations only, and I am a little pessimistic with the respect to the possible testing of any climate model.

Exports, however, are a completely different ballgame, where AKD Securities remains pessimistic with respect to Afghan volumes (our biggest individual export destination).

In 1% of cases pessimistic after is used

With the park ranger The guard was pessimistic after seeing some of the vitambis that guys were carrying generously.

The team was pessimistic after the season opening Australian Grand Prix that it could bring the car up to pace within just a few days.

Maybe im being too pessimistic after this poor run of form but it feels like its going to take sometime to get us back up to the Promised land.

In 1% of cases pessimistic as is used

However, I am very pessimistic as to what we will actually receive as the days progress.

But I am also pessimistic as to whether anything will make a blind bit of difference to the worst examples of it.

Again, looking at the current batch of TDs, I'd deeply pessimistic as whether that is a remotely likely possibility currently.

Police sources close to the case said they were becoming increasingly pessimistic as to whether the four-year-old would be found alive.

Still, if history teaches us anything, it's that one can not be as creatively pessimistic as the situation warrants, when it comes to the Vikings.

Financial conditions outlook turned less pessimistic as the index, while staying in the negative territory, continued to improve for the fourth consecutive quarter.

But I am pessimistic as to just how far any company will go if ROI is greater than 2 years *and* there's not a clear and compelling strategic advantage over the longer haul.

In 1% of cases pessimistic over is used

I've grown pessimistic over the last 4 years and still think the fix is in.

Chir I was one of those who thought you were being a bit pessimistic over the weekend.

The problem can partially be attributed to an escapist mentality that has encouraged many sincere Christians to be passive and pessimistic over their role in the earth.

Euan's plot, if perhaps a little pessimistic over the rate at which Ghawar is declining, is nevertheless true from an overall perspective of the changes we can anticipate.

Liverpool are not the club that Torres joined and the striker is pessimistic over the future and his patience has worn thin with the absence of investment or activity since the takeover.

In 1% of cases pessimistic regarding is used

So, what about the future? I remain pessimistic regarding academic software.

I must concede that I was pessimistic regarding the outcome of the Abdul Rahman apostasy case.

People of Greek stand strong on their feet and they weremore pessimistic regarding the near future of economic.

A survey conducted last year on an EU-wide scale found us to be the most pessimistic regarding our countries finances and perhaps we were right.

Ultimately, South Sudan faces immense challenges, and it is therefore difficult to avoid being pessimistic regarding the young state's future, as.

In 1% of cases pessimistic to is used

Julian Simon is still a man ahead of the times (which are pessimistic to the point of hysteria and open warfare).

Go forth with moderateness and don't do something that will make your heart pessimistic to the worship of All? h (swt).

If all this time you are pessimistic to yourself, then it is time to change yourself to be optimistic, highly appreciated, ambitious, and dare to take on challenges and risks.

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