Prepositions after "pervasive"

pervasive in, throughout, across, among or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases pervasive in is used

Sex is pervasive in today's culture.

It is pervasive in the 21sr century.

Addiction is pervasive in our country.

The unified field is the intelligent field of energy all pervasive in the Universe.

Equally important is the dialogic mode of interaction that is pervasive in the life of such a learning community.

The Herald Sun is a good read and highlights how reality stars are now all pervasive in the entertainment industry.

And we were able to raise the kids in an environment away from the destructive influence that is pervasive in urban CA.

A Catholic sense of ' guilt ' was pervasive in Irish society until the 1980s; almost everything had a tinge of ' sin '.

In 8% of cases pervasive throughout is used

This has been found to be quite pervasive throughout the system.

I fear the mentality you describe is pervasive throughout the Island.

Because this is what love is -- pervasive throughout whatever life throws at us.

However, these issues are pervasive throughout the New Zealand criminal justice system.

It's pervasive throughout the industry and sprinkled in with meaningless entertainment.

The effect of the deficient practice is not found to be pervasive throughout the facility.

You can look at the mission statement and it is very pervasive throughout this particular process.

However, equally pervasive throughout the text is a resolute call for courage in action amidst such darkness.

One feeling that has been generally pervasive throughout this whole time is the fear of not being good enough.

Excessive language L3 A) Obscene, sexually explicit or profane language is pervasive throughout the programming.

In 5% of cases pervasive across is used

The negativity is pervasive across both parties.

It is why insecurity has become so pervasive across the country.

That, coupled with support for different languages, has made it more pervasive across different cultures.

Decay has deeper roots, is pervasive across all political parties and social classes in Jamaican society.

Attention to security must be pervasive across all technologies a company uses and functionalities it provides.

ZARNI: The racism against the Muslims in general, in Burma is pervasive across the majority, minority, civilian, military and class lines.

I totally agree there's an over-emphasis on it re certain sites, though, possibly because it's become pervasive across several types of media.

With investment in skills development in how to successfully operate cloud environments, cloud expertise becomes pervasive across the IT organization.

In 5% of cases pervasive among is used

This dance is, I think, especially pervasive among social scientists.

We will tackle the widespread poverty so pervasive among the majority of our people.

And isolation is pervasive among other groups as well: the elderly, immigrants and refugees, many young people.

One can not miss the sheer size of the renewed hope that is so pervasive among the population of Mogadishu these days.

Anxiety about global warming is less pervasive among Israelis (48% ), Kenyans (48% ), Canadians (47%) and Indonesians (44%).

The event at CNAS was the quintessential example of the blinders and hubris that were so pervasive among COIN boosters and, in particular, Petraeus.

The terrorists have also been able to exploit the feeling of alienation and exclusion so pervasive among the impoverished and disenfranchised in many countries.

They offer the participant anonymity Mobile phone use and ability to send and receive text messages is pervasive among much of the Ugandan population of the region of Mbarra.

In 3% of cases pervasive on is used

Python and Ruby are pervasive on other countries such as the UK and of course Japan for Ruby.

Hedging against a precariously uncertain future is equally pervasive on the part of ordinary Afghans.

Amen! i must agree with the inferiority complex that is oh so pervasive on so many levels in caribbean culture.

The social and ecological problems associated with monoculture sugarcane production are pervasive on the island.

Our unwillingness to redefine the parameters of education is viral -- it's incredibly pervasive on a global scale.

Some experts reasoned that NHTSA is not acting because the agency typically does not dictate guidelines until a safety issue is pervasive on the road.

While technology is pervasive on its 144-acre Pittsburgh campus, Carnegie Mellon is also distinctive among leading research universities for the world-renowned programs in its College of Fine Arts.

In 2% of cases pervasive as is used

Technology has become pervasive as a target.

You probably can't overcome anything so pervasive as the model of work you grew up with.

Disenchantment is pervasive as the country slides further into both political and economic decline.

Such undercurrents, or countercurrents, appear to be as important and pervasive as the surface currents.

Internal trafficking of children is pervasive as the children are sold by their parents or forced into marriage, forced labour, sexual exploitation or domestic servitude.

In 2% of cases pervasive at is used

Snobbism was indeed pervasive at Harvard back then.

The first, pervasive at all meetings, is the shortage of teachers for English and Science and Maths.

And, that this needs to be pervasive at all levels if everyone is to stay energized and motivated to excel.

The circular nature of the case illustrates the revolving-door dynamic that has become pervasive at the SEC.

The bleachers were hot, the air thin and the vitriol pervasive at Grand Junction's Suplizio Field three summers ago.

It is pervasive at all levels of public management including the deliberate mismanagement of national economies for gain.

Undergraduate grade points can vary significantly due to choices in course load as well as grade inflation, which may be pervasive at one applicant 's.

According to various media reports as of late, a new trend in prohibiting the use of technology in the classroom has been becoming more pervasive at universities.

These are higher-level skills requiring action that can not be easily codified into the digital media that is so pervasive at all levels of industry, government and organisations.

In 2% of cases pervasive of is used

Metadata will be pervasive of distributed information environments.

However, many barriers stand in her way, most pervasive of which is funding.

There are several myths in the world about security, but the most pervasive of these has to do with password security.

The Best: Poltergeist Co-written and produced by Spielberg, the 1982 film draws on one of the most pervasive of fears, the threat to children.

One of the most persistent and pervasive of recent developments in the world of work has been the trend toward implementing meaningful measurements.

In 2% of cases pervasive to is used

Sometimes on the surface and pervasive to a culture.

This is not limited only to lower caste muslims alone, it is all pervasive to all communities that not revolted as yet.

Above all, she said that for the Tims family at Stuchbury the turbines would be unpleasantly imposing and pervasive to their lives at their house and when working the surrounding land.

In 2% of cases pervasive within is used

He redefined the vision and mission of the bank and made it pervasive within the organisation.

IT Personal Statement Information Technology has become all pervasive within people's lives, yet many of us take its presence for granted.

While unaware of much of this, I wonder if should expect any better? With such a racist undercurrent pervasive within Australian society, we haven't progressed very far.

In 1% of cases pervasive amongst is used

Sadly its pervasive amongst those on and off the battlefield.

Ignorance and misinformation about Islam is pervasive amongst non-Muslims especially in Nigeria.

In fact, what this element of the intervention will do is to reinforce the sense of powerlessness which is already so pervasive amongst the people now subject to the intervention.

This same mentality could be pervasive amongst the majority of South Africans: if you are not for the ANC, you are automatically against the ANC, against democracy, against African leadership, etc.

In 1% of cases pervasive during is used

Christian Zionist concern for a nuclear Armageddon was pervasive during the Cold War.

This trend started in the 1980s, and has become pervasive during the past two decades.

In 1% of cases pervasive for is used

While this is frequently taken for granted, its influence is pervasive for academics.

In 1% of cases pervasive through is used

Standards have to be pervasive through the organisation -- no lead left behind, love every lead.

And it is not limited to Apple -- this behaviour and ' way of thinking ' is pervasive through material ' schtuph ' to entire towns.

Player power has grown stronger and more pervasive through the ethical legitimacy of shared public values and under the alibi of the noble desire to win.

In 1% of cases pervasive with is used

They recognized that the type of stigma that was pervasive with the onset of HIV/AIDS does not exist anymore.

At the outset of the century, beer was pervasive with adults drinking over 300 litre of beer a year on average while children drank around half that.

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