Prepositions after "persistent"

persistent in, with, about, on or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases persistent in is used

I will be persistent in my work.

Sexism is common and persistent in the West.

We are more persistent in claiming our rights.

The chemicals in Bio Agri Mix disinfectants are not persistent in the environment.

However, Mr Humphries is said to have been persistent in his interest in the case.

You also seem to be amazingly persistent in the face of members who excel at being.

If you are persistent in your ways, you can be on your way to building a great working relationship with others.

It is important to be patient and persistent in finding the tools that will complement you and the way you work.

And lastly, Yoo Da-In would be playing a hot blooded police officer that is persistent in finding out the truth.

Establish a good relationship with your suppliers and be persistent in ensuring they continue to offer good value.

In 9% of cases persistent with is used

You are not very persistent with what you're doing.

I salute you for being so persistent with your arguments.

My puppy is a rascal, and pretty persistent with her barking.

OK, so I wasn't so persistent with the other branch -- but I did get it done in.

But make no mistake, it is still work in that you have to be persistent with it.

You may have to be persistent with your job search and not let initial rejections faze you.

However, those who are unlikely to succeed are those who are not persistent with their approach to online learning.

Be patient and persistent with each spot, but also feel free to move to another spot on the same side of your neck.

We need teach kids to be persistent with challenging reading and predicting is one of the main skills good readers possess.

UPDATE 10-12-12 The watermark issue seems to be persistent with this case and nothing seems to permanently help in this regard.

In 5% of cases persistent about is used

Be creative and persistent about this.

They're persistent about keeping the culture here.

I offered to help and I was very persistent about it.

Keep training, don't give up and be persistent about it.

Amazed by the fare, I am persistent about meeting the chef.

Hopefully he is more persistent about checking company facts.

If you've got what it takes, and you're persistent about it, you.

George was consistent and persistent about his wish to marry Muna.

The key is to be persistent about finding the job you want and landing it.

Ironically, if I were less persistent about writing, I might have stood a better chance on that one.

In 5% of cases persistent on is used

My wife was persistent on her decision.

Well another reason why I was so persistent on making it there was.

On the other hand being persistent on wrong target can jeopardize you.

NARRATOR: The idea of race as biology is ferociously persistent on America's playing fields.

If she is persistent on coming, just be as nice to her as possible and try to have a good time.

That is the reason as to why I think that he is persistent on extending their football careers.

The young developing fronds also bear these appendages in many cases and sometimes they are persistent on fully expanded leaves.

Together they provide an extremely high power to weight ratio on a continuous day/night cycle, thereby delivering persistent on station capabilities.

The other part is perseverance; staying persistent on your path to success and staying committed to your plan and actions, regardless of the naysayers.

If he had not done anything about it you so called ' freedom fighters ' and liberal idiots would be persistent on your claim that he could have done more.

In 4% of cases persistent for is used

This could be a big problem, persistent for a child's whole life.

The doctors told us that his cough will be persistent for some time.

Moral: Do not begin your studies unwillingly, be patient and persistent for you will see marvelous results.

A touch object is persistent for a given finger during a sequence, and UIKit mutates it as it tracks the finger throughout it.

You can make them persistent for the life of a database session by declaring the type in a package and assigning the values in a package body.

Both men and women tend to show recovery in the one to two years after separation, although adverse emotional reactions are persistent for some.

The current level of the crisis of monopoly capitalism has been on the make for several decades and is likely to be persistent for several years.

The racial attacks in Krusevac was just too prolonged, the missiles too often thrown and the monkey chants too persistent for it all to have been spontaneous.

Gafur has been very persistent for the last five years that I come and speak at this meeting and his persistence has become more and more intensive as the years went by.

Peace is also in the hospital, although he's been able to stay at Nkoaranga -- the fever that was mild and transient in the other kids has been high and persistent for him.

In 3% of cases persistent of is used

One must adopt the persistent of an ant.

Lawigan is the most popular and persistent of the mythic names.

Dave Munday would become the most persistent of all the daredevils.

Depression and fatigue appear to be the most persistent of his problems.

Chlorinated Hydrocarbons are the most ubiquitous and persistent of pesticides.

Even after reading entirely this blog yet she is so persistent of becoming a doctor.

The long garden and screen of trees isolated it from all but the most persistent of observers.

The gross negligence in settling lands use conflicts has led to the persistent of conflicts for long time without any solution.

Her insight and sincerity will tackle the most persistent of inhibitions, calling back every kid who quit again at the experiential level.

In 3% of cases persistent over is used

This makes remittance persistent over time.

Personality, however, tends to be persistent over time.

Massa's injury troubles have been persistent over the last three months.

Despite all these attempts the water hyacinth menace has remained persistent over the years.

If sloth and torpor are persistent over a long period, constipation could be responsible; if this is the.

Further, it may help narrow down the list of such issues to one or two most persistent over a number of years.

It encourages a persistent over emphasis on construction and keep the remaining part of the country ignorant, neglected.

This, as in rule # 3, must be persistent over more than a decade to indicate management's abilities and intent in this area.

Underlying this variability, however, is a long? term warming trend that has become strong and persistent over the past three decades.

Explaining further, the governor said the inflation in fuel and certain protein food items has been persistent over the last three years.

In 2% of cases persistent across is used

Mounting is now completely persistent across reboots.

The definition is persistent across sessions although the data held within the tables is not persistent.

Here are a few tips to being persistent across the social network: Share an insightful comment on their blog post.

The output gaps were persistent across the Eurozone in many economies so they went into the crisis with cyclical deficits.

There are tons of options to really augment your reading experience and changes you make are persistent across the entire Amazon ecosystem.

The international picture is well known: in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden socio-economic status is less persistent across generations than in the UK or the US.

Developer: Fredrik Alstrmer Minor Changes Added ' Windows? Hide docks ' menu item that does what ' Tab ' does and also displays its state, which is now persistent across sessions, too.

In 2% of cases persistent at is used

Inflation is almost persistent at 6.

Nisha is very persistent at everything; failure is not an option for her.

You should be feeling more or less normal, crying may be a bit more persistent at times.

There is no sense in being persistent at something that you are doing incorrectly! Sometimes you have to modify your approach along the way.

Persistence It is not difficult to do, you just must be persistent at each step to accomplish the goal, acceptance of the stimulation, before moving on to the next step.

That's the ideal, and it is something most people will only achieve if they get lucky, and kept up the right attention, or if they are persistent at trying to win their little friend over.

Tapping these buttons allows you to see the user's posts, mentions, or starred posts, and when you view them, the menubar will stay persistent at the top, just as it does in Tweetbot for Mac.

The reason for that is simple: the mid-lower teams have become remarkably good, and very persistent at, developing and executing tactics designed to minimize the points lost against top teams.

China has long been against a multilateral approach in resolving the problem but other claimant countries, like the Philippines and Vietnam, are persistent at taking this track to end the debate.

In 2% of cases persistent to is used

This way the non-persistent XSS becomes persistent to the infected user.

It's more persistent to a receiver as it's waiting there in the inbox for action to be taken.

To make you persistent to your work, you need to know whether you are in the right direction.

I started praying the prayer points immediately and by the grace of God, has persistent to date.

That put the referrer in a bad light, although, naturally, it wasn't their fault that this ' harasser ' was overly persistent to the point of rudeness.

This aspect of the character was somewhat lengthy and persistent to the point that I began to feel it too and wished she could move so that I could too.

In 1% of cases persistent without is used

By using some of the ideas above, you can show you're committed and persistent without being a pest.

If you want to reach your goal you have to stay consistent and persistent without letting anything discourage you along the way.

In 1% of cases persistent under is used

I've seen him in action and he's cool, but persistent under pressure.

Gas was traditionally weaker than crude oil in the Gulf, and suffered from persistent under investment in the 1990? s because there was no financial incentive to upgrade infrastructure.

In 1% of cases persistent throughout is used

The same problems were persistent throughout their three game losing streak.

The figure gives a picture of the upper level winds for the first week in July, but the wavy nature of the jet stream has been persistent throughout June.

Into the late evening, while heavy rains persistent throughout the South, the canopy of rain pushes up through the North of England and eventually into Southern Scotland.

The Surpasses Audio enhancer is also now persistent throughout the cellphone too, so other applications, like Spotify or the movie gamer, will get to use the update in audio excellent.

In 1% of cases persistent like is used

Being persistent like this shows you really want the job and helps keep your name fresh in the Manager's mind.

I caught glandular fever or something persistent like that (as the doctors could never really pin it down) and was quite restricted for a number of years.

Persistent Like A Weed Like the weed that continues to grow even with the minutest amount of moisture, Stephen persisted with a ray of hope that sooner or later he would succeed.

In 1% of cases persistent from is used

Be persistent from the beginning to avoid having a flock become established in your yard.

The slights may be small, or they may have been persistent from one source, but they happen.

Munster today: It will be a dull day with rain, this mainly light and patchy to start but turning more persistent from the north-west with a few heavy bursts developing.

In 1% of cases persistent by is used

Mark Udall Colorado Senator Mark Udall is persistent by nature.

On some platforms such as Windows, TAP-Win32 tunnels are persistent by default.

This result was persistent by the Pakistan Supreme Court in Fazlul Quder Chowdhury.

Persistent by way of young heart, Mitzy bag nestled through Mulberry expression comprises patterns which include hobo, get compartment together with proceed.

Myth: We don't need IPv6 This is perhaps the biggest myth, made all the more persistent by the fact that most people can connect to the Internet without IPv6 - at the moment.

In 1% of cases persistent as is used

Be persistent as well as patient.

For CrossRef DOIs to be persistent links CrossRef itself must be persistent as an organization.

Growing to be persistent as well as the adhering to a blueprint, making to settle functional as well as undertaking investigations, behaves your site very after taking part in trading shares.

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