Prepositions after "permit"

permit by, in, without, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 19% of cases permit by is used

Thus, the two formats currently permitted by Directive No.

We also exclude all warranties to the extent permitted by law.

Donations are tax-deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law streamed.

She wears elegant, expensive clothes, which are among the good things permitted by Allah (S.

In Argentina today, the only Muslim name that is permitted by the public registry offices is Omar.

The American Far East Air Force was permitted by MacArthur to retaliate only if directly attacked by the Japanese.

You could also want to modify some of the rules that are in the CBCA, so long as the changes you wish to make are permitted by the Act.

But this should not stop her from having fun occasionally, in ways that are permitted by Islam, which leaves room for such entertainment.

All conditions, warranties and representations implied by law in relation to our provision of Services are excluded to the extent permitted by law.

In 19% of cases permit in is used

Night game drives are permitted in Lake Manyara.

That's legal in Pakistan, and permitted in Islam.

Imports are permitted in most cases without a license.

How and what to wear is an individual choice and it is permitted in Australian law.

Hundred percent FDI is also permitted in oil exploration and captive mining of coal and lignite.

I suggest you take a leaf from your own book and do not forbid something that is permitted in Islam.

No more wireless mic device certifications in the 698-706 MHZ bands have been permitted in Canada as of that date.

Your daughter may apply for an exit/entry permit in China, which would allow her to come to US and then get back to China.

If you live with a person who smokes and you suffer from asthma, obviously smoking should not be permitted in your home.

Consider it a means of recouping some of the Bush high-end tax cuts that we should never have permitted in the first place.

In 16% of cases permit without is used

Forwarding not permitted without prior permission.

No use or distribution of this content is permitted without agreement with The Sport Rack.

Profits and dividend remittances are permitted without approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Transfer /termination of articles is permitted without any restriction during the first year of articles.

COPYRIGHT: The reproduction in whole or part of the City of Edinburgh Coat of Arms is not permitted without written.

No use of our logos, or any third party logos, accessed via this website, is permitted without prior approval from the relevant copyright owner.

Merchandise imports Payments for import of goods are permitted without restriction, subject to the trade policy of the government specified in Gazette Notification No.

FDI in the seed industry/floriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, aquaculture and cultivation of vegetables and mushrooms is permitted without any limits under the automatic route.

In 10% of cases permit for is used

A permit for firearms is required.

The following capital transactions are permitted for non-residents.

Drop-offs at the park entrance are not permitted for safety reasons.

Check out Adjustments after which Information to permit for the term counter-top choice.

Had been living/working in MUC on a German residence permit for abt 3 months before returning to the US.

In addition, the flexibility of Linux permits for better software optimization, which leads to better site performance.

Plus in many places (especially within Galle Fort ), you will need building permits for any building or renovation work.

BP claims it has learned its lessons and the Obama administration is issuing new drilling permits for the Gulf of Mexico.

Note Mufti Muhammad's Fatwa: In conclusion, it is permitted for a man and a woman to see their spouse? s face after death and before burial.

In 6% of cases permit on is used

Readmission is not permitted on Fireworks Saturdays.

Cycles are not permitted on any Virgin Trains services.

Can I take my pet on the coach? Only guide dogs are permitted on board the coach.

Travel to more than one city was permitted on round-trip awards; why has this changed? A10.

The rate is 12 per 1,000 in Western Europe, where abortion is generally permitted on broad grounds.

Dogs and other animals are not permitted on any megabus service, with the exception of assistance dogs (e.

Re-export under entrepot trade is permitted only on payment terms of advanced payment, DP and letters of credit terms.

Candidates are permitted on only one occasion to resubmit or retake failed assessment items on any course on which they have failed to achieve the required standard.

Learning How to Drive for Teens In the state of Queensland, your children have to complete certain matters before they could be permitted on the road like a certified driver.

What to do when you arrive in the Netherlands You must report to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) to register and/or apply for a residence permit on arrival in the Netherlands.

In 6% of cases permit under is used

They decided on who should get land permits under the land laws.

Except as expressly permitted under these Terms, you agree not to: a.

Fifty percent FDI is permitted under joint venture with a public-sector unit.

She is also considering further legal action as is permitted under Canadian law.

Coffee and Rubber Processing and Warehousing: 100 percent FDI is permitted under the automatic route without any condition.

Unless permitted under securities legislation, the holders of these securities must not trade the security before March 14, 2013.

Interception of Radio-Based (Cellular) Telephone Communications Interception of cellular phone calls is permitted under Part VI of the Criminal Code.

Cowsill argued the delegation should be allowed to give the presentation, but was told by Mayor Doug Craig it wasn't permitted under the procedural bylaw.

There are some exceptions where items are prohibited or restricted (import permitted under license) or where imports are allowed only through a state-owned enterprise.

In 5% of cases permit to is used

Governments sell and issue ETS permits to businesses not peasants.

EE have just been permitted to re-farm some of their spectrum to support LTE.

You are normally not permitted to register for the same course more than twice.

If you are registered in a course, you are not permitted to waitlist for another section of the same course.

I agree with you that strip bars and others like it are not necessary and neither should they be permitted to thrive.

For example, individuals are now permitted to transfer abroad for any purpose up to $200,000 a year without approval.

He further said, President Mahinda Rajapakse offered radio permits to JVP and JHU as they helped his Presidential campaign.

Glencoal has Government permits to mine the new property which, like K3, is expected to yield around 120,000 tonnes of coal a year.

Banks are permitted to offer foreign currency-rupee swaps without any limits to enable customers to hedge their foreign currency liabilities.

Offshore banking units (OBUs) are permitted to operate in SEZs, virtually like a foreign branch of a bank, to make available financing at international rates.

In 2% of cases permit as is used

Constraints: An fo:marker is only permitted as the descendant of an fo:flow.

Constraints: An fo:retrieve-marker is only permitted as the descendant of an fo:static-content.

In 2% of cases permit at is used

This is because divorce has only been permitted at the time of extreme need.

Can I bring my dog? Dogs and other pets are not permitted at any Relay For Life event.

A recent Code of Discipline states that CP is permitted at all levels - see this Jan 2005 news item.

In 2% of cases permit from is used

Importers of trucks over 3 tonnes unladen weight are required to obtain an import permit from the Trade Board Limited prior to importation.

The artifacts sold on this website are therefore legally and properly excavated and can be supplied with an export permit from the Department of Museum in Malaysia should this be required.

Stanley, nonetheless, warned that the PPPRA would continue to withdraw import permits from non-performing oil marketers on a quarterly basis, with a view to attaining international best practice.

In 2% of cases permit into is used

An exception would be made for guide dogs -- these can be permitted into the restaurant car at the Stewards discretion.

She was among the researchers at the Cavendish as one of the first generation of women permitted into advanced university studies.

Richard F: 28 Mar 2011 3:32:22pm It's good to see that some reasoned explanations on this subject are finally being permitted into print.

This allows the ego to permit into your awareness, almost exclusively, only those things which testify to the reality of its cherished illusion.

The only people that are permitted into the astral realm unmolested are largely those who are never threats, who even with knowledge, would not use it to rebel like Jesus.

In 2% of cases permit with is used

Please always have your fishing permit with you and available for inspection by IFI staff.

Profits and dividend remittances are permitted without approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

This is also permitted with all non-Muslims except when it is harmful to Islam and Muslims in general.

This is also permitted with all types of non-Muslims except those who are directly at war with Muslims.

However, if one fears corrupting his religious values, then this type of friendship will not be permitted with non-Muslims.

Bain also recommended that the Department of Conservation (DOC) review the appropriateness of hunting permits with high powered rifles.

In September, exploration and production companies applied for 273 new well permits with the Department of Mineral Resources, up from 167 in April.

FDI in the seed industry/floriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, aquaculture and cultivation of vegetables and mushrooms is permitted without any limits under the automatic route.

Under the revised Up-linking policy announced by the GOI in December 2005, FDI up to 49 percent is permitted with prior approval of the Government for setting up Up-linking HUB/Teleports.

In 1% of cases permit between is used

All that is being asked is that marriage be permitted between two people, irrespective of gender - all other aspects would remain unchanged.

In 1% of cases permit during is used

The use of mirrors is not permitted during the race.

In 1% of cases permit Through is used

Income remittances The following transactions are permitted through commercial banks a.

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