Prepositions after "perform"

perform in, at, by, on or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases perform in is used

Emergency surgery was performed in 38.

Niamh Kavanagh performing in Sarajevo.

The four current members perform in the U.

Performing in role, or role-play as it is sometimes known, is particularly useful.

Here's how each former Bearcat performed in week 10 of the 2012 NFL regular season.

Having already performed in Bosnia, Niamh was to go to Sweden on April 16th, for a P.

In many times, it is observed that he becomes ambitious and many harmful activities are performed in social life.

Throughout his 18 years professional career, he has performed in different roles, in some occasions as an Auditor,.

Dylan was performing in Madrid and I had been sent by a newspaper in the (very slim) hope of securing an interview.

In 17% of cases perform at is used

I also performed at The Cannabis Cup.

He performed at the 2007 Glastonbury festival.

They will all be able to be performed at home.

Not only did he perform at a high level throughout the game, he kicked the winning goal.

For me, a large part is about mentoring and getting the Executive to perform at its best.

Firstly after the death of a person a 10 th day ceremony is performed at the riverside.

Actors are great observer of society; they perform at TV, concert or any stage what they have observed from society.

Girls ' Generation will visit the Philippines early next year and perform at the Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert slated.

Perhaps some of you would have been one of those graduates who couldn't perform at the level required in my program.

The RE School Tour is an initiative that sees popular local artistes performing at various high schools in Jamaica.

In 16% of cases perform by is used

The ceremony was performed by Rev.

The whole process is performed by women.

Pretty funny when performed by 5 year olds.

It can be performed by a judge, a ship's captain, the mayor, and a long list of others.

Who are you calling an Idiom is in two acts and created and performed by Selma Darling.

The work of grinding was extremely laborious, and performed by women of the lowest rank.

The most spectacular acrobatic movement on horseback was that performed by Lucio Cristiani in the 1920s and 1930s.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, the gross value of construction works performed by main contractors decreased by 4.

Digital about the purpose of the inspection performed by digEcor and the extent of the information digEcor learned.

The selection of the potential jurors is performed by the judge's associate withdrawing cards from the box provided.

In 11% of cases perform on is used

With the surgery they performed on Dec.

Tuturial has been performed on Trixbox 2.

Columbine will perform on November 16 and 23.

We don't need disruption in the dressing room, no matter how you perform on the field.

The law firm should be fairly compensated for work performed on behalf of the client.

Thirdly, you will learn how to placement you finger to perform on your songs instrument.

Its on them to perform on the field so that I support them by buying merchandise and the ticket and going to games.

The Ground Opera got its name for the fact that it is performed on the ground and there is no stage and backdrop.

From that day, after seeing them perform on stage -- their energy, their passion, and their talent -- I was hooked.

But sabotage points to a jealous friend -- but who? As if the pressure of performing on a movie set for a demanding.

In 8% of cases perform with is used

They're all awesome to perform with.

Eva will perform with her band on Wednesday 19 January.

She has traveled and performed with well-known singers.

Otherwise, the duties of those positions can not be properly performed with dignity.

These actions when performed with due mindfulness are wholesome kamma made by way of the body.

The photos showed Fogarty attending white supremacist rallies and performing with his band, Attack.

Funny enough, those who came to perform with the guys saw the audience cheering more for the guys than the ladies.

He has won a Kora Award for his video Ah and has performed with international artists like Shaggy and Beenieman.

During a 72-hour observation period, 443 sets of thermodilution measurements were performed with the new system.

Their set got even more fun when they called on stage Spragga and Wayne Marshall respectively to perform with them.

In 7% of cases perform for is used

They hadn't performed for a month.

Remember Wembley? He can't perform for Argentina.

These are musicians who have performed for decades.

The gross value of construction works performed for these projects amounted to $5.

It led to his insurance company forbidding him from performing for more than 1hr 45m.

This operation can be performed for closing holes in the heart and for valve surgeries.

Pioneering Jamaican reggae artist Jimmy Cliff has been performing for over 50 years, and recorded over 30 albums.

Everyone carries a script, and turns the pages (which have highlighted parts) as if they are performing for the radio.

A useful discussion can take place about the service which can be performed for the youngster by the youth organization.

Elsewhere, one of the volunteer musicians in question has taken to the web to explain why she was happy to perform for free.

In 3% of cases perform to is used

Tony Romo never performs to that level.

All updates performed to MQSeries resources are backed out.

I coudl have borne it better if we had performed to our potential.

Attend mock discussions and try to perform to the best of your ability.

His plays were performed to wide acclaim in London, New York, and Paris.

There must be something driving this gene and or other genes to perform to the full potential.

I hope that the players put behind their differences and perform to the fullest in the event to bring.

If there's too much weight forward, the boat will run bow heavy and will be hard to steer and unable to perform to its speed potential.

This fact is statistically proven in the UK as well -- Afro Caribbeans (of slave origins) under performing to that of recent Nigerian.

The difference we have this year is that the youth team is performing to a very high level, and results and confidence have been good.

In 2% of cases perform as is used

He continues to perform as a professional singer and actor around the GTA.

Can it perform as well as the smaller version though? We will soon find out.

Danny performs as a member of Deepfieldview, a shoegaze band based in Alabama.

It may turn upon the nature of the job being performed as well as the workplace conditions.

The estimates of inflammation were often performed as a part of a study with another aim, i.

I've compared it to the Desire S, and though the Desire S feels heavy and well built, it just didn't perform as well as the Galaxy W.

To inject purpose into those who have lost it, now performing as cold ' professionals ', must require loads of drive in the leader.

The Youngstown State University student organization performed as part of the Bitonte College of Health and Human Services ' Diversity Week.

Recover Data designed to perform as the most advanced technology and expertise in handling the toughest recovery cases makes Recover Data for PDF one step ahead to others.

In 1% of cases perform within is used

We eagerly await the day that full-genome sequencing is just another test that is performed within the time.

Here, Morpheus is illuminating yet another Truth -- the most supernatural of feats performed within the dream are still illusions.

Built in the last 10 years just north of the financial district, it is an ugly glass and brick facade that speaks of nothing related to the art performed within its walls.

To place a reservation, a down payment of 10% or full payment (where the flight is to be performed within 14 days of confirmation) is required, as stated in the quotation.

By involving working biologists and curators, evaluations can be designed with specific tasks in mind, and performed within the context of actual curation tasks and real-world information needs.

In 1% of cases perform alongside is used

He will perform alongside Nic Rouleau, who will be playing the role of Elder Price.

Performing alongside the America-based Senegalese singers are other local acts, STL, Bamboo and Jay A.

Performing alongside contortionist, Andrane Leclerc, and aerial acrobat, Shannon Gray, hints at the cabaret flair so regularly pointed out in his style.

In 1% of cases perform under is used

By 1887, Peer had become famous enough to begin performing under his own billing.

It may have something to do with how he performed under Kufuor or the stated failures of that administration itself.

The intercourse performed under marriage is called jima; the one performed outside marriage is called zina (adultery).

For Rebecca Hudson of Ocala, who performs under the name Becky Sinn, the website helped fund her upcoming CD-release party.

Andy's Sales Lesson Number 3 -- Perform Under Pressure Martin Kaymer is a previous PGA winner and also ex-number one in the world.

Can Dick perform under pressure, or will Jenna will come out on top? DICK HARDY Tonight was the night: the Albany Alice in Wonderland Ball.

Fong says that brachioplasty and liposuction are simple procedures performed under general anaesthesia, or local anaesthesia with sedation.

Our Lodges have the same offices as the above mentioned Orders and the Installation of Rulers is performed under the ancient ceremony of an Installation Degree.

After all, test pilots would be used to putting themselves in dangerous situations, and would likely have quick reaction times, and an ability to perform under great acceleration.

In 1% of cases perform through is used

And there's unending pressure to perform through good times and bad.

The operation is often performed through the nostrils, which means there are no visible cuts to the face.

Jesus the Nazarene, a man attested to you by God with miracles and wonders and signs which God performed through him in your midst.

Almost all of these operations are performed through the nostrils, which means there are no visible cuts (or subsequent scars) to the face.

In 1% of cases perform over is used

Your 2011 EP ' Way of a Wayfarer ' was entirely performed over producer Gold Panda's tracks.

The exercises should be performed over a period of time, with sufficient rest between exercises.

Alternatively, he may want to try the plan: the routine is performed over a five-or-six-minute period.

But the few Greeks who can stick it out in a Roman organization and continue performing over the long haul usually end up having standout careers.

AMQ9551 Protocol not supported by remote host Explanation: The operation you are performing over Channel ' &3'; to the host at ' &4'; is not supported by the target host.

Many more acts will perform over the three day festival, with more bands, comedy and free screenings from the Criterion Collection aboard the Queen of Hearts paddle steamer.

In 1% of cases perform outside is used

You've been performing outside Nigeria a lot.

Therapy usually includes tasks to perform outside the therapy sessions.

The intercourse performed under marriage is called jima; the one performed outside marriage is called zina (adultery).

When you perform outside the shores of Ghana, how do they respond? I have been to several African countries and it's been marvelous.

Just before Christmas St Laurence's will send carol singers to perform outside the homes of those who want to attend church but can't.

I began shifting my composing onto flute and voice, and tried to engage with ways of performing outside of the conventional gig circuit.

Abuse in the sense that, things that are meant to be reserved for marriage can not be waited for and will be performed outside marriage e.

Elvis Presley, famously, never performed outside of North America -- much to the regret of his fans worldwide -- but there's no Colonel Tom Parker holding Brogan &; Co.

In 1% of cases perform like is used

If you eat like crap then you're going to perform like crap.

On my side, I picked up the new Battery isolator and in no time crossed our finger had it performing like it should be.

In the build up to my favourite race, it was amazing how many horses were performing like aeroplanes at home! First Hunt Ball was flying on the.

Teammates and opponents alike agreed that he played well beyond his years, looking and performing like a veteran rather than the teenager that he was.

Moving to August 10th also gives The Bourne Legacy an extra week to get out from the under the tsunami effect of The Dark Knight Rises which should perform like The Avengers already did in May.

In 1% of cases perform from is used

A comprehensive search for relevant studies was performed from 1975 to the present.

They will set up a live feed from the Building (in New Kingston) and I will perform from there.

After you sign in successfully, you can select the actions you want to perform from the main menu.

He has devoted his whole life to the circus, performing from the age of four, and clearly has many talents.

The Procedure The patient is put on the side of the operating table and the operation is performed from the back of the chest.

New security measures Each UN agency has assessed which staff functions are critical inside Syria, and which can be performed from abroad, at least temporarily.

Most Start screen tasks can be performed from the keyboard, with a mouse, or by touch; you can be pretty effective getting around the screen without ever letting your hands leave the keyboard.

In 1% of cases perform during is used

The daing are songs which are performed during a solemn sacrifice.

The world's top meringue bands perform during the event, which also showcases a parade.

He gave some remarkable physics lectures with experiments performed during the lectures.

My main aim is to clarify the rituals performed during the first Islamic month, Muharram.

It is important to exercise were similar to those movements that you perform during the game.

Joshua Green, a senior musical theater major, said performing during the event was a learning experience.

Miracles, as they were performed during Jesus ' time, are mysterious and no human mind can comprehend them.

Usually overtime are paid better, as it occurs when the work is performed during the night or festivities (e.

Additionally, world-renowned singing groups Celtic Thunder and Celtic Woman are scheduled to perform during the broadcast.

Kwok Mang Ho Chinese artist Kwok Mang Ho performs during the 54th International Art Exhibition in Venice on June 1, 2011.

In 1% of cases perform before is used

Do people fight or feast? Is it performed before or after burial.

I have performed before many governors and even the President of Nigeria.

The comedy was performed before Athenian audiences exactly 2,500 years ago.

Marriages in Jamaica must be performed before nightfall and must have two witnesses.

Filled with apprehension Seeing so many students and having to perform before them filled us with apprehension, said P.

The 29 year old from Coatbridge enters a marginal favourite, performing before 9,000 Scots who'll make the din of 90,000.

Puck leads the audience on a perilous journey through Fairyland as Nick Bottom the Weaver and friends are preparing a play to perform before theDuke and Duchess on their wedding day.

It's worth holding onto Garcon if you've kept him on your roster all this time, but wait at least one more week and see how he performs before putting him back in your starting lineup.

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