Prepositions after "penetrate"

"penetrate into" or "penetrate to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases penetrate into is used

Through Armenia he penetrated into Persia and got into Mesopotamia.

Particles smaller than 10 m can penetrate into the lungs, where they cause problems and affect our health.

Catlin) had penetrated into their country, and happened to be a spectator at one of their religious ceremonies.

Fruit acid penetrates into the layer of dead skin cells and works between the skin layers, enabling easier peeling.

The African and Caribbean countries will be able to seize opportunities to penetrate into the US market under the Act.

Buy a waterproof mattress protector for your mattress that will prevent any liquids from penetrating into the mattress.

A rootkit for Windows systems is a program that penetrates into the system and intercepts the system functions (Windows API).

Huge price increases for basic necessities penetrated into the heart of all subsistence economies-in this case, North Africa.

On market diversification, he said Bangladesh has not yet penetrated into the African market, a vast opportunity for the country.

Then what you have to do is to wash your face with a normal cold water to close the pores back from other bacteria penetrating into it.

In 20% of cases penetrate to is used

This looking within penetrates to the heart and center of all things.

We lose ourselves in the poses of Dhamma and fail to penetrate to the Dhamma itself.

Do take an interest in looking within, in the one and only way of penetrating to Dhamma, to Buddhism.

It would surely raise our 3-pt % because defenses would have to sag at the threat of BMac penetrating to the basket.

Transtrmer's work constructs spaces that allow us to penetrate to that void, but without denying the contingent nature of the poem's historical moment.

However, the satire occasionally penetrates to an exhilarating level, and the work is a significant landmark in Kinsella's career; its absence is felt in Selected Poems.

Cover the surface with either banana leaves with the mid rib removed, poly ethylene sheets or any flexible material to prevent seedling roots penetrating to the bottom soil layer.

Cheered by my stars, supported by the omens of my soul, we will penetrate to those vast and glorious worlds which my wisdom tells me lie yet un-tracked in the recesses of the circling sea.

In the everyday language of people who have not seen or penetrated to the truth, emptiness means simply the absence of any content whatsoever, a physical void, a vacuum, a useless nothingness.

In 12% of cases penetrate through is used

They lie dead and lifeless in their shroud, until Light Everlasting finally penetrates through their windings to the interior.

I believe that it is only a few hours into a new day, seeing as how the lights are only barely penetrating through the layers of leaves above us.

High, crystal clear glass ceiling allows natural light to penetrate through the entire restaurant with spacious buffet tables from one area to another.

The Ointment penetrating through the skin into the glands, always stimulates them to throw out a full eruption, which is the safety valve of both diseases.

But it can also be caused when Clostridium tetani (the specific name of the bacteria found in the soil, dust and animal feces) penetrates through an open wound.

Genuine criticism isn't invective launched specifically to harm a person, it's created and sent out to indicate problems and penetrate through the skin of a work of art.

In 10% of cases penetrate by is used

Not a fan? Find waterproof heeled boots, or pumps that won't be penetrated by rain.

Until Android's rise, the country was heavily penetrated by Nokia's platforms, particularly Symbian.

The white background of dalmatian stone is easily penetrated by the dye to produce vividly colored stones.

Should also add that builders wear safety hats to prevent their noggin being penetrated by falling masonry etc.

Each measured 75 feet by 25 feet; their south ends terminated in semicircular apses penetrated by three large round windows.

Researchers have developed a new kind of anti-theft system, based on a woven fabric that triggers an alarm when penetrated by intruders.

These tastes and preferences have been modified over time as regions have been penetrated by off-season imports or by other distant suppliers.

The society of Makkah was shown the dignity of the house of Allah, when Allah sent a flock of birds that destroyed Abraha's elephant army from penetrating by pelting them with pebbles.

In 6% of cases penetrate with is used

When confusion is penetrated with understanding what remains is peace.

But when He finds a soul penetrated with a lively faith, He pours into it His graces and favors plentifully.

In its early stages the rotted timber may not change much in appearance but will be easily penetrated with a knife.

In 4% of cases penetrate in is used

He makes by himself and without instrument water to penetrate in his digestive tube.

Just as the wind is penetrating in action, you too would be like that when you are filled with the Holy Ghost.

You will get a discount code to penetrate in your online order, or produce the discount to make use of at a nearby retail store.

The impermanence of nama and rupa can not be realized immediately; the truth of impermanence can only be penetrated in the course of the development of insight.

In 3% of cases penetrate beyond is used

Its armies had not even succeeded in penetrating beyond the borders into Iran in the long war in the 1980s.

But while discoveries could be made and recorded, efforts to penetrate beyond the Korean shoreline were long unsuccessful.

Scientists in this tradition were concerned to penetrate beyond the merely observed, questioning proof at bare eye-witness level if it could not be replicated in the absence of that observer.

In 2% of cases penetrate like is used

Not only are there potential health dangers, but the fine grains also penetrate like graphite lubricant -- though of course they don't exactly lubricate.

Sirius was known as the ' Great Provider ' and as such was constantly evoked in pyramid texts: Isis comes to thee (Osiris) joyous in thy love Your seed rises in her, penetrating like Sirius.

In 1% of cases penetrate at is used

It caught my attention and was rather surprise and shock, to know that the corruption in this country has and being penetrated at micro level points with no space to even think or imagine.

In 1% of cases penetrate behind is used

He penetrated behind the false image of Eastern regionalist and Igbo solidarity behind the NCNC in that election, and brought out that:.

In 1% of cases penetrate Beneath is used

Penetrating Beneath the Surface of Things Instead of going inside, human beings tend to go outside.

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