Prepositions after "peer"

"peer into", "peer through" or "peer at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases peer into is used

By ten, he was peering into his incubator.

I do not see another slip when I peer into the crystal ball.

I found myself peering into curtains on my way back from the loo.

Somehow they were able to peer into our lives, witness our problems, and offer a solution.

You can peer into a big window showing all the staff studiously churning out dumpling after dumpling.

Outstanding, and in the middle of the museum one gets to peer into Winston's darkroom setup just as he used it.

But you don't get to that level of politics without being able to peer into a morass and feel like you're coming home.

The doctor smiled and nodded civilly, then proceeded to poke and prod, asked me to inhale and exhale, peered into my eyes, ears, and at my tongue.

I was reminded of a New Yorker cartoon in which a man is peering into ' Joe's Bar ', where well-refreshed men and women are clearly having an enjoyable time.

Peering into the real past is fine, and in fact I enjoy doing so quite often, but it takes a certain amount of panache to hold an interest in fictional history.

In 20% of cases peer at is used

Not much of a horizon to peer at, is it? The.

Zaphod Beeblebrox the Fourth peered at him curiously.

As well as peering at boiling mud, you can take the waters in Rotorua itself, at one of the many spas.

There is a clear blue sky, with Brighton and Bognor Regis peering at us far from the distance to my left.

The better you peer at other people's photos, the better you will notice popular treatments for well-known things.

The others peered at him, then remembered that Zayn was Muslim, and didn't belive in the same things the others did.

The first time I showed her the Web, in 1995, she leaned forward to peer at the screen, but then slumped back in her chair, deflated.

The characters in the drawings are permanently fixed in their lost heyday, the 1970s, peering at the present through a haze of smoke.

Therefore, tourists can peer at endangered species and poke rare plants as long as they do not light campfires or wash their dishes with detergent.

In 19% of cases peer through is used

He peered through the dim light.

He peered through his window and saw those legs again and knew then that she would not escape.

We have Fourth amendment rights, and a police state WILL use these technologies to observe law-abiding citizens by peering through windows, etc.

Even on a rainy Thursday afternoon, looking out the window and seeing a constant rotation of about half a dozen people peering through their cameras.

Peering through magnifying glasses the size of saucers, they teased cogs and wheels into place with a skill that made Bienne? s watches the best in the world.

Through the use of lighting effects and mirrors, visitors peering through the lighthouse's small window could see a moving stream of water running below the ground.

In the past 3 decades astronomers have learned how to peer through that cloud layer and unlock many of the secrets of this nearby but previously not well known planet.

In fact, we might all have to hide behind the sofa, peering through fingers at the miasma of mortification as we behold his national embarrassment in slow, slow, quick, quick slow motion.

At one point, in 1985, he found himself working a late-shift behind the counter in a Wimpy in Brixton, peering through the window at the rioters in the streets, burning cars and looting shops.

In 6% of cases peer in is used

Mick peering in the windows 18.

When you previously look with my family you could possibly observe me peering in value tags along with my personal confront being remove and WE go away from as topic.

In 5% of cases peer from is used

It pays to be wary when peering from the trenches.

In 4% of cases peer over is used

He scrunched down in the grave, then carefully peered over the edge.

You could order your own drink, sit next to him, and have a casual chat, probably an argument or two, maybe peer over at his computer screen or into his sketchbook.

In 2% of cases peer out is used

Heart racing, I peered out of the window of my fourth-floor room, only to see jabbering security staff pointing at the Ministry of Defence building opposite.

In 1% of cases peer across is used

Dulles peering across the 38th parallel were shortly featured in the Communist press as it hailed him as the strategist of South Korean aggression.

In 1% of cases peer down is used

Nate peered down the street cupped his hand to the boy's ear, and whispered.

In 1% of cases peer on is used

And when I peered on Google Street View, the addresses Isaacson lists in Palo Alto -- where everyone from Apple to Google has their HQ -- looked as mundane as Esher or Altrincham.

In 1% of cases peer with is used

Ford peered with him and gave a thoughtful frown.

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