Prepositions after "peculiar"

peculiar to, in, about, at or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 84% of cases peculiar to is used

The charge was peculiar to the P.

This is not peculiar to Sri Lanka.

Others are peculiar to the region.

According to Hussainmiya (1987) the Hikayat Indera Kuraisy is peculiar to Sri Lanka.

But this consequence of divorce is peculiar to the man and does not affect the wife.

The existence of individuals endowed with taste is not peculiar to the 18th century.

Avoiding giving the West a defined, obvious state opponent is a rational strategy peculiar to the Arab way of war.

Some can be overcome by careful planning and moderating, but others are unavoidable and peculiar to this approach.

And the great liberty and independency, which every man enjoys, allows him to display the manners peculiar to him.

The Yoga Philosophy is peculiar to the Hindus, and no trace of it is found in any other nation, ancient or modern.

In 5% of cases peculiar in is used

Christine looks indeed peculiar in that dress.

This is peculiar in view of the advanced teaching of Chapter VIII.

It is peculiar in the sense that its spectrum reveals an unexpected amount of manganese.

Nor is this letter to the Corinthians peculiar in singling out love as the summum bonum.

Even as kimchi is most peculiar in their food, Koreans who eat meat liked it to be barbecued.

In the book of Luke the selection of parables and miracles were peculiar in the selection to that of the other books.

This bureaucratic chain of command is peculiar in a Confederation-type intelligence organization as in the case of UK.

This is as peculiar in Greek as it is in English, and such a construction is not found elsewhere in Josephus ' writing.

Jambiani is peculiar in that way, that the city have saved up to build up a medical center, where there is a doctor and a nurse.

In 4% of cases peculiar about is used

Look at the floor - something peculiar about it.

There is nothing peculiar about having sex at 15.

I just knew there was something peculiar about it.

When you are within feet of her, you notice what it was that was peculiar about her.

In those days of fever and rudimentary medical care there is nothing peculiar about this.

I can not put my finger on it, but when I read the article, I felt there is something peculiar about it.

These comparisons tell us there is something glaringly peculiar about the Philippine economy, at least in our part of the world.

There was something peculiar about being 22 when the Twin Towers fell, on the threshold of a world that appeared to be crumbling.

However, there is something peculiar about these acts of mind-reading: they do not concern what we would normally consider minds.

There isn't anything especially peculiar about this file, except that all of its links are in the form of http: **31;60;TOOLONG: //w.

In 1% of cases peculiar at is used

I found that strange and peculiar at the time, but kind of shrugged it off.

But he can be so distant and so peculiar at times, thought the Lovely Other Dinosaur.

He then asked me, suddenly, if I had observed any thing peculiar at the scene of the atrocity.

The E12 series looks peculiar at first sight, but each value is around 20% bigger than the last.

It was peculiar at that time that while Christmas was about the birth of Christ, for a long while, little religious emphasis was placed on it.

In 1% of cases peculiar for is used

They also close on Tuesdays which is really peculiar for a hotel.

Also, it may seem peculiar for tourists to notice the Latin flair in Filipino culture.

Agriculture is peculiar for its long gestation period for production while most of the funds held by the banks are short-term instruments.

Although you may experience issues in other organizations or belief trends, the Mormon church is peculiar for one main reason: the Book of Mormon.

I know that in the Western world, it's peculiar for young people not to have at least four or five serious relationships under their belt before marriage.

Was he red-faced? Damn it woman, he was apoplectic! Peculiar hand gesticulations? Well clenched fists is pretty peculiar for one who would be Prime Minister, I'd sure you'll agree.

In 1% of cases peculiar of is used

Until that happens this most peculiar of parties will have to constantly reinvent itself.

Most peculiar of all, her iridescent gray hair and her ivory face were simply out of focus.

And the most peculiar of all is that my boyfriend still thinks that this man is his best friend.

The law of succession, called tanaisteacht, or tanistry, is one of the most peculiar of the Brehon laws.

Also the south was and is the natural habitat of the oldest fauna and most peculiar of the sacred zootypes.

Most peculiar of all are the film's genuinely violent interludes, which unexpectedly shift the tone and stifle the comedy, and boy, this is one film that doesn't need any help being unfunny.

In 1% of cases peculiar with is used

There are two things peculiar with the curse.

This kind of case is not only peculiar with Nigeria.

I have noticed one peculiar with iOS push notifications.

Hoping we can have an Old Peculiar with Pauldiv one day soon Tony.

It's even more peculiar with the Range Rover Evoque and the Land Rover Freelander.

Then in the middle of her fit she glanced at herself in the mirror and observed something peculiar with her nose.

Suds thought she was peculiar with her tiny loads, never having quarters, and that awful purse she carried around.

Now we finally head on to the drinks and FOOD! We were initially served drinks which some were pretty peculiar with the names and mixes of flavors.

Recommend Well to be honest I am not a big fan of Pakistani dramas but I think Pakistani dramas now are becoming peculiar with good storyline and now people will tend to see these dramas.

Out of sheer curiosity I am trying to think of what I've done for Eric to feel so peculiar with me, but the thing about Eric is that he has never asked one question about me or about my life.

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