Prepositions after "payable"

payable to, by, on, in or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases payable to is used

Items payable to Blocked Accounts.

Please make your check payable to N.

This is NOT only payable to Muslims.

A Money order or cashiers check payable to the Russian Consulate for visa processing.

Illustration A writes his name on the back of a bill of exchange payable to his order.

And last, we are deferring the royalty payable to the government for a specific period.

Cash donations (US$, CHF, EUR) in the form of check or money order should be made? Payable to The ISPRS Foundation.

These include taxes that may no longer be payable to relevant government and airport authorities if you do not fly.

The law firm receives a signed retainer agreement and a check made payable to the law firm from the alleged debtor.

Once the application is approved, a further $975 CDN is payable to the government by each adult in the application.

In 15% of cases payable by is used

Full fees are payable by the student.

The tax will be payable by the AOP itself.

Any costs arising are payable by the landowner.

The sales commission for this property is 5% (including tax) payable by the purchaser.

Even if the visas are rejected, cancellation charges / fees shall be payable by the Client.

A fee of becomes payable by the applicant if the RRT affirms the original refusal decision.

It was only in the year 1893 that Maori lands were taxed, it was a light tax, half of the tax payable by the Pakeha.

The carrying out of a legacy shall not affect the payment of taxes and debts payable by the legator according to law.

Union pensions, that is to say, pensions payable by the Government of India or out of the Consolidated Fund of India.

The Employer Health Tax Act establishes a health tax payable by employers carrying on business or programs in Ontario.

In 13% of cases payable on is used

Fares are payable on the buses.

Instruments payable on demand 19.

Stamp-duty is payable on Taka 1,700.

On the death of an individual, are taxes payable on the properties he/she owned? Yes.

The fees or payments will be payable on the date of sign-in for services on Jobstreet.

Do I have to pay khums tax on all my property? - Khums is payable on the following: 1.

VAT VAT is payable on all imports at the rate that applies to the same article if it was purchased in this country.

The premium for LMI is payable once only at the commencement of the loan and protects ANZ for the life of the loan.

The service renderer who renders hotel-restaurant services will pay his VAT payable on the service in normal course.

For example, there may be exit fees payable on your old loan and establishment fees and stamp duty on your new loan.

In 12% of cases payable in is used

This is payable in US dollars only.

That means it is payable in dollars.

Duties are payable in local currency.

The balance of the purchase price is payable in the manner laid down in the articles.

ASPP is payable in addition to any Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay (OSPP) available.

Three main fees (all payable in New Zealand dollars) must accompany your application.

This contract may also provide benefits or values incidental thereto payable in fixed or variable amounts, or both.

This will in turn be matched dollar for dollar with an IOU from the state of Commiefornia payable in the year 7685.

Repayments are based on your loan balance and are payable in two instalments (30 September and 31 March) each year.

Currency Fares and charges are payable in any currency in which the Fare is published unless otherwise agreed by us.

In 8% of cases payable for is used

A fee is payable for each attempt.

An extra fee is payable for the plan.

The grant is not payable for a contract to purchase a partial interest in a new home.

TDB is payable for a maximum period of 26 weeks from the date of the accident/disease.

Fees are payable for care at private hospitals and treatment by private obstetricians.

The above formula applies to the main pension from a plan, payable for the lifetime of the pensioner and/or spouse.

The DLF shown in the Rental Agreement is payable for each separate event and whether the Renter is at fault or not.

Basically, this is that, in applying the 100 % rule, the tax payable for the preceding year can be taken to be NIL.

As such the premiums payable for an Interest Rate Collar are less than the premium payable for an Interest Rate Cap.

In 6% of cases payable at is used

Cost is $25, payable at the door.

Natarajan, payable at Arcot, to A.

Interest is payable at the rate of 2.

Management and performance fees are usually payable at the level of the feeder funds.

For the One Month Certificate course, a deposit of 750 is payable at time of booking.

Presentment for payment of instrument payable at specified place and not elsewhere 69.

Any bag that is heavier than the free weight allowance may incur an overweight baggage charge, payable at check-in.

VAT is payable at the rate where the consumer resides and delivery takes place (except, weirdly, on digital goods).

Initial fee can also be paid in the form of demand Draft, drawn in favor of Chairman, CCB-2012, payable at Rourkela.

There is a fee for filing of the notice of motion, payable at the time the notice of motion is submitted for filing.

In 6% of cases payable under is used

If tax is payable under self-assessment (e.

A maximum sum of $1,000 is payable under this section.

Income taxes become payable under the Nisga'a treaty in 2013.

The potash production tax is payable under the Mineral Taxation Act, 1983 (Saskatchewan).

This applies whether or not the Price has become payable under these terms and conditions.

The question is then what compensation is payable under the operator's terms and conditions.

When it is satisfied, the garnishee shall remit into court any amount payable under the later garnishment order.

Is compensation payable under the Public Works Act? Compensation is payable under Part 5 of the Public Works Act.

I continued to pursue him to take his money as it was payable under the agreement but he did not accept the funds.

In 1% of cases payable after is used

No EB benefits are payable after this date.

Overtime is payable after 44 hours in most jobs.

Half-rate benefit only is payable after this period.

Costs include a $100 application fee and $250 payable after being matched with a mentor.

Maximum benefits are payable after 31 years ' service while maximum retirement age is 60.

Minimum amount payable after the reduction of 90% = $ 5 (September 30, 2012) Forum is back.

March 13, 2012 at 1:12 pm (560) daveNJ says: stuckinNJ, I'd on EB which was not supposed to be payable after 3/10.

But the whole point about fees is that they are a) payable after graduation, and b) payable out of taxable income.

Service in excess of 20 years is doubled so that the maximum pension is payable after 30 years actual approved service.

Many employers do not realise this and it is a big shock to them when they see how much tax is payable after the first month.

In 1% of cases payable as is used

Outgoings payable as a consequence of owning the property.

Pass= 60% payable as the student has done the bare minimum.

Pass with a 3rd= 50% payable as the student has shown some ability.

All memberships shall be renewable and dues payable as of January 1.

Look at the accounts payable as well as sales in advance figure (a whopping RM271.

Park Place (#945 ), Boardwalk (#946) (2 Prizes ): $1,000,000 payable as an annuity.

Exactly what is payable as a tax free lump sum depends upon the rules of your own scheme.

Are medical conditions excluded? There is a 90 day waiting period where no benefits are payable as a result of a sickness.

It shifts the perception of accounts payable as a tactical organisation that pays the bill to a strategic resource that helps manage cash.

The employer can not claim an input credit in respect of the VAT payable as the bicycles are not used for the purposes of taxable supplies.

In 1% of cases payable during is used

Interest on disbursed funds is payable during the grace period.

No employer contributions are payable during a contributions holiday.

This is payable during the application process using Mastercard, Visa or Laser.

PRSI contribution credits are available and Carers Benefit may be payable during leave period.

Adoptive Benefit from the Department of Social and Family Affairs may be payable during adoptive leave.

The wages assessed as liable to tax were paid or payable during the period from 1 July 1975 to 30 June 1977.

Loss of Hire Whether hire remains payable during the hijacking will depend upon the terms of the charter party.

Printing and Publications- It can be managed through trade credit, as it can be easily payable during the business years.

For tax collection purposes, provisional tax will be payable during the tax year based on the preceding year's tax liabilities.

Some social security payments not payable during period in gaol or in psychiatric confinement following criminal charge **40;2387;TOOLONG.

In 1% of cases payable from is used

The renewal fee is payable from 3 rd year onwards.

So, the new fees shall be payable from July 01, 2002.

Annual maintenance fees are payable from its fifth year.

Using a formula based on average the loan will be payable from future transactions.

State Pension (Contributory) The State Pension (Contributory) is payable from the age of 66.

The lower increase simply becomes payable from the same day as stated in the original notice.

The fees payable from 1 February are the subject of some continuing negotiations between various working parties.

Secondary Benefits As Farm Assist is a long-term scheme, Secondary Benefits are payable from the start of the claim.

Other Payments Quit rent, assessment and other charges in respect of the property are payable from the date of the SPA.

Where leaving the PDF before age 50, benefits are not payable immediately but are ' preserved ' and payable from age 60.

In 1% of cases payable out is used

Marginal note: Payable out of C.

Liabilities Enter the value of liabilities properly payable out of the entire benefit -- i.

Dividends will be payable out of amounts legally available therefore at an initial rate equal to 9.

This would include debts that must, by law, be paid and that are payable out of the benefit or because of it.

Rule 142 to 150 - Taxation of Costs Rule 151 to 152 - Costs and expenses payable out of the assets of the company.

But the whole point about fees is that they are a) payable after graduation, and b) payable out of taxable income.

The total amount of such compensation and payment must not exceed 10% of the fees collected and it is payable out of those fees.

Pensions, gratuities and other-like benefit payable out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund or any other public funds of the Federation.

In exchange, we will provide the government all the notes it prudently requires at interest rates easily payable out of existing taxes.

Easily the fairest way of doing this is to charge a fee, payable out of a loan which is only repayable once the student earns an income beyond certain level.

In 1% of cases payable upon is used

A deposit of 125 is payable upon booking.

The bill is payable upon being presented.

Each course fee is payable upon activation.

Car parking is payable upon entrance and the following charges apply: 10 coaches, 6.

Special notes Deposit and cancellation policy A 15% deposit is due and payable upon booking.

It is also payable upon the death of the insured (the parent) during the term of the policy.

Where booking area made less than 45 days before the start of services, the whole amount is payable upon confirmation.

Unless the cottage is the only residence that you own at your death, capital gains tax is likely payable upon your death.

Fee 18 The fee payable upon the issue of a marriage license is such amount as is determined by the Governor in Council by regulation.

In 1% of cases payable with is used

A fee of 125 is payable with the restoration application.

Taxes/Fees: Taxes and fees payable with Pay with Miles include only U.

What about VAT? VAT is payable with each rental so there is no need to pay up front.

The Increase for a Qualified Adult payable with this pension is proportioned as well.

SW 19 Social Welfare Rates of Payment booklet shows the amount of OPF payable with your means.

Up to that sum, in the greater part of Scotland, rent is not payable with rates, while over that sum rent and rates are combined.

The JFK Airport Airtrain always costs $5, payable with a pay-per-ride Metrocard (Unlimited-use Metrocard's won't work on Airtrain).

No other benefit or allowance is payable with Disability Allowance to or in respect of the same person in respect of the same period.

In 1% of cases payable within is used

The loan is payable within 30 days.

Majeed 56,554 - payable within 6 months of today's date.

Pensioners could be offered Government Pension Bonds payable within a year or two.

The loans, payable within 30 days, will attract an interest or facilitation fee of 7.

Such dues shall be payable within sixty days after production of the death certificate.

All HMS invoices will be generated electronically and reach by email, payable within 7 days of the invoice date.

Where a member is employed on contract, he/she should be granted a loan payable within his/her contractual period.

The 10 entrepreneurs will be awarded a loan of Kshs 10,000 as first instalment payable within two to three months.

Any such additional charge is payable within 7 days following delivery of the Publisher's invoice particularising it.

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