Prepositions after "pay"

pay for, to, by, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases pay for is used

The land has to pay for itself.


For FTP we need to pay for that.

And innocent people just trying to get on with their lives will pay for this with blood.

Paid for almost entirely by student loans (paid off in 13 yrs) and some part time work.

They must surrender and pay for those innocent souls they sent to great beyond abruptly.

Subscribers will pay for an annual pass that allows them to watch NBL games online - a boost for coverage of the game.

After having tried many paid for anti virus programmes I decided to give this one a go before paying for another one.

That's because, at the moment, my fiance pays for the housing out of his own account, and I, in turn, pay for the car.

You wouldn't be paying for the RIAA to sue everyone, you wouldn't be paying for shipping to the retail stores, etc.

In 8% of cases pay to is used

The homage was paid to Lingamism.

FishbowlNY Would You Pay To Read NYTimes.

This would lower the premium paid to $10.

Yet, it is astonishing how little attention is paid to the history of Muslims in Africa.

In particular attention has to be paid to material charge and discharge characteristics.

It appears that more than 40% of the charges never get paid to the healt care providers.

Despite this damaging revelation, he went to court saying he wants 15% commission of the $15m paid to him as agency fee.

The court ordered that 40 per cent of the fine collected from the 11 accused should be paid to the wife of the deceased.

Whats interesting though is that it show the full amount as paid to the project, not the amount minus Kickstarter's cut.

The Following User Says Thank You to SimonP For This Useful Post: Money paid to Rapidshare is money I've never regretted.

In 7% of cases pay by is used

But actors are paid by the scene.

Casual workers are paid by cheque.

Time calibrators were paid by popes.

Prepaid or deferred charges for expenses and commissions paid by such insurance company.

Can I pay by cheque to the driver? Unfortunately our drivers are unable to accept cheques.

We have reduced rates and we have increased the share of income paid by the top 2 percent.

Most foreign employees are required to pay Korean income taxes, which are generally withheld and paid by the employer.

Those 2 payments alone are more than the household tax would bring in if it was paid by everybody for the next 13 years.

You pay by credit card and either print out your ticket on your PC printer or pick up tickets at the station in Malaysia.

The Biosecurity Council will consider paying fees to advisory group members who are not being paid by other organisations.

In 4% of cases pay in is used

So you will have to pay in that case.

I paid in advance for a further 3-day-stay.

You can pay in cash on board or purchase a pass.

If the fine is paid in less than 15 days, it is discounted (Amende Contractuelle minore).

Generally, there is a price difference from 3 to 7 times more than what you pay in Hong Kong.

The appropriate taxes need to be paid in advance of the final conveyance of the property from the seller to the buyer.

If booked within the 90 days of commencement of our services, the entire cost of the program needs to be paid in full.

The rate is perilously close to the seven per cent rate considered too expensive for a country to pay in the long term.

Pay in parts -- where a part of the total sum is paid as advance and remaining sum in parts, divided over next few months.

In 3% of cases pay on is used

I fortunately paid on my credit card.

RM (c) Amount (if any) paid on each share.

Y never paid one thin dime for your mortgage.

What I Couldn't figure out was it did nt match any account number I had seen or paid on.

This will literally be coming out of the taxes you pay on the money you work so hard for.

For instance taxes need to be paid on dividends, capital gains and passive stock income.

Well climb that wall and then steal your job a day later, and collect food stamps while were getting paid on top of that.

In Wales, public sector workers are paid on average 18 per cent more than private sector workers doing the equivalent job.

It's important to recognize that the bounds you'll pay on secondary insure will be below what customary insurance coverage.

That's right, every dime in interest paid on a 401(k) loan goes directly into the borrower's 401(k) account, not the lender's.

In 1% of cases pay at is used

Now he is willing to pay at his house.

Additional hours are paid at the same rate.

You need not pay at the counter anywhere, the pay is collected on board.

I doubt that many could afford to retire on the meager income that SS would pay at age 60.

Then just pay at any business accepting LevelUp as a form of payment, like you normally do.

Even if the money is paid at some later date the public record will always show it was owed.

It is paid at the same rate as the unemployment payment and covers undergraduate and a limited number of postgraduate courses.

Overtime pay at a rate not less than one and one-half times the regular rate of pay is required after 40 hours of work in a workweek.

Meanwhile a basic school teacher in St Thomas said there were five teachers in her community who were being paid at the rate of $26,000.

She said she upgraded her qualifications by achieving a diploma from Shortwood Teachers ' College but was still being paid at the low rate.

In 1% of cases pay from is used

Cost Expect to pay from, 600 up.

IBOS get paid from Amway not BWW.

This can be a guarantee to pay from a bonding company.

Rather than these types of affiliate sites where it iss so hard to get paid from the affiliates.

The experts would have been flown to New Zealand and paid from a foundation run by Miyamoto's firm.

Go look at JJJr's last quarterly filing, numerous listings of American Express paid from the campaign, with no detail.

This calculator takes account of the fact that the State Pension (Transition) will no longer be paid from 1 January 2014.

What is the property tax going to be paid from? Other than the income of those people who own or occupy those properties?

Do you guys know? In Korea, Filipinos employed by phone teaching companies are paid from 30,000 per student and as much as 120,000 won.

In 1% of cases pay into is used

When you buy a bike, you pay into a bike trust fund.

Look after the ones that have paid into the system.

Everybody pays into it through their wages each month.

To that end, you should pay into the system so that the care you require will be available.

All insurers were required to pay into a fund to ensure the smooth operation of the Scheme.

I've paid into a final salary pension scheme for most of my working life, and always advised younger colleagues to do so.

Yet they stole nothing and the money they've paid into Social Security funds now subsidizes every pension or disability payment.

The same is also true for the share of federal tax liability, or the share of total tax dollars paid into the federal government.

From this prospective the employer is being taxed not once but three times, and forced to pay into an already broken welfare system.

In 1% of cases pay out is used

Dividends are paid out of the standalone profits of the company.

OAP's etc who are unable to pay out of Income, same answer as the Can't Pay etc.

Prior to the for- profit system people could actually afford to pay out of pocket.

We have no funding and all of our travels to Washington are paid out of our own pockets.

The pressure Major Wright Jersey from charges mounting up without method to pay out them is excruciating.

The higher you deductible, the higher the amount you will have to pay out of pocket in the event of an accident.

Illustration A conveys property to B in trust to sell the same and pay out of the proceeds the claims of A's creditors.

For example, as to #1, the funds paying those benefits are not sitting in a bank account in Washington, being paid out when needed.

They have to know however, that if they start working the more income they have, the more they will have to pay out of pocket for college.

She was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2006, had all the normal treatment, but also paid out of her own pocket to have Avastin on top of that.

In 1% of cases pay per is used

They can control everything very easily: description, images, pay per view.

If I didn't know better, I'd say they were paid per delivery attempt not per delivery.

As the name proposes, a particular amount is paid per click you have that leads a client to your site.

The concept of PPC or Pay Per Click pertains to purchasing hyperlinks that can be located on a outcomes page.

You have to only pay per click which means that payment is done after the job of advertising has been completed.

I never use MMS + i have to pay per mms i send; so im wondering if there's a way to completely disable MMS messages.

Advertising such as pay per click can also vary depending on the maximum number of clicks that the site owner has preset.

People, like myself, receive a letter in April informing us how much we should pay per month for the forthcoming 12 months.

Jeff writes mostly about blogging, internet marketing, Pay Per Click Strategies and Search Engine Optimization techniques and best practices.

That would reduce your current outgoings slightly, in that the interest you pay per month would be less because the outstanding principal is less.

In 1% of cases pay through is used

And again, the relatives and friends have to pay through contributions.

But the problem is that many pay through the nose just because they want to belong.

Thankfully I paid through Paypal to these other guys and so immediately claimed a chargeback.

Defining the terms: An agent will only procure business and will be paid through a commission.

Funding either is paid through the UN system or through aid groups working directly with the victims.

I have other debts built up over the course of the marriage which I pay through a debt management company.

It is a tax on the business traveller who has no choice but to make a call and pay through the nose for it.

Who pays through PAYE on that sort of money? Notwithstanding your examples, a good many employees do just that.

I think the real issue is I'd not feeling challenged enough and I'd paying through the nose to go to school here.

In 1% of cases pay with is used

They must pay with their blood.

You may even pay with your life.

Everything else can be paid with cash.

With good reason, the locals feared they would pay with their lives for this brutality.

He then bargained with the owners for an agreed price and paid with post-dated cheques.

In old testament times, a prophet had to be right: he gets it wrong, he pays with his life.

Jourdren was a half-second too slow coming off his line, and Jack made him pay with a deftly-chipped finish over him.

Thinking he might not be able to finish the job in time and will have to pay with his life, he fled away from the place.

If applying in person, you may pay with cash dollars, cash rupees (at the current exchange rate ), demand draft, or a major U.

Over purchasing: This is where a launderer buys an item from a private seller, pays with an excess check and is paid back the overflow.

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