Prepositions after "patterned"

"patterned after" or "patterned on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases patterned after is used

The IPRA Redux Patterned after the UNDRIP, RA No.

The country has a democracy patterned after the U.

The bill is reportedly patterned after Oregon's law.

The administration of the Fatimids was essentially patterned after the Abbasids.

The ventilating system is patterned after that in the Holland Tunnel in New York.

We believe mortal families are ideally patterned after our eternal, heavenly one.

A weird inversion: The Ninth Doctor's leather jacket was patterned after a German submariner's jacket (source).

The Nachole uprising near Kansat, Chapai Nawabganj in 1950 by Santal tribe was patterned after Tebhaga Andolon.

But after living together for almost 50 years we have become so patterned after each other that we think as one.

McCoy and I are once again prisoners of the chief criminal boss of a society patterned after old Earth gangsters.

In 17% of cases patterned on is used

The Choices program is patterned on one of these.

And he shows us how to live a life patterned on that.

It imagines a future America patterned on 1930s Alberta.

Why? Maybe because Cursillo is patterned on the Easter Triduum.

Patterned on the American Revolutioncomplete with Swamp Fox tacticsthis is a.

Macau does not use common law, but uses code law patterned on the Portuguese system.

Its format was patterned on the all-inclusive Club-Med concept and the tone was, to put it mildly, uninhibited.

An Egalitarian Society The Igbo society is patterned on that of egalitarian society in which almost everyone is equal.

Perfect goalie for a team that was patterned on the same basic idea of efficient hockey and avoiding possible problems.

These state laws are in most cases patterned on the NLRA or the Norris-LaGuardia Act, or provide other similar provisions.

In 12% of cases patterned with is used

The head is boldly patterned with black, white, and buff.

This cloth is usually patterned with adinkra symbols and mostly made in Ntosu.

The grass is still green and patterned with the gold and silver of fallen leaves.

The walls were papered with a floral print, and cushions and a sofa patterned with the same.

It was folded up on itself, so all I could see were rows of tentacles patterned with suckers.

One arm was patterned with a remarkably intricate desert; a single cactus grew from her wrist.

As a result, the walls are pale pink, and the ceiling patterned with a pink-and-white sunburst.

She had cropped grey hair and was wearing a black blouse patterned with multi-?? coloured cursive.

The bricked wall was patterned with plaster, but the essence of being an old church is still there.

If you actually watch the movie you'll notice the blouse is patterned with bizarro looking dancing elephants.

In 6% of cases patterned in is used

They are patterned in the context of pride and celebration.

The floor had a burgundy carpet patterned in white and gold.

From ocean-pongee, patterned in crimson, A faint, cool scent.

He was skinny, burned dark by the sun, wearing a lava-lava patterned in red flowers.

Threads of a fine silvery wire were sewn into the material and patterned in overlapping circles.

Simple clutter-free desks and cabinets patterned in black and gold have levels to avoid looking dull.

Everyday gho and kira are cotton or wool, according to the season, patterned in simple checks and stripes in earth tones.

These exercises are patterned in away to give balance to the hormones in your body and provide them an avenue to help you grow taller.

Wearing clothing patterned in a similar fashion as the zebra, or outfitting a home exterior with zebra stripes, could help keep them horsefly-free.

The exterior is dominated by its lovely spire and the interior has a splendid timber vault patterned in the manner of the larger English parish churches.

In 4% of cases patterned by is used

Patterned by machine the open spaces of lace fabric are created at the edges.

Or else I'd just stuck in thinking modes patterned by the commercial products.

At night the forms of passengers were patterned by the lamps in black shadows upon the pale walls.

I found myself doing something that I saw patterned by Abraham and I want to just read one verse in Genesis 15.

The deejay's method was taken to heart and patterned by a whole generation of toasters, boasters and rappers, locally and internationally.

The polystyrene, often salvaged from the trash and patterned by Scholnick in black-and-white or colored ink, became a stand-in for capitalism and excess.

Structural inequalities in Irish society are patterned by the differential opportunities available to individuals to gain economic, social and cultural capital.

In the case of marinas such as that in Hebe Haven or Aberdeen Harbour, such landscapes are often patterned by series of pontoons and walkways where pleasure craft are moored.

Our actions, emotions and responses to people, objects and situations are helplessly patterned by the forces of our mental conditionings -- ideas, attachments, prejudices and beliefs.

In 2% of cases patterned along is used

The structure of Government is also patterned along UMNO lines.

Had the strategy back then was patterned along the Cuban Revolution, Martial law would not have lasted that long.

My guiding philosophy is patterned along Tai Solarin's words to the effect that only lazy peopole work in the Civil Service.

Abstract: In Nigeria and most of other African counties, atypical village is basically rural and patterned along farm settlements.

Jamaica has since been a democracy with a government patterned along the lines of the British, there being an elected parliament and a prime minister.

A fishing and marketing complex in Navotas, patterned along the lines of these farmers markets, will soon be started with the help of the Japanese government.

In order to meet the needs of men and to strengthen their fellowship in the church, Kuria started the Fathers ' Union, patterned along the sames lines as the Mothers ' Union.

In 2% of cases patterned into is used

Pineapple scales are also patterned into spirals and,.

A magnetic film patterned into an array of dots (background) is known as a bit-patterned medium, and can store data at very high areal densities.

In 1% of cases patterned according is used

Then Insha-Allah step-by-step one's entire life will gradually become patterned according to Deen (Islam).

You could have your site patterned according to the design and style of the insignia, that is if you have one.

In 1% of cases patterned across is used

He unpeeled the blue cord patterned across his face.

In this example, piezoresistors are patterned across the edges of a region where a silicon diaphragm will be micromachined.

In 1% of cases patterned for is used

I'd also get something a bit prettier and patterned for myself though.

In 1% of cases patterned from is used

I will not discuss here how it was formed as patterned from its mother portal in Germany.

The new website is an internet newspaper patterned from Arianna Huffington's The Huffington Post.

After few minutes had gone by and the respondent was starting to talk of irrelevant matters, I thought the opening statement, as patterned from a jury system, became functus oficio.

This organization, patterned from the League of Nations concept which was a precursor to the United Nations, formed to deal with the Canadian government's unjust treatment of First Nation peoples.

In 1% of cases patterned like is used

One sports a blazer patterned like the U.

In 1% of cases patterned off is used

Hope this list, patterned off of How Not To Write Comics Criticism, is helpful.

He put together a sound system patterned off what he saw growing up in Jamaica and started to draw crowds to his dances.

Some programs of the extra - mural studies Department of the University of the West Indies were patterned off the Knox summer school formula.

In 1% of cases patterned to is used

Looking it from distance, one could tell it was patterned to that of Neo Gothic architecture.

Banner marketing is in fact one particular aspect of internet promoting patterned to the notion of newspapers banner head or headline tale.

To land into excellent umbrella companies; many contractors research and get information on various standards patterned to good businesses.

Perhaps the most distinctive characteristic that will make you identify Evangelion's Car is it's unique paint job which is patterned to Eva's Unit-01.

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