Prepositions after "passive"

passive in, to, about, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases passive in is used

Each is both active and passive in turn.

She'd never been passive in battle before.

Aggressive up-ice, passive in your own zone.

You may have learned that women are meant to be passive in the marriage relationship.

Other groups tended to be more passive in their learning approach during the sessions.

Previously, iii had been one of the most passive investor friendly platforms in the UK.

Martin Luther King spoke of non-violence but was not passive in his actions against racial discrimination in the U.

However, the Treasury has ' so far been far too passive in waiting for others to propose a solution ', the PAC said.

Hong Kong people are aware of the significance of monitoring Government policy, but they are passive in taking action.

Yes he came on, he scored a goal but I can't say much because sometimes you can be passive in a game and score a goal.

In 11% of cases passive to is used

At best they are passive tools.

Doesn't sound exactly passive to me.

And very passive to whoever holds his leash at the time.

Bikers? why not hipsters or someone that MIGHT actually be passive to your stupid ideas.

Right or wrong, candidates get labeled from passive to active and everything in between.

Because state-subordinated religion is always trying to keep their masses subordinated and passive to state-type imagination.

After that, exercises and homework and possibly some materials (conversion of passive to active and vice versa, story telling etc.

Writing converts students from passive to active learners and requires them to identify issues and formulate hypotheses and arguments.

In 10% of cases passive about is used

We can not be passive about this.

There is nothing passive about him.

They are somewhat passive about the future.

When you're seated, you have license to be quite passive about what you're watching.

Too often, people are passive about their fitness goals when buying cheap fitness equipment.

As the article suggests the youth seems to be not passive about what is happening in their country.

Easy To Use Fitness Tips For Women on How to Stay Healthy Too often, people are passive about their fitness goals.

We just need to be less passive about food and pick out the things that bring nutrition and not just empty calories.

I have read a lot of comments on here that seem to be so passive about the situation and feel as if what's the big deal.

The UN, by being passive about what is happening in Gaza, have recognized Israeli kind of warfare as legitimate warfare.

In 5% of cases passive with is used

The connection of the passive with? of the subject (cf.

Mourinho was surprisingly passive with his use of the bench.

Yet, we can not continue to be passive with a siddon look approach.

Most investors are somewhat passive with a good part of their portfolio.

Only you can't be passive with them because, you always end up exploding.

Nor has China been passive with respect to mounting speculative excesses in residential property.

Tiamat Melee only Now a Unique Passive with a larger splash radius and damage falloff near the edge.

Roger Woodham replies: The passive with modals, future and infinitive forms This is an example of a passive form.

I think that sometimes as cyclists we can be a little too passive with motorists, other cyclists, and pedestrians.

You don't want to ever be too timid or too passive with a woman if you want to make her feel sexual tension around you.

In 5% of cases passive for is used

Sultry is a bit passive for Warrior Princesses.

Note the use of the passive for the West-South bit.

The benefit of this is to make the site more passive for you.

The rest of the characters including Mercedes are passive for the most of the screen time.

Desire can be in aggressive form (to have things done our way) or passive for (longing for comfort).

Must have been responsible too passive for her Iretas low cost wyoming auto insurance program flora.

When these huge crowds gather together, people who have been passive for decades will be stirred to a new courage.

Pretty please? Wol finally stepped it up as an interesting character in this episode, after being rather placid and frustratingly passive for a while.

Write formally even when stating your own ideas; make use of the passive for descriptions and use full forms not contractions (' they are ', not ' they're ').

Liver disease has been seen as a big worry as it is has a large functional reserve, which means that many diseases related to it remain passive for a long time.

In 4% of cases passive by is used

Passive by their nature? Sounds.

Most people tend to be passive by nature.

Hence, all battle skills are passive by nature.

God is not totally absorbed by the divine project nor rendered passive by divine rest.

I find myself being passive by taking on big projects that overwhelm me because I don't speak up.

It is not true that man is active and that woman is passive by nature, but both manifest different aspects of activity and passivity.

Hindus are passive by their nature, and Sikh Gudwaras give our free food to anyone, a true reflection of reality? Passive by their nature? Sounds.

Hindus are passive by their nature, and Sikh Gudwaras give our free food to anyone, a true reflection of reality? Passive by their nature? Sounds.

It is the nature of World-Mind to be passive by turns, just as it is the nature of animals and humans to be active on waking, at rest when sleeping.

The action of cleaning is more important) Teaching ideas for passive Students practice using passive by playing charades- one student acts out a series of steps in a simple procedure (e.

In 4% of cases passive on is used

That seems weirdly passive on the supervisor's part.

Libertarian is not passive on a local, personal level.

Indeed, more affluent South Africans seem particularly passive on.

Consequently, I always seem passive on the occasions when I have to speak it.

This means that video is immediately a top choice because it is almost entirely passive on the part of the viewer.

Although passive on the surface, contextual link building is the most effective way of getting your website noticed easily.

Can you please clarify a couple of these things? Souvik Two points: 1) Active wording is preferred over passive on the GMAT.

The study also revealed that people are becoming more passive on Facebook, preferring to browse other people's content than update their own status.

It was a response that is now becoming the Obama standard: benign and passive on its face but calculated to underscore a central tenet of Obama's presidential style.

Oceanary continued: On the other hand, Wes can be pretty passive on the court, hasn't been good at the things he was billed as being good at, and lacks a key fundamental skill.

In 3% of cases passive as is used

In Creation, however, the active is separated from the passive as regards their working.

The leadership of the Chicago Teachers ' Union remained passive as the city ratcheted up the pressure.

During the Cold War, it did not remain passive as the forces of democracy battled the communist parties that sought to exploit post-World War II dislocation to advance sinister designs.

Malcolm X left NOI in March 1964 as he felt that NOI was too passive as an organisation and that it was waiting for change to come as opposed to trying to force it through, as he wanted.

In 3% of cases passive rather is used

Fail She's passive rather than active in her narrative.

Much of the time the role is passive rather than active.

It is basically passive rather than active as I shall come to show later.

The goalie has the pressure, but his decision making is passive rather than aggressive.

Generally, CAS is not taking place when you are in a passive rather than an active role.

Evidently, we have chosen to be passive rather than reactive to the dilemma facing this country.

LG's model looks to be fractionally slightly thinner, and features passive rather than active 3D.

Hers was the kind of consciousness that is not consciousness as intellectuals define it, but is passive rather than active.

They are passive rather than active, serving as agents through which industrialized nations maintain their dominant positions in the world.

In 2% of cases passive at is used

We remain passive at our peril.

Musa could not remain passive at the sight.

Ainge was pressed on whether Green is simply too passive at times.

Plus, Rochester was aggressive at some points, passive at other moments.

We all love our motherland and we can no longer sit back and be passive at this time.

I wish to reiterate that we are not going to remain passive at a time when our export markets around the world turn more challenging.

The other conflict styles can be fluid depending on the situation; for instance, someone may be assertive at work and passive at home.

Like other people have mentioned, I think I tend to be more passive at work than others, but I had never thought of my background as contributing to that before.

In 2% of cases passive vs is used

Passive vs interactive: Even if you're watching TV on your own, what you're doing is watching TV.

I don't know enough of all the technical difficulty of passive vs PV's but I know the Oil drum is.

Brent Sheather raises some great points about adviser behaviour and passive vs active investment; which would contribute well to this discussion.

In 1% of cases passive within is used

MARGARET: But she's almost passive within this world.

Substances taken into the organism from without remain passive within the organism, while the organism toward them is active.

In 1% of cases passive versus is used

In my profession there is the debate over passive versus active investing.

I have noted on some blogs a tendency for you to bring most conversations around to passive versus active market participation etc.

Finally, I have noted on some blogs a tendency for you to bring most conversations around to passive versus active market participation etc.

PASSIVE VERSUS ACTIVE REFERRAL NETWORKING When people ask your friends for a referral and your friend mentions your business, that is passive referral networking.

In 1% of cases passive towards is used

They could mame a stoat with their strong legs and feet, but remain passive towards them.

According to Chris Argyrols, the hierarchy techni-que of coordination makes individuals dependent upon and passive towards the leader.

In 1% of cases passive throughout is used

I thought Peggy was excessively passive throughout which made her transformation seem even sillier.

The Southern polity has been nurtured to be passive throughout the war and today there is little resistance as a result.

In 1% of cases passive over is used

SEC is believed to have been passive over the years.

It's along a similar vein to choosing the passive over the active voice: your car was bashed, and I'd too ashamed to admit to being the basher.

As users become more passive over time and increasingly turn to people in the public eye or well-known organisations for interesting content, social will increasingly become a broadcast channel.

In 1% of cases passive of is used

How gender-stereotypically passive of me.

Maybe I'd too passive of a fan, but I think people are too judgmental of this reboot.

That is something even the most passive of countries will listen to, ' he told the summit.

I clearly understand that the list above is incomplete, could be better and is definitely passive of change, but I'd just trying to give an overall context.

In 1% of cases passive like is used

Yeah, most of the university students are typical and passive like Meherin.

We can no longer act like legislator-subjects or be passive like slaves, therefore we are sponges.

Wait for a time when he is concentrating very hard on something, preferably an activity rather than something passive like watching TV.

It is not something passive like the contents of a bag, but rather something we continuously recreate in front of the challenges that the current moment presents.

In 1% of cases passive during is used

He's totally passive during the play.

Though, funny that I also found some people who were passive during their past became bolder to get some attractions as well.

Now the horse with the stubborn cap has uneven hoof growth, uneven weight on its skeletal system, and perpetually active muscles that are supposed to be passive during rest.

In 1% of cases passive despite is used

These tensions are apparent in Somalia, with external actors often presuming local populations are passive despite the fact that they are usually active in local governance structures.

In 1% of cases passive against is used

There's no way you can be passive against them, whether you push or or defend deep.

While Pakistan thus far has been passive against Israel, this is likely to effect Pakistani policies against Israel in the near future.

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