Prepositions after "pass"

pass through, by, on, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases pass through is used

I have not passed through fire and.

A groan passed through the assembly.

They can not pass through solid glass.

Pass through the rain forests of Kilimanjaro viewing trees and birds along the way.

Donna turned westward on September 7 and passed through the southeastern Bahamas.

As this worm passes through the lungs, it induces tissue damage and inflammation.

Filter that let various fluid elements of blood to pass through, while preventing whole cells of passing through.

From the entrance you pass through a gift shop, climb down the staircase, and reach the chapel of the 3rd station.

After he had passed through several degrees of heat, he came out, quite a different man from what he was before.

Between the first gradient of the Rubeho Pass and Tabora, Burton and Speke passed through thirty-three stations.

In 16% of cases pass by is used

Nobody would pass by the stable.

I passed by my old apartment and it's gone.

No house was passed by Maria without calling.

Against the order passed by the Appellate Authority, the Revenue preferred appeals (T.

The verdict was delivered in April 2007, a mere month after the one passed by the ICJ.

The dismissal was a result of a vote of no confidence passed by the European Parliament.

The highlight has to be when we were passed by Bradley Wiggins coming the other way on a black and yellow Pinarello.

I need only mention that the resolution of 22nd February, 1954, which was also passed by circulation was signed by T.

Against the order passed by the Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal, the appellant went to the High Court in ST Revision Nos.

We hold that the order of detention passed by the detaining authority was not in lawful exercise of power vested in it.

In 12% of cases pass on is used

We have to pass on that information.

We're gon na have to pass on this one.

Ford and Zaphod looked and passed on.

The belief and skills of the professor are typically passed on to their grad students.

Neither can you dismiss many resolutions, which are passed on the state of the nation.

Incredibly, one in four of those people I passed on the Swazi streets is HIV positive.

The Observer was a disgraceful cheerleader for the Iraq invasion, passing on Downing St's pre-invasion lies as news.

Now that a proper verdict has been passed on those inquests the families will not just feel vindicated but -liberated.

The company has Pricing Power (Regular excise tax increase are simply passed on to users but it does not deter buyers).

Schools yesterday downloaded the scores from a database in Cardiff, Wales, and passed on the results to their students.

In 10% of cases pass in is used

The original act was passed in 1995.

Time doesn't seem to pass in the malls.

The DREAM Act hasn't passed in Congress.

Groups of up to 30-50 individuals passed in front of the Lodge often just at lunchtime.

Also fun when passengers in passing cars look at you as they pass in their warm dry cars.

After it passes in front of the Sun, it will appear in the morning sky by late November.

One of the other patients was passing in the hall, trying out her walking sticks and she heard this and turned round.

He is lucky walker did nt take his expired license on the spot for driving over 15mph, and passing in the wrong lane.

And they are significantly smaller than two tax increases passed during World War II and a tax increase passed in 1961.

The law passed in favor of Somaliland's attendance at the London conference on Somalia, parliamentary leaders declared.

In 7% of cases pass to is used

The ExitId parameter passed to the exit was &1.

It was like he was passing to the Celtic player.

You'll get 2 free tix plus VIP passes to 2 shows.

The ' Cats had several great outlet passes to a man waiting at the opposing blue line.

User action: Correct the parameters passed to the Channel program and retry the operation.

User action: Correct the parameters passed to the channel program and retry the operation.

Group work may challenge many teachers as control of classroom knowledge and organisation is passed to the students.

Without having to use server-side modules that reconstruct streams and atoms based on time parameters passed to them.

This contrasts with the detailed negotiating positions there were passed to US business interests on a routine basis.

To top it off, I realise that the identification string that I had passed to the application was for the local machine.

In 4% of cases pass for is used

Obama barely passes for a very poor joke.

This has not yet come to pass for whatever reason.

She went to a good school; she passed for Excelsior.

And with that, the regular numbing political battle that passes for question time resumed.

A short, stout, slow left-armer, he might have passed for Sri Lanka's version of Samit Patel.

Seems like nit picking and personal atttacks is what passes for politics in Canada these days.

What passes for Business Professional in a Dance Studio? I don't think suits would be an option for a Dance Studio.

He became the first player in NBA history to score at least 20 points and pass for seven assists in his first five starts.

Enough time has passed for these to be relatively painless -- more recent memories, from other places, cause me more pain.

In 4% of cases pass from is used

All contingency has passed from it.

Eisenhower passed from one group to another.

I passed from it smiling, and made my way out.

You watch enough seasons pass from the same place, eventually it starts to feel like home.

Now, it is n't, and I continually think of how I would prefer to pass from light to darkness.

You can reject His laws all you want, but you will answer for it when you pass from this earthly life.

Nutrients pass from your body into the placenta and umbilical cord to feed your baby and support his/her rapid growth.

On and on we went, sometimes passing from red-soil regions into areas of rich, black earth? ideal for growing cotton.

Salvation not just for you, but all your loved ones who have passed from this life to future generations not yet born.

The baton had passed from hand to hand, reluctantly and not without bluster, but neither was it wrenched from Britain's grasp.

In 3% of cases pass into is used

The rights of leadership now passed into the hands of Imam Husayn (A.

At length, we passed into a town, shuddering to a halt in a bus terminus.

The house eventually passed into the hands of The Great Eastern Life Company.

O Bhikshus, it has been a great, long time since that Buddha passed into extinction.

That bill passed into law but the congress then refused the funding to build the wall.

Wall today acknowledged she had a big job ahead of her to get the bill passed into law.

In addition, the National Environmental Management: Waste Bill is anticipated to be passed into law in the near future.

This new prohibition will pass into law without a murmer of dissent and possibly without even a hint of a critical question.

I am very pleased this precious object has passed into the hand of another good friend and fellow martial artist, Albert Wong.

When I passed into 200 levels he started coming to see me in company of his friends and they would sometimes take my friends and I out.

In 2% of cases pass without is used

The deadline passed without a deal.

This act also was passed without yeas and nays.

Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote.

Regulations governing BRTS Corridor, having been passed without authority of law.

The sea was calm, the Hurricane season of August had passed without serious consequences.

Even more insidious however, are events that are allowed to happen and pass without comment or action.

One girl reported that when high she suddenly discovered 45 minutes had passed without her realization of this.

Except for a small problem with the exhaust system on the car Narain Karthikeyan, Friday passed without problems.

Every tourist that passes is an opportunity, and if you let them pass without taking a chance, then it is your loss.

With a year to go on his current deal every day that passes without news of an extension further adds to the doubt.

In 2% of cases pass with is used

The resolution was passed with 24.

Time passed with no sign of the ambulance, so Dr.

It was called Amendment 20, and it passed with 53.

Since the opening of this school in 1951, no one had passed with a first division i.

The measure passed with a four-point margin with 98 percent of the precincts reporting.

All federal legislation, in the one-chambered Congress, must be passed with a 51% majority.

Before that vote, the Obama campaign had opposed the measure, which was passed with 61% in favour and 39% against.

Italy play a more direct style of football which I like, lots of passing with no end product or purpose is boring.

From then on, I had cramping every day and kept telling myself she's coming today but, no, each day passed with no baby.

I? m optimistic that come next year I will be sitting for my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and pass with flying colors.

In 2% of cases pass over is used

Let them pass over the mirror of our mind.

An hour later, Charley's eye passed over Punta Gorda.

In passing over the falls she admits having lost consciousness.

Ike then passed over Great Inagua Island in the southeastern Bahamas at Category 3 strength.

Crossing the International Dateline, the eclipse will pass over Chile on the evening of November 13.

Zaphod's eyes sparkled with something that may or may not have been avarice as he passed over them.

Obamacare was passed over the objections of over half of the voters, and is far more expensive than initially thought.

Our searching eyes found two owlets sitting in the gathering dusk on the electric line passing over the barren field.

Many casualties resulted as people ventured outdoors during the half-hour lull in the storm as the eye passed overhead.

I blinked hard a couple of times and hoped the nice family in front of me didn't notice the cloud that had passed over me.

In 2% of cases pass between is used

The Roman road to Jerusalem passed between them.

Last October a small asteroid passed between the Earth and the Moon.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth.

There are different strains of HIV which can be passed between two HIV-positive individuals.

TAP3 defines how and what information on roamed usage must be passed between Network Operators.

Quick inrticate passing between the players with accuracy, with technique, to control the football.

Superior Planets They can pass behind the sun (conjunction ), but they can not pass between the sun and the earth.

The rate at which information passes between the user and the system is an important characteristic of the system.

These include internal memoranda passed between Cowley and doubtful colleagues, and letters between him and the author.

All transaction information passed between our site and the Sage Pay VSP Systems is encrypted using 128-bit SSL certificates.

In 1% of cases pass onto is used

These will not be passed onto third parties.

This assessment will also be passed onto the EPA as part of the application process.

Education is arguably one of the most important legacies that we can pass onto the next generation.

Education is indisputably, one of the most important legacies that we can pass onto the next generation.

They worry they will be the first generation not to pass onto their kids something better than they received.

Pricing a project accurately can not be a ' guesstimate ', based on loose assumptions that any unforeseen cost overruns can just be passed onto the client.

But he does not realize that the developer's price is now higher because less risk can be passed onto those speculators and property agents, and matching is also less efficient.

Altered religion, like the one you have (or have not) passed onto your children, is subject to human impulses and desires - therefore the spiritual aspect is immediately removed.

It was carried out with such a precision that it is difficult to find its traces, except in the memories of the survivors, and the tales of horror they passed onto their next generation.

I wake up, jump on the computer with the intention of developing a new product that I've either been thinking about recently or have started the design outlines for to pass onto a programmer.

In 1% of cases pass out is used

Like other men, they passed out of Buck's life for good.

However, there are a great many excellent books which have passed out of copyright.

I am sure this must have influenced hundreds of students passing out of our school.

After passing out a few yards a halt was made, and the photographers were allowed to take his picture.

But they could hear him mournfully howling till they passed out of sight behind a belt of river timber.

It has, indeed, appeared and passed out of the foreground of thought, and reapeared there, again and again.

Russians passing out of their borders into the former states are sent and kept at the back of the line on purpose.

Nidhi Subbaiah, Actress Thank heavens I passed out from CBSE when I did, and was not subject to this kind of education.

Primarily, when you take food rich in fibre, it mops up the excess estrogens and it is passed out of the body naturally.

I couldn't read a medical brief unless a doctor held my hand through the whole thing and kept me from passing out of boredom.

In 1% of cases pass before is used

About an hour passed before Mike appeared.

Nine years passed before Devaki got pregnant for the eighth time.

That bill was passed before consultation was made with the Kenyan people.

We waited until the danger of a storm had passed before beginning our exploration.

There isn't a day that goes by where God's goodness and kindness doesn't pass before you.

I had passed before the letters registered meaning and I made a mental note to check it out.

Even more flavour is extracted by inserting a tray of botanicals above the pot, through which the alcohol vapours pass before condensing.

Ibn ' Umar reported: I happened to pass before Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon bin) with my lower garment trailing (upon the ground).

The development plans were submitted to the Limerick Township in 2006 and four years would pass before approval to start work was received.

Marshall is concerned that the legislation is very muddy and means different things depending on whether it's passed before or after September 1.

In 1% of cases pass at is used

Straits Mongrel: The amendment was unanimously passed at 4.

Wife worried abt parents being to old, her mom passed at 75 and her dad is still kicking at 84.

I would like to point to the resolution passed at the hearing organised recently by the European United Left group.

The saves that passed at a quicker pace bore on their heads buckets of bronze, which had been cast in most graceful shapes.

Pond watch We've heard no mention of Amy's parents since Augustus Pond was spotted in passing at the wedding in the rebooted universe.

FEBRUARY 1st RT's deadline for submitting potential entries to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo passed at midday today.

His undertaking given to UPR, that 13th and 17th amendments and 60 of the 112 resolutions passed at 2008 UPR will be implemented remains unfulfilled.

The two halves carried distinctly different patterns: Arsenal controlled the first, largely given room to pass at the back while West Ham came back into it in the second.

In 1% of cases pass under is used

The familiar smell of instant noodles passes under my nose.

Pass under the Cambie Street Bridge and over into another world.

As you proceed (now on Amiens Street ), you will pass under a large railway bridge.

In fact, it was laws passed under Republican Presidents/Congresses that set things up that way.

Is it permissible for muhrim men (men in Ihraam) to pass under long bridges or through tunnels? A.

By 1750 the small master, himself a modest capitalist, had passed under the domination of the merchant middleman.

The President and my husband waved to a group of woodsmen, then passed under the huge sign that was stretched across the road.

Also known as the waiting period, the elimination period is the number of calendar days that must pass under care before the benefits are payable.

Banners on pedestrian overpasses give long messages, more than what a commuter or driver on the road could finish reading while passing under the overpass.

What you want to do is keep the amount of vinyl passing under the needle as small as possible -- try not to spill over the beat or sample that you're scratching.

In 1% of cases pass as is used

The toad, by no means a looker, can pass as a washerwoman.

It is full of sexism and crudeness, trying to pass as humour.

That could pass as tradition, right? Majestic Pirlo in action.

Hence, they can be upcasted to XxxListener and passed as the argument of the above methods.

Plus, who said anything about a free pass (oh, unless you mean I can pass as whitehow'd you know??).

Hence perhaps the game isn't the problem, maybe it is just that it is being passed as a full blown 40 release.

If an object is passed as the errorMessageExpr, the object's toString() will be called to obtain the message string.

A stricter vote is needed for budgetary items and striking the mandate DE-FUNDS the program, requiring it be passed as a law.

The procedure requirements excellent optimization abilities as well as considerable dedication associated with assets as time passes as well as knowledge.

This happens whenever one polymorphic variable is passed as an argument or result to another method, where the formal and actual types of the variables may be distinct.

In 1% of cases pass along is used

Just wanted to pass along the good that has come from it.

I am glad that the hurricane eye passed along the coast.

Shivers passed along the spine of Ahmad when he heard those words.

It showed two men facing each other as cars passed along the road.

There was no way you could pass along the Ness without going through the complex.

The ragtag crew of investigators said they passed along the information they gathered to police.

I've received a bunch of email from folks in Australia on this one (thanks especially to Bernie and Veronica, and to Charles for passing along the following link).

The portion of the Pagasa River between the city and the Subic Bay Freeport Zone that passes along the perimeters of Barangay Kalalake and Pag-asa is one of the most polluted waterways in the city.

It is falling flat with young Canadians who are starting to wonder whether their elders are lazy, uninformed, mean, or all three, in passing along the climate crisis to them without trying to fix it.

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