Prepositions after "particular"

"particular about" or "particular to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases particular about is used

I'd very particular about those.

He was particular about his diet.

We're very particular about that.

But be particular about the things you are asking and ask it in a mannered way.

Publishers can be very particular about how they want manuscripts sent to them.

As for me, I am quite particular about how I like my Creamy Pasta Alfredo to be.

Finally, if you are quite particular about the fit of your favourite shirt, you can send it off to be copied.

I was also wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt, and Japanese are very particular about these kinds of things.

Hopefully the Tamils having been a minority group will be even more particular about respecting these rights.

If there's one thing that Betta fish are particular about, it's the temperature of the water you put them in.

In 26% of cases particular to is used

Not exactly particular to Fox News.

Andre is very particular to Gooners.

It is only particular to that family.

Do not try to do everything from scratch, except those particular to your chapter.

The fashions could be the dresses of the disbelievers that are particular to them.

She also writes about urban issues particular to the industrial Midwest at Rustwire.

Here in Sri Lanka people think of Sri Lankan issues in a narrow way as if they are just particular to Sri Lanka.

For a number of individual birds, there exist poetic collective nouns particular to the type of bird referred to.

Slang terms are frequently particular to a certain subculture, such as musicians, and members of minority groups.

Our desire to awaken or to discover truth is very particular to our life, and it has unique qualities and detail.

In 13% of cases particular in is used

They were particular in prayer.

It is particular in other instances.

He was most particular in his request.

This can be definately one particular in the very best blogs I've sen in ages online.

BE PARTICULAR IN HOW YOU LOOK: A man always wants his woman to look good and likeable.

Wineland were published in particular in the Springer journals Hyperfine Interactions and Applied Physics A + B.

He was very particular in such matters as it had been a custom for many years to go to Dingle for the Christmas.

Self may also be particular in nature, or general - a self in which all other selves are contained (Dasgupta, p.

There ended up just one particular in four who stated no to this but about 30 % of the folks had mixed solutions.

In 6% of cases particular with is used

I'd just so particular with oil.

Be very particular with your technique.

The SK embassy is very particular with that.

This is due to the fact that the females are very particular with their outfits.

I can't be too particular with this one but reggae bands seem to have lots of fun.

Frau Landscheidt should have been more particular with her late husbands lifework.

It looks like an impossible task, particular with the country so irrationally entrenched along partisan lines.

I will say this: Facebook is very particular with how brands use their environment to run promotional contests.

My tan suede knee high boots are from Office! Got mad love for denim shorts, I'd very particular with them too.

Coming from all games, blackjack is the one particular with the best potential player advantage over your house.

In 4% of cases particular for is used

He acquired one particular for $400.

It is not particular for this thread.

Unquestionably one particular for my favs.

Can be a significant percentage of the cost of binding, particular for short runs.

NOTE Achieving the correct angle is sometimes difficult, particular for beginners.

One provides a particular for a universal and ensures thereby that the culture will carry on.

All of the particulars concerning the going to the points of interest could be particular for you by our qualified experts.

There exists a sizeable selection of fraudulent luggage and you'll come across one particular for each and every manufacturer.

So having the right candidate attraction and recruitment strategy in place from the outset is critical - particular for an SME.

My guide is very particular for simulation based results but my thesis is completely based on mathematically calculated results.

In 3% of cases particular on is used

Not particular on this album or artist - so it's not unique.

Publishing daily does have its benefits, particular on blogs.

Some locals are very particular on how you hand them anything.

Obama needs to show some concrete results from the meeting, particular on currency.

The elegance is so popular the particular one would probably sense that a celebrity.

When you place one particular on, it almost seems like you are nt within the proffsig.

These points aren't as particular on the grounds that health care data and wellness details is seriously personal.

Having only that any particular one variety have a disastrous cause problems for the cost of all of your past record.

Everything you should carry out is to load their particular on the web form and present some individual and loan information.

Decorate just simply the particular on the inside of your house together with stringed lights in addition to floating lights.

In 2% of cases particular as is used

Numerous are more particular as opposed to runners.

She was as guiltless o ' wrong-doing in that particular as a saint in the clouds.

Truthfully women, we love to this particular as a result of 2 facet shoulder straps.

Nobody is best compared to other, they can be particular as for each your requirements.

I know Pat and she is VERY particular as well as being an internationally known quilt maker.

Each one of these pillars supply particular as well as highly potent advantages for the body.

What particular aspect are you struggling with? I might be able to suggest another text altogether.

He was an evil (strict or jealous) god, who was very particular as to the behaviour of his worshippers.

We should not be cutting back on foreign aid but we should be a little more particular as to where our aid goes.

I have 2 supervisors, and my Principal Supervisor (PS) is very particular as to when I see my Associate Supervisor (AS).

In 2% of cases particular from is used

Fetish can be particular from individual to individual.

Turfites from the adjoining parishes, particular from St.

He is not generalising; he is inferring a particular from particulars.

But cutting Greek debt would be seen as illegal - particular from the German end.

Select one particular from a respected business with a great track file in safety.

It is about a particular from of bourgeois state in which the bourgeoisie does not rule.

Each management of the particular from cover had to be one of the problem in the importation at the same time.

The observation both brings the object into existence in a perceived reality and gives it its particular from.

The resentments that pass back and forth between the characters, but particular from her towards him, are familiar too.

And especially so if it will take spot to grow to be one particular from the crucial reputed names within the globe -- Breitling.

In 2% of cases particular of is used

He was quite particular of the Sunnah beard.

No method has then been particular of changes.

One particular of them was a child she was carrying.

It is particular of the modern mind-set that we should think of man as autonomous.

I'd not too particular of where, or how high, as long as it shows scenery moving below.

Chellow Ochea, I deduced them to be very serious and particular of everything that I do.

But most likely one particular of its a lot more notable functions is aiding in fat reduction or fat metabolism.

Some who were particular of not making others wait did come on time but had to wait while others took their own sweet time.

Additionally to, you could be created particular of a hefty salary on the cease with regards to every single thirty day period.

We'll drive along the rivers for some great photo opportunities, particular of buffalo, giraffe, elephants, wildebeest and zebra.

In 1% of cases particular at is used

Atmosphere a good fairytale, it's an excessive a particular at that.

One guy back there, he is pretty particular at how he brews his beer.

Allah was very particular at distinguishing his nation from the Muslims.

One can really effectively think of getting a transportable one particular at that.

Yet utilizes could happen just as before, Hypatia's keeping the particular at the home.

When getting an image, make an effort to get one particular at the medium range then get 1 closer.

Miller had spent years listening to people with no knowledge speak about a particular at the very core of his being.

At the level of the religious, the particular is reclaimed but in a higher form than the particular at the level of the aesthetic.

Weight Loss Exercise One must always be particular at keeping a track on how much of exercises have to follow strictly, without fail.

Different grafted cultivars involving mulberry forest can be putting on a number of particular attention with the property garden enthusiast.

In 1% of cases particular by is used

It was an excellent show, particular by the pace bowlers.

It's also possible to obtain air flow drive one particular by yourself.

They are not obsessed to find something particular by desperate clicking.

A children's book, Nobody Particular by Molly Bangs tells the story of her battle.

The particular by means of website link setting up is without a doubt ensuring necessary.

This particular by itself could prove way too frustrating for several possibilities managers.

You could potentially Air Max Pas Cher make sure they are really feel more particular by permitting them choose what to wear.

Bear in your mind that us do really want pretty self disciplined throughout order to be able to do this particular by your self.

Will information / driver to make your journey more particular by telling you in regards to the wildlife in the space, geology and history.

If you go with a favourite coach outlet store one particular by yourself as well as pertaining to products in instructor wall plug merchants, you.

In 1% of cases particular like is used

Instapundit linked yesterday to this, and I particular like the first comment.

And I particular like Saints Row 3 specifically for Onlive for no apparent reason whatsoever!! Function.

There are websites which are more particular like catering to certain kind of persons like religion, race, or interests.

I particular like this video by Chris Brogan, who is an A list blogger, speaker and business author (it's at the bottom of the post).

Certainly, I suggest this particular like a exercise if you're sensation nervous or even concerned about something that you experienced.

Also, anyone that can not enroll in however directs something special or perhaps credit card should acquire one particular like a thank you.

Thanks Annabel, while I don't particular like Galloway he does have the happy knack of speaking his mind, something which the vast majority of our politicians will not or dare not do.

Despite frequent calls for a replacement term -- I particular like Jimmy Guterman's ' don't call me a user ' request for a user-generated superior term to user -- the word stubbornly persists.

In 1% of cases particular within is used

Manipulations can be in any form like race, caste (particular within tamils ), religion, region and etc.

This is usually the the easy way be sure to become acquainted with one particular within a closer measure.

Specifically the particular within area over the pumps in the footwear can simply usually current probably the most extreme utilize.

In the event all you understand outside the body is absolutely undesirable, the particular within account of the chubby person is absolutely more severe.

Maintain a single close to the bed, one particular within the diaper bag with minimum a single within arrange for when one of the other people has been laundered.

In four central chapters they examine how scientific research has been used within church debates--in particular within Methodist, Presbyterian and Episcopal contexts.

Almost always major all of the fairest a particular within a shift, George verbal or perhaps told of his / her passes; where by he normal gardening to organic effective.

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