Prepositions after "partial"

partial to, of, in, towards or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 81% of cases partial to is used

I personally am partial to the.

She is very partial to wistaria.

I'd rather partial to his charms.

I'd partial to the notion that Palpatine, being Sith and a genius, was irreplaceable.

I am partial to a bit of eggy bread, so I had a play around with this idea last week.

TH: Do you have a favorite kind of tree? WH: Well, I'd a bit partial to the redwoods.

So to Lauren - you have the upper hand right now in that you know Bo is partial to a lobster dinner and a back rub.

Fox news is paid to be partial to the conservative side, just like MSNBC is paid to be partial to the liberal side.

Not even his conscience can help as his conscience might be wrong and might PARTIAL to certain factions or quarters.

His National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski was clearly partial to the Arabs, a stance he has never abandoned.

In 7% of cases partial of is used

That's all partial of flourishing up.

O'Neill is not partial of a stream camo assessment.

Dropped signals have been the partial of required times.

You should feel all overjoyed we were asked to be a partial of your friend's large day.

You can also train them to put in partial of the money when they would like to buy an item.

Date: 2011-05-12 18:59:36 Added by: ram chavan Point: Toaday, cricket bocomes part and partial of every youngester.

The many usual solutions engage apropos opposite a little tiny partial of a record in a proceed it won't be noticed.

Be wakeful of this, as well as regularly consider about how we will learn someone else to do the partial of your job.

In 5% of cases partial in is used

You shall not be partial in judgment.

Every viewpoint is partial in some sense.

It has become too partial in the way it spins things.

Perry asked for disaster relief in April and Bronco Bamma finally granted a partial in July of 2011.

Jereben May 5, 2012 7:59 pm It realy looks crazy when the line-man is partial in such a heart breaking game.

As such our predominant beliefs (our present best-justified beliefs) may be erroneous or partial in some way.

She admits that there is the tendency to be partial in her assessment, but quickly adds that whatever she says would be verifiable.

No matter how far we go in our journey with faith, our understanding of God would be limited, very partial in relation to His whole.

The Prime Minister may be guilty of being too partial in the figures he cites but it does not follow that Mr Hawkins is correct either.

In 2% of cases partial towards is used

They never were partial towards their ethnic community.

Nobody was talking boy innocent boys, and very partial towards them.

RPK is partisan, and its looks very clear which party he is partial towards.

It seems that more people are more partial towards halo than the black ops 2 game.

People become partial towards the upper class and biased against those of lower class.

The state was always partial towards them but it wasn't armed during the time of Manto.

This blog dealing with such newsmakers will be partial towards areas like books, music and movies that the author is personally fond of.

Adding to Martins problems were the concern and dissatisfaction evinced in Sri Lankan circles about Canada being partial towards the LTTE.

Such is the wide variety that we have! Delhi -- I am including this point specifically because of the fact that I am a bit partial towards my city.

I am partial towards such films and it's nice to know that today not only comedy, drama or action films are doing well but there is a definite place for a.

In 1% of cases partial for is used

Those partial for the thrill of a ' coaster ride will be in for a treat aboard the high-speed Expedition Everest rollercoaster.

Regarding Trees and Lumbering, I am partial for the return of foreign companies as long as they are willing to nurture what they profit from.

In 1% of cases partial with is used

Made goal is though predominant dark or partial with manager punishment.

A very decent nature of a web hosting provider in India is it is never partial with its high or low profile customers.

The people of this country and the world are need of a better leadership, which is just and partial with no string attached.

It's a little disconcerting when a journalist you like shows himself to be either partial with the information he uses or just inefficient.

Let properties be a String formed by concatenating all the element Strings of partial with each adjacent pair of Strings separated with separator.

Non-subordination, but autonomy with mutual respect, as movement of responsibility partial with solution to one, between other, defiance contemporary the unemployment.

Unlike the Solar eclipse which is central, the eclipse of the moon will be partial with no more than 37% of the Moon's diameter in the umbral, that is complete, shadow of the Earth.

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