Prepositions after "partake"

"partake in" or "partake of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases partake in is used

Allow them to partake in solution finding.

Hence, also partake in developing the Global Change framework.

Clearly, this could be a hindrance when partaking in intercourse.

I even welcome Imran khan's decision to finally partake in the next general elections.

She partook in traditional pageant called Miss Teshie and she was the first runner-up.

Those who partake in this event are strongly encouraged to wear protective safety goggles and gloves.

For legal and immigration reasons I was partaking in the tree month work programms or staying for regular events.

The whole camp will probably lose lots of weight if he is asked to partake in any trials involving physical activity.

The accounts opened through the MultiRebate system as well as PAMM and STP accounts may not partake in this promotion.

If you want your friend to partake in something you enjoy, they'll be more likely to join in under the right conditions.

In 33% of cases partake of is used

Don't partake of risky behaviors.

We need to partake of that process.

But those who partake of the bread of life will live forever.

As on any other festive occasion, the villagers partook of the traditional milk-rice and pastry.

Marquez may have been pumping iron, it sure looks that way, or he may have been partaking of the nectar.

The oil money was flowing through everybody's fingers and some of us were there to partake of the goodies.

Here, diners can partake of extra-large fried prawns covered in Boon Tong Kee's special and crunchy cereal coating.

He also informed Kimmel that he'd chartered a truck from famed Los Angeles eatery Tommy's Burgers for everyone to partake of.

I extend this invitation to partake of this prayer and fasting to everyone for the salvation of those who are languishing in Islam.

That is, he partakes of the benefits of Christ's atonement, so as not henceforward to be treated as a sinner, but as a friend of God.

In 1% of cases partake with is used

And in this attribute of Divinity no other mortal partakes with Jesus.

Among them - Among the branches, so as to partake with them of the juices of the root.

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