Prepositions after "paramount"

"paramount to" or "paramount in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases paramount to is used

Melody is paramount to our sound.

Cleanliness is paramount to us all.

The issue was so paramount to the U.

It's paramount to success and people who really want to see it succeed and prosper.

I always believed historians thought facts were paramount to discussions of issues.

PRs, please believe me when I tell you that communicating the above with your client is paramount to your sanity.

Steeling ones convictions is paramount to a successful campaign, in life and any other endevour we might attempt.

Fisher-McGarry firmly believes an awareness of ecology and a vegan way of life are paramount to Earth's survival.

That build to a climax where the evil plans (hopefully) all come crashing down is paramount to any good conflict.

In 30% of cases paramount in is used

Image was now paramount in politics.

This idea has been paramount in my life.

But paramount In the service to aviation.

Allegiance to the Crown (not Parliament) is paramount in any service to the nation.

Technique Proper finger technique is paramount in achieving proficiency on the abacus.

I agree with the author that religion is paramount in the ravings of these people against the Democrats and Obama.

The question is usually paramount in the minds of those concerned because finding out by other means is difficult.

What is paramount in times of rising inflation is to avoid leaving long-term savings in cash or near-cash products.

In 15% of cases paramount for is used

Letting go was paramount for me.

Community is paramount for AOTW.

Trust is paramount for news organisations.

Platforms face many challenges, but this one is paramount for Twitter and Facebook.

Having a good supply of prescription medicines will be paramount for older citizens.

This was paramount for the Washington establishment and the reason he's been lionized.

Kiran Bedi says that passing the Jan Lokpal Bill in the Winter Session of Parliament is paramount for Team Anna.

It is paramount for resource allocation and mobilisation, and a prerequisite for any large-scale privatisation scheme.

No matter the number of people present be it one or one hundred, his passion to teach and share were paramount for him.

It was widely accepted that accessibility of literature like infotainment is paramount for the target audience response.

In 2% of cases paramount among is used

Secondary prevention is paramount among them.

Fans are the lifeblood of the PBA, and their best interest is paramount among the leagueA,, s priorities.

Thus the need for stability in the country, one of the world's poorest, is deemed paramount among African leaders.

And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people.

Coming to Samadhi, we find that the best quality of it is again found in Sahajs Jnani, the paramount among whom in our century was Ramana Maharshi.

Though they are not the most obvious or visible of the judiciary's functions, checking the legislative and executive arms of government is paramount among them.

It seems appropriate to attempt a definition: The mosque is the principal religious building of Islam, and paramount among its many functions is communal prayer.

If past meetings are any indication, national self-interest on the part of the world's largest polluters, paramount among them the children to live in an America.

In conclusion, while not every newsroom handled Election Night in an ideal manner, it's pleasing to see that on-the-ball coverage remains paramount among the networks.

The Siva-Form is paramount among these, because even while fostering the good and the devoted, He is Pure Consciousness and Bliss, since He is of the Sathwic Guna, pre-eminently.

In 2% of cases paramount at is used

The Hazenberg TD was paramount at that stage of the game.

Respect for the rule for law must be paramount at all times.

The best interests of the Company as a whole must be paramount at all times.

Abstract Patient safety and quality are paramount at Lakeridge Health, in Durham, Ontario.

Being of a scientific frame of mind I'd sure you'll agree that evidence is paramount at all times.

We will ensure that the best interests of the child are paramount at all stages of the adoption process.

The interim care order must be kept under constant review, and the child's welfare must be paramount at all times.

Consumer satisfaction with our products is paramount at UTEC, and this continues on to your satisfaction with our Web Site.

The welfare of the child is paramount at all times and it is important to remember that what is being assessed is the best outcome for the child.

He also reiterated the importance of the terminal citing that with the threat of Al Shabab and Al Qaeda, security should be paramount at the country's gateway.

In 2% of cases paramount over is used

Section 25 is accordingly paramount over Section 3.

The conscience of the individual must be paramount over the state.

This means that enacted legislation, bylaws, and regulations are paramount over common law.

Since I only produce at most two or three copies of each book I write, durability is paramount over production complexity.

Many pet policies also combine the pets vaccinations since that is paramount over the first few months of your pet's life.

By comparison, the accommodationist says that respect for Islam is paramount over any other principle and so no drawings should be made.

In addition, section 88 of the Indian Act has the effect of rendering by-laws paramount over provincial laws of general application where they are inconsistent.

I particularly like the emphasis you place in relation to how the relationship between the client(s) and counsellor is paramount over modality of the counsellor.

In 1% of cases paramount as is used

In human behavior, motivation is paramount as a determinant of performance.

Surgical use of the military is paramount as opposed to occupation and nation-building.

He added that above all, looking into the consumers ' welfare and benefit is paramount as a regulator.

It is based on course unit system where the number of contact hours is paramount as the deciding factor.

Freshness is paramount as the chefs tirelessly keep a hawk-eye over the quality and freshness of the ingredients used.

Therefore, focus on the learners ' needs became equally paramount as the methods employed to disseminate linguistic knowledge.

Communication between the two lines needs to be paramount as to prevent giving opposition attackers the time and space to pass through the defence.

The need for Cole to be at his best is paramount as the chances of hamstring victim John Terry being fit for the opener against France on Sunday continue to recede.

Indeed, I think having a successful career at Swire is less about having specific knowledge, rather sharing the cultural values of the organisation is paramount as the rest can be picked up en route.

In 1% of cases paramount of is used

They are the paramount of irresponsible, reckless, and have no sense at all.

However, the Knicks haven't always been the paramount of fiscal responsibility.

His actions are paramount of dismissive association to adapt a practice for higher professionalism in management skill.

Read the rest of this entry? The simple things that we overlook at times is what this artiste view as a paramount of importance.

This includes water, rocks, dirt, and especially living creatures such as plants, trees, animals, and paramount of the animals, humans.

Each of these small septs, after a time, began to elect a chief of its own, subordinate, of course, to the chief paramount of the whole clan.

We must work toward the day when each and every human being is empowered with their full human rights -- the paramount of which is life itself.

Being the paramount of the five major rituals prescribed in the Rites of Zhou, worship of Heaven played a central role in the nation?? s political life.

All this will depend on various factors, paramount of which are the population quota and of course the affordability or its economic viability to the country.

In 1% of cases paramount on is used

Honor and integrity are paramount on the golf course.

Information and training is paramount on the grass root level so to speak.

In the spirit of both randonneuring and Kiwi ingenuity, self-sufficiency will be paramount on this unsupported randonnee.

Compare prices and budget: This is paramount on the part of buyer that the property finalized must match the budget decided.

A country such as Jamaica that is plagued with corruption (#86 on the 2011 Corruption Perception Index ), should embrace efforts for a more transparent paramount on the national agenda.

During the lifetime of Chief Awolowo, service to humanity was paramount on people but today's members of ACN who are claiming to be true democrat are not serving people but their pockets.

In 1% of cases paramount with is used

KITCHEN NOTES Timing is paramount with caramel.

From listening to my customers, I know that safety is now paramount with them.

When living in a country like Malaysia, My family security is paramount with no question.

Obama a Black man in white house voted for second term in united states where era of racism agaist Black was paramount with historical SCAR FACE to africans.

A mystery shopping exercise carried out by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) recently suggests that the customer's best interests may not be paramount with all advisers.

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