Prepositions after "palatable"

"palatable to" or "palatable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases palatable to is used

No outcome will be palatable to us.

Perhaps it is more palatable to us that way.

Leaves and pods are both palatable to goats.

As a member of the BNP in his early days, his nomination was not palatable to them.

Plenty of honey and cane sugar were needed to make the drink palatable to Europeans.

This made the game more palatable to folks, but it also dumbed things down a lot too.

I think I'd suggesting that light beer outsells port because it's more palatable to the average/moderate drinker.

It's likely a foreign policy blunder with some things going on that would not be palatable to the American people.

The truth is not palatable to those who believe in the inherent goodness of their leaders and their supposed allies.

In 17% of cases palatable for is used

It was much more palatable for our taste buds.

I guess to make it more palatable for people to read.

Makes it much more palatable for children in my opinion.

None of this is very palatable for the SNP today, as they were not involved in it.

The frost will make the tall fescue in the pastures very palatable for the cattle.

But, it's got all the underpinnings of pantheism made more palatable for the West.

Fuel use, too, is more than palatable for a seven-seater of this size, with the auto claimed to use an average of 7.

The first steps were therefore to apply lime heavily to make the soil palatable for the hundreds of species imported.

And do not ignore that the original bible was amended by Emperor Constantine to make it more palatable for the folks.

No one is suggesting that democracy would be easy, or that it would be palatable for Israel to agree to a true democracy.

In 5% of cases palatable by is used

It may just be palatable by the birth.

You can make these more palatable by adding them into your salad.

They are trying to make water charges more palatable by saying it's a panacea.

Mr Cable did not think it could be made palatable by being coupled with a wealth tax.

Ottawa could make the CNOOC-Nexen takeover more palatable by forcing the sale of Nexen's 7.

A lovely plum pudding would make the 11-hour drive more palatable by giving me something to look forward to.

It is most certainly a riveting read, the unpleasant facts made palatable by the author's engaging style and commentary.

And even when they do suffer something green to pass their lips, it has to be made palatable by some meat, fish or seafood.

The bitter side of de Maupassant? s story survives, but it is made more palatable by Renoir? s instinctive humanity and sympathy.

The Obama Administration seeks to make its unprecedented level of deportations palatable by dismissing those deported as criminals.

In 3% of cases palatable in is used

What would he find palatable in terms of jail small talk.

Political Implications The caste system is politically palatable in Nigerian communities.

He skilfully repackaged Periyar's iconoclastic ideas to make them palatable in the public domain.

Introduction Some of the things concerning you may not be palatable in the short term, but ultimately, they would turn out for your good.

If she were a bed wetter, thumb sucker, fixated on a stuffed animal, I agree the series wouldn't be as palatable in cuteness to its audience.

But I think we are seeing how the people of New Jersey are reacting, and that's how you make it politically palatable in other states in the country.

In 2% of cases palatable with is used

They were more palatable with less cake.

And Granny Smith's become more palatable with a dash of salt.

This beer was quite palatable with distinct strawberry taste.

Compromise is more likely, certainly more palatable with some passion for backup.

There're specialists at creating the suitable sunglasses which can be palatable with any.

Food is very palatable with the right amound of spices and children can hog without a fuss.

Firstly, other than the Germans, I don't think suggestion would be palatable with other Europeans.

It is readily available in bulk form and palatable with the dose of 4 to 8 gm being the most desirable.

It was oily a bit without an underlay kitchen towel to soak the excess oil but can be palatable with some nice dressings.

The festival excitement was palatable with fluttering flags and banners everywhere, loud music and cultural stalls dotted everywhere.

In 1% of cases palatable as is used

A third approach is more palatable as a revelation of character is always absorbing.

For liberals, India tends to be more palatable as a partner because it is a fellow Western-style democracy, albeit an imperfect one with a poor human rights record.

In 1% of cases palatable at is used

That makes An Unexpected Gathering much more palatable at 45 instead of 60.

In 1% of cases palatable of is used

Unfortunately, the less palatable of the qualities above have triumphed moreoften and is widely represented in our political culture of clientilism and chicanery.

Dawdle also wants decoct to give moisture, decoct to give sweet smell, carry in a few wine pouring a drop when conflagration next sweet, pour render palatable of a bit soy.

What I'd showing here is the most palatable of the work; it was actually the crispy insect carcasses and not so much the taxidermied rodents that elicited the visceral response.

In 1% of cases palatable without is used

This, however, is not palatable without a fiscal union.

I can come up with endless strategies for making the food palatable without chewing or burning anything.

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